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The Do's and Don'ts of Using the Hexagram

The hexagram is a unique method of divination where we toss coins to obtain answers from the I-Ching. However before embarking on this quest, there are some basic do's and don'ts that you need to keep in mind.

1) Firstly, you should approach the I-Ching with respect as it has the wisdom of the ages. Before you ask the question, relax and allow your mind to become quiet and then focus on your question. When you ask the questions, you need to do it with a clear and open mind. Otherwise, you will not get a clear answer. Therefore it is important not to refer to I-Ching when you are distracted, as the I-Ching has a tendency to respond to what is prominent in your mind at that time. When receiving the answer however, you should not be upset if you do not get the answer you wanted to hear. You should keep in mind that the I-Ching is there to guide you to do the right thing.

2) If you use the I-Ching often enough, try keeping a record of all the questions you have asked as well as the answers that you have received from the I-Ching. This will help to develop a relationship with the I-Ching.

3) Generally, at parties, people tend to play with 'interesting games' to amuse themselves such as 'Spirit of the Coin' or the 'Ouija Board'. However, do not treat the I-Ching as a party game. Its purpose is to give you guidance when you have choices to make. If you are to use it to ask silly questions, it will only give you silly answers.

4) Finally, do not keep repeating the same questions over again. If you do, you may receive the hexagram number 4 (inexperience) which is a way for the I-Ching to reprimand you. However if the question that you ask refers to a volatile matter, which changes from time to time, this would be an exception.

Bearing this in mind you may venture into an unending adventure with the I-Ching.