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Using Moon Magic to get you a Husband

How many women do you know who are single, eligible and attractive, yet cannot find themselves a partner, or if they have one, cannot get their partner to propose. Are you one of them? In today's world, there are numerous obstacles to getting hitched. Career-oriented individuals don't find enough time to date, men are happy to stay bachelors, Hollywood stars are legitimising single parent families…

But deep down inside, many of us still cherish the ideal of a happy marriage and a happy family. How can you achieve that and how can feng shui help?

You can try a spot of Moon Magic. The energies of the moon are very powerful. In the old days, Taoist alchemists regularly used a small mirror to reflect the light of the moon while sitting in meditation, energizing their small mirrors into powerful tools. You too can use moon energy to gain happiness and this article will show you how.

The Ritual

First you need a small and perfectly round mirror. The circular shape is vital, as it represents the shape of heaven. There should be no sharp angles to the mirror, as these symbolize obstacles and difficulties. The round shape will bring smoothness and happiness in the relationship.

The mirror should also be golden (or at least silver) in color, and it is even better if the mirror is decorated with auspicious symbols of love and good fortune. Lucky symbols to have are the five bats (which indicate luck from the five directions and protection), the double happiness symbol (which signifies a long and lasting marriage) or any one of the eight auspicious objects.

Once you have yourself such a mirror, choose a night when the moon is clear and bright. Moon energy is most powerful when there is a full moon (you can find dates with a full moon by checking with a Chinese calendar or almanac). Be sure that the skies are free of clouds, which allows the moon to be reflected clearly into your mirror.

Hold your mirror out and shine it directly at the moon. Leave your mirror out on a wall or table to absorb the moon energy for at least three hours. Once you feel sufficient moon energy has been captured in your mirror, return your mirror into a small pouch made of silk or brocade.

You should not let anyone but yourself touch your personal magic mirror, as this can obscure the energies of the mirror with other people's energies.

When you have energized your mirror, for the next 15 nights, stand with the moon behind you such that both the moon and your face are reflected in the mirror. You will absorb the radiance and beauty of the moon and the mirror will be filled with your own personal energy.

Once the above is done, wait for the next full moon. This time, repeat the ritual but this time focus your thoughts on the kind of husband or partner you want to seek. If you already have someone in mind, visualize the person and send a silent message to the God of Marriage and let him send the magical moon glow into your mirror.

Your mirror is now ready for use. The next time you meet up with your chosen partner, or when you spot someone you wish for as your partner, position the mirror to let it reflect the face of that person. It is not necessary to expose him to your mirror more than once. Also, be sure you are certain of your feelings before using this ritual, as it is very powerful and can lead to unwanted attention if you yourself are not ready for a serious commitment.

Remember also, do not use this spell frivolously, as if you do, its magic is diminished. It is only when your deliberation is dedicated and strong that moon magic lends an effective helping hand.

For more feng shui magic, read "Lillian Too's Irresistible Feng Shui Magic", published by ELEMENT, an imprint of Harper Collins Publishers .