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Feng Shui Tips for Love

(8th February 2011)

For many of us, Valentine’s Day holds a special place on the calendar as we celebrate this amazing thing called Love! For the romantics among us who are willing to be swept away by the aura and energy of love this February, here are some special tips to help you make the most of it!

Yes! Get Married in 2011

Very seldom is there a year that is suitable for all to get married. The Year of the Golden Rabbit 2011 is however, such a year! This year’s Paht Chee chart reveals that the Peach Blossom Star makes an appearance, and thus, love is in the air this year! Moreover, this Peach Blossom Star is one of an external nature which indicates that that the energy it brings is more beneficial to those who are single seeking love (or dating seeking matrimony), than those who are already in a marriage. In fact, for those lucky men who have made the decision to settle down, Valentine’s Day this year has all the right energy for making this happen! The Chinese Almanac reveals that Sunday the February 14th is a good day for going on a date and getting married! Hence, those who wish to pop the question, Valentine’s Day in 2011 is the right day to do so! The Almanac also reveals 17th February 2011, is another excellent day for proposing, going on a date and getting married. The 17th is Chap Goh Mei, the fifteenth day of Chinese New Year. Many regard this day as the Chinese Valentine’s Day as the God of Marriage comes out of the moon to grant love wishes to single women.

Finding A Husband on Chap Goh Mei

If you are a single lady wishing to find a husband, then take advantage of the 17th February this year! Traditionally, single ladies who yearn to get married will perform the ritual of offering mandarins into the lake to ask the God of Marriage for a suitable beau! If you have been trying all these years to find a man, this year might just be the one to make that happen! Seize the auspicious luck for marriage brought by the Year of the Rabbit! Obtain 3 mandarins and on each one, write the three most important traits of a man you want to marry. Silently ask the God of Marriage (who resides on the Moon) to send you a beau with those special traits you specified and then throw them into a lake which reflects the perfect round full moon! A word of caution – this ritual is only suitable for single and divorced women - do not attempt to do this if you're still married (even if you're just separated!).

Inviting a Lady into a Bachelor’s Life

While single ladies can throw mandarins into the lake to ask for a man, what would a single man do? Well, if you're a male seeking to find a lady and have not had much success, look around your bedroom or apartment to see if your living space looks too male or in feng shui we call this too Yang! These are objects that reflect predominantly male interests such as guns, ships, cars, military equipment, hard colours, hard furnishing, hard leather chairs, deep/dark coloured furniture, posters of sports stars, pictures of war, etc. A room like this will only attract other male friends into your home! To bring in a woman, you need to introduce female or Yin energy into the room so that women are also attracted to your home. Soft furnishings, soft lighting and pastel colours, posters of the dream girls you'd like to be with, sculptures, paintings of women, are all suitable energizers. If you're looking seriously for a woman to marry then be extra selective of the image you choose to display. Do not use images of haughty or unsavoury women that you're NOT likely to marry as you don't want to attract the wrong kind of woman into your home!!

Dark Red Roses with Thorns are BAD for LOVE

Although the classical romantic bouquet for Valentine's Day are dark red roses, these actually have quite negative feng shui meaning! Dark red symbolises yang energy that is fading, and this has really negative connotations especially when the occasion concerned is all about celebrating love, companionship and happiness. Roses themselves are not bad flowers at all, but the thorns that they come with can send little poison arrows to your relationship. So if you're bringing flowers to your potential partner, avoid red roses with thorns. If you must give roses, have your florist remove all their thorns, and choose pink or light red roses instead. Of course the perfect flowers for young and new love are Red Peonies, which symbolise young and exuberant love.

Energizing the Southwest is Vital

The Southwest is the universal sector which governs Marital Happiness. What’s more, the Star of Romance flies into the Southwest in 2011, doubling the chances of all single women for getting married! To enhance this, activate the Southwest of your Living Room and Bedroom with Red lights! This is the ultimate conjugal secret for those wishing to have a more active social life inside and outside the bedroom! If red lights are not your thing, ordinary yellow lights will do just fine! This becomes truly effective if used with Rose Quartz crystal mandarin ducks and images of Red Peonies in the Southwest! But note - Red Peonies are excellent love energizers for singles but for married couples, red peonies will cause one party to develop a roving eye! Married couples can strengthen their marriage by energizing the Southwest with happy photos of their marriage.

Protecting Your Love from Third Parties

Finally, we highly recommend hiding or permanently removing any mirrors from your bedrooms! Mirrors in the bedroom always bring a third party’s interference into a relationship! Hide them in the closet, cover them or remove them altogether. This is particularly important for those of you who are married as the Star of External Peach Blossom of the Rabbit Year casts a strong aura of infidelity in many marriages this year. Those who wish to protect their marriages this year please read our article on Rituals to Call Your Loved One Back which contains many great Taoist secrets to keeping one’s marriage safe.