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Looking for Love? Finding Your Soulmate & Making It Last

Can feng shui help you find the man or woman of your dreams? Sure it can. You have to do some looking too, but these love enhancers will help align the energies in your space to create opportunities for that perfect someone to come into your life...


Placing a delightful crystal heart on your desk enhances Earth element energy around you, which promotes excellent relationship luck. The heart shape is also a universal symbol of love, making it a fabulous gift to show a loved one how much you care.

Rose Quartz Power

Crystals have great power to magnify the energy around us, and rose quartz in particular enhances emotions that attract love and romance. Single or married women wanting to improve their love lives will benefit from having a rose quartz crystal heart near them.

Love Mirror

The Love Mirror features the Dragon and Phoenix (the ultimate symbol of conjugal bliss), the Double Happiness (everlasting love), a pair of love birds (attraction and loyalty), the sun and moon, and a 5-petal flower. Use this mirror to reflect a full moon and then shine it onto the person you have set your heart on. This makes you irresistible to the person and helps work magic in fanning the fires of passion and romance.

Mandarin Ducks to Find True Love

The Chinese have always Mandarin Ducks as one of the most potent symbols of pure and lasting love. These ducks are famous for having only one partner though life, unlike other variety of birds which may have more than one life partner. Place in the Southwest to attract the kind of person you can have a lasting relationship with.

Perfect Gift for Newly-Weds

The wedding sedan chair brings happiness and togetherness luck for the newly married couple and makes an ideal wedding gift. The double happiness symbol featured on the side keeps husband and wife true to each other. Married couples going through a rough patch should display this enhancer in the Southwest part of their marital bedroom, while singles hoping to tie the knot can activate marriage luck this way.

The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World ( July/August 2011)". To subscribe, please click here.