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Marriage - Must Haves

Chinese weddings are steeped in culture and trgoadition. Shown here are 10 weddings essentials for bride and groom to ensure a marriage full of prosperity, love, laughter and plenty of grandkids for the in-laws.

1. Dragon & Phoenix embracing a Globe

Every married couple should keep an image of the dragon and phoenix in the home. The presence of the dragon and phoenix symbolizes a fruitful marriage blessed with much success and prosperity, as well as many male offspring!

2. Auspicious Chinese Papercuts

These are used to embellish the wedding hall and bridal chamber. Use symbols like the double happiness sign, the dragon & phoenix, mandarin ducks, the mystic knot, mountain peonies and peaches for lasting romance in the marriage.

3. Dragon & Phoenix candles

These red wedding candles come in a pair, and are decorated one with a dragon and one with a phoenix, as well as the double happiness symbol. In olden days, these traditional candles would be lit in the bridal chamber on the wedding night with the intention to drive away evil spirits.

4. Wedding corsages in auspicious red & gold

Silk or velvet flowers (usually the luscious mountain peony) are attached to red ribbons (imprinted with “bride” and “groom” as well as “best man” and “bridesmaid” and even “usher”) flanked by a golden dragon and phoenix for good fortune.

5. Golden Rice Bowl Set

Complete with golden spoons and a pair of chopsticks each, these are usually adorned with the celestial dragon & phoenix as well as double happiness symbols. The couple should eat a first meal as man and wife using these auspicious rice bowls for a prosperous future together.

6. Hair Combing Set

Includes a round pincushion surrounded by 10 little boys (to bring descendant luck), five colours of thread (symbolizing the five elements), face powder, a wooden hair comb, a round mirror, red braid and auspicious sleepwear.

7. Descendant Basin Set

Decorated with mandarin ducks and double happiness symbols, this set includes a mug, tea tray, washbasin and a chamber pot. These are usually filled for the occasion with fruit and strings of coins to symbolize a prosperous and fruitful marriage.

8. Small Round Mirror

The bride should carry a small round mirror to ward off malignant influences and protect herself from all manner of evil during the wedding ceremony, when evil spirits may become jealous. This particular mirror is adorned with auspicious symbols – five bats and the longevity symbol – to bring good fortune and to ensure a safe passage through the wedding celebrations.

9. Red Envelopes

Red envelopes printed with the Double Happiness in gold ink. These are filled with money to be used for various rituals during the wedding ceremony, such as door-opening games, tea pouring ceremony, etc.

10. A Pair of Red Prosperity Lamps

Inscribed with auspicious sayings that signify an enduring happy marriage, these should be positioned next to the nuptial bedhead for a prosperous and fruitful union.