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Is Your Guy (Girl) Commitment Shy?

You've finally found him (or her). Your long-awaited soul mate. The precious love of your life. The one you want to share all your joys with. You really enjoy each other's company. And you've been going steady for as long as you can remember. But you wonder why he (or she) seems to be a step shy of that ultimate commitment. How do you get him to pop the question? Or get her to say aye? Well, make these feng shui changes to enhance your marriage luck and move things along.

Get out your compass and identify the southwest corner of your home: your bedroom, your living room, and your garden.

It is very useful for you to remember that southwest is the universal corner of romance and marriage, according to the Life Aspiration Theory.

It is governed by the earth element, which is produced by the fire element. For best results, you can activate this corner with something that symbolizes its intrinsic element or its producing element.

A strong southwest sector is very important for good marriage luck to manifest.

In the bedroom,

Place a pair of crystal mandarin ducks in the southwest sector of your bedroom Energize further with the double happiness symbol or the red crystal heart. Hang a pair of red lanterns here or better yet, paint the whole southwest wall in a lovely shade of scarlet or get it wallpapered in maroon.

And, if you can get an amethyst geode with a deep pocket, that would be your most potent love enhancer in the southwest.

In the living room,

Display the celestial dragon and phoenix in the southwest sector of your living room to boost the yang energy and enhance your marriage luck. Alternatively, you can hang a crystal chandelier in the southwest sector of your living room.

The plus point of a crystal chandelier is that it combines both the elements of fire and earth. The result is a most attractive ornament that brings robust love luck to every resident of the home.

In the garden,

Finally, you can place a huge boulder in the Southwest corner of your garden to activate your wedding luck. Knot a red ribbon around the boulder to activate its inherent chi. You can even paint the double happiness symbol in red on the rock. Install a round yellow light atop a pole that is at least 1.5m above the ground and 1m below.

Keeping this area brightly lit will attract proposals of marriage from sincere suitors with respectable intentions. Employ all of these potent Feng Shui pointers in your home, and you might just hear the wonderful chime of wedding bells soon…

What if the southwest sector of my home is in the toilet, bath, store, broom closet?

If the southwest sector of your house is thus afflicted, then you should keep the door (of the bath or store) shut at all times -to conceal the offending view as well as to stem the flow of chi. Do not put any auspicious symbols inside because you must not activate the energies in such rooms as they are considered to be negative. Enhancing for love luck in the bathroom or storeroom can create relationship problems and cause the opposite of what you hope to achieve. Do not let this bother you too much, as you can always practise the feng shui of small tai chi. Just activate the southwest corners of other important rooms i.e., family room, study room, tv room, etc.) It works just as well.