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Special Love Rituals for Singletons

Do you sigh with longing every time you see lovey-dovey couples stroll hand in hand? Are you weary of the number of times your relatives ask you when you’ll be getting hitched during family gatherings? Do you secretly cringe when you get yet another invitation to a friend’s wedding? Are you just tired of being a singleton?

Well, if you said “yes” to any of the above, read on and find out how Feng Shui can help to bring love into your life!

Harness the Power of the 5 Elements

If you wish to bring a little romance into your life, the 5-Elements Love Kit would be just the thing for you. This wonderful energizer brings together all the five elements of the universe: fire, earth, wood, metal and water, using their power to bring love and passion into your life! Create and light it on a night of the full moon during a cosy dinner with friends (and that special someone!) to create an air of intimacy and tenderness and to boost opportunities for romance. It also makes a great conversation piece and creates a most romantic ambience.

Why, you may ask, should this little ritual be done on a night of the full moon? To the Chinese, the full moon symbolises love and marriage, as they believe that Chieh Lin, the God of Marriage, lives on the moon. It is thus said that enhancing love luck on a night of the full moon would be more effective than if it is done at other times.

Find Love with the 49-Day Wish Kit

If you are looking for something very specific in love, the 49-Day Wish Kit could be the answer to your prayers! Used in conjunction with the 49-day signing ritual, the 49-day wish kit comes with a beautifully crafted silver wish box, 49 rose quartz beads and 2 rose quartz puffed hearts.

Many have used the 49-day signing ritual with great success; it is said that performing this ritual will help you achieve almost anything you desire. It makes you concentrate on your wish and thus focuses chi to bring about events that would help make the wish come true.

This ritual requires the wish to be written in your own handwriting 49 times, as this creates your own special energies. Once you’ve carefully thought of your wish, calmly and clearly write it down 49 times and sign the paper 49 times. When you’ve finished doing all this in one sitting, burn all the sheets of paper you’ve written on and place one rose quartz bead in the silver wish box. Repeat the ritual the next day until you’ve finished doing it 49 days in a row. Do not skip any days, or you must start all over again. On the fiftieth day, string all the 49 rose quartz beads together and wear it to attract romance and good relationships. Leave the 2 puffed hearts in the silver box and place it in your bedroom.