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Feng Shui for Harmonious Relationships

double happiness

  1. Display symbols of marriage and love in the Southwest corner of your living room. These are mandarin ducks, love birds, the double happiness symbol and peonies, the flower of love and romance.
  2. Place six smooth crystal balls on the coffee table in your living room. This creates harmonious relationships among family members.
  3. Display the Three Harmony Animals to reduce irritability and conflict energy at home. These are the Fur-Bearing Fish, the Makara Dragon and the 8-legged Lion, which collectively reduce the conflict energy in your home. This is very effective for correcting conflicts among family members.
  4. Place a basket of red apples on your dining table to promote peace and harmony at home.
  5. Another great symbol of friendship and networking are the 4 friends - the Elephant, Monkey, Rabbit and the Dove. Often found as a figurine or keychain, this friendly quartet creates friendship luck and thus improves networking and cooperation among your network of friends and work colleagues.

The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World (February 2014)". To subscribe, please click here.