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I - Ching

Using I-Ching Wealth Coins

Symbolism is highly important in the practice of feng shui. In China, the use of symbolism is widespread. Homes and buildings are decorated with auspicious motifs, giant statues of the protective celestial creatures flank doorways to all the major buildings, even the paths paved in gardens are carved with lucky symbols.

 Central to the use of symbols in feng shui is the belief that displaying auspicious objects around one's living and work space attract good luck energies, while displaying protective figurines deflect harmful energies. Thus, it makes sense to display such symbols in abundance.
This week we'll talk about I-Ching coins and how you can use them to bring you money luck.

I-Ching coins are Chinese coins that are round with a square hole in the center. The round and square shapes represent heaven and earth respectively. One side of the coin is the Yang side (depicted by four characters), the other the Yin side (2 characters). You should always display these coins with the yang side facing up.

These coins bring prosperity and income luck, and are said to have tremendous potency, especially when energized with red or gold thread.

Tying the Coins

To activate these coins, first you should tie them into bunches of 3, 6 or 9 with red or gold thread. These are the best multiples to have. 3 represents the trinity of heaven, earth and mankind luck; 6 represents luck from heaven; and 9 is the magic number representing the wholeness of the universe.

You can also buy these coins ready tied in a variety of knot-types.

Using the Coins

Once you have these coins in bunches, you can use them in the following ways:

1) Stick (or hang) these coins onto your cash register or invoice book to increase your sales income and turnover in your business.

2) Tape the coins onto the SE corner of your desk to activate for instant money luck.

3) Carry in your pocket, purse or wallet.

4) Stick onto your phone to turn every phone call you receive into income for you. (This is very suitable for companies where a lot of business is done on the telephone).

5) Place coins under the paving stones leading up to your house. If you are renovating or building a new house, you should buy a whole load of these coins to paste on the walls before you put your new layer of plaster, and on the floors before putting on the tiles. This will ensure your household will prosper and become wealthy and abundant, rather than just having enough.

6) A Taoist feng shui method said to be extremely potent in activating for wealth is to place coins tied with the mystic knot in the four corners of every room in your home and office. The mystic knot gives the coins added potency and sets up wealth vibrations through the foundations of your home / office.

There are many many ways in which you can make use of these Chinese coins. They can be found as motifs in windchimes, vases, garden murals… the above are just a few suggestions on how you can use your coins, but feel free to be creative in your use of these wonderful energizers.