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Animal Attraction

Who is your "secret friend" or your best romantic match?

by Chat Alejandro

Chinese astrology, first mentioned in the year 2637 BC, has little do with the mysteries of the constellations. There are many legends associated with the twelve elected animals, or the astrological sign. The most popular legend tells of the Lord Buddha who rewarded the animals that has behaved during his birthday party by appointing year after them.

The Chinese zodiac wheel has twelve animals that correspond to the Chinese calendar. They appear in the following order: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, and boar. The animal sign one is born under can determine one’s personality. Generally, the signs are quite accurate. The twelve signs are further divided into four major groups of amiability, each group consisting of three animals. People belonging in the same group are believed to have similar personalities and outlooks in life. Therefore, they are assumed to get along well with each other. According to the Chinese astrological chart, the following pairs are natural secret friends (one way or another, an excellent relationship between the two is promised) :


Guarantee of marital stability.

A good match as the firm, reliable Ox listens even as the creative Rat prattle on. The Rat's anxiety is reduced by the Ox's dedication. While the Ox is deliberate and meticulous, the Rat is original and ingenious. Both desire affluent lifestyle. Be careful though: With the Ox's achievements comes the Rat's anxiety. The Ox's tolerance should placate the Rat's fears.


A loving and romantic pair.

The indomitable Tiger and the well-connected Boar or Pig are a high-spirited, sociable, expressive, and demonstrative pair. A word of caution: The Tiger has to stay alert, while the Boar must be made to do some work.


An OK match...dull, but solid.

These two are so sensible, devoted, and dedicated that most people consider them to be uninteresting. The truth is they are contented with the way things are. Their disagreement do not get blown out of proportion. They make a very solid couple.


Successful despite differences.

The most devious pair in the Chinese zodiac, these two are ambitious, cunning, and self-reliant. While the cautious, low-profile Snake prefers not to be noticed, the Monkey clowns around candidly. Despite the difference, this will be a firm and effective relationship.


A perfectly balanced relationship.

The stubborn, impetuous, intelligent, and resilient Dragon captivates the intelligent, determined, bright, and gifted Rooster. The two rely on each other, having recognized a mutually advantageous pairing of gifts and traits.


A mutually enriching liaison.

The good-natured, gentle, patient and tactful Sheep or Goat is attracted to the rash, resolute, caring, and supportive Horse making this one a satisfying match.