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Weddings - Choosing Good Dates

Many modern couples feel that selecting an auspicious day to get married is too much of a hassle and choose to dismiss it as superfluous tradition. But from a feng shui perspective, the importance in choosing an appropriate day to get married cannot be overemphasized!

You see, in feng shui, all your personal luck depends on your parent’s feng shui until the day you get married. This is why you hear how people’s luck can change so dramatically after they tie the knot! Some people become very rich after they get married even though their parents are not rich. Some people become very happy after they get married even though they had unhappy childhoods. On the flip side, some people lose everything they have after getting married. So when getting married, you want to maximize the auspiciousness of the day and the best way to start is to ensure that you select an auspicious date!

Guide To Choosing Your Auspicious Date

To find yourself a propitious date, you need to consult the Feng Shui Almanac, which summarizes the entire year’s auspicious dates for all types of occasions such as getting married, starting a business, starting a job, etc. The basis for selecting a good date is outlined below.

Choosing The Year

Selecting a year, month and date begins with determining both the bride and groom’s animal signs.

  • The best year to get married is a year that matches either the bride or groom’s animal sign – the more important one being the one who is the major breadwinner in the couple.
  • If you cannot get married in a year that is either one of your animal signs, then select an animal year that falls under the Trinity Friends for either the bride or groom.
  • If you still cannot get married in one of the bride/groom’s trinity animal year, then try a year that falls under one of your Secret Friends - for either the bride or the groom.
  • Avoid getting married in a Conflict Animal year for both the bride and the groom’s animals.

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The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World (May/June 2003)". To subscribe, please click here.