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Creating an Ambience of Celebration

As I write this column, I am inspired by the Indian Festival of Lights – Deepavali – a celebration of all the good things of life and of the victory of good over evil forces. This is when Hindus put on their finest, clean their homes and fill it with lights, inviting friends and extended families to celebrate with them. The festival of lights is a very happy time when everyone can capture to fill their homes with vibrant happiness energies… it is the same with any kind of celebratory occasions.

In December, the world will be celebrating Christmas and that too is a time when putting up thousands of twinkling lights in the home and along main city highways will create plenty of yang chi. In past years, the lights of Oxford Street in London, Orchard Road in Singapore and Changan Highway in Beijing have created a awesome spectacles for the eyes by lighting up the night skies…

Twinkling lights and illuminated airborne lanterns instantly create happiness vibrations that have a way of lifting the spirits and this is because against the darkness of night, lights generate the perfect manifestation of the Tai Chi of Yin and Yang, instantly creating the cosmic balance of opposing yet complementary forces that unlock plenty of good fortune energy.

This is the power of lights – any kind of lights – but always twinkling because the action of turning on and off is the secret to generating millions of “new” light. Each time the light turns off and then on again, it symbolizes more and more new light energy getting created – so that in effect, what gets produced is not one light or one hundred lights, but over one night and for as long as the lights twinkle… millions, if not billions of lights get lit up.

So you can imagine how awesome are the forces that get made and unleashed each time you turn on a row of twinkling lights. The multiplying effect and magnification that results from it and caused by the twinkling is incredibly amazing!

The action of being turned off, and then on again also signifies action, itself a manifestation of young yang chi, so that the effect of the lights get multiplied each time. This is one reason why lights, and especially twinkling lights, make such splendid and powerful offerings to the Gods. Buddhist, Christians and Hindus alike all use lights – in the form of candles, lanterns and electric lights – on their altars to signify light offerings to their Gods and deities. The brighter the lights offered at altars, the greater it benefits the positive transformation of the minds of devotees offering the lights.

Hindus celebrating Deepavali use the lights to celebrate the triumph of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, and good over evil. We do not need to be Hindu to share such sentiments and be attracted to this universal message. This day of Deepavali then is a time when Hindus around the globe collectively take part in lighting probably millions of lights in one single night of the year. Many will be using tiny clay lamps to light up walkways in homes, in backyards, along village streets and also in offices, public parks and playing fields. More will use electric twinkling lights but they will be motivated by the same sentiments.

In feng shui, twinkling lights are regarded as excellent enhancing agents for attracting instant good fortune, bringing in more customers and more business. Restaurants and night clubs – any kind of entertainment places – are sure to experience increased business when their premises are decorated this way.

The lights themselves have the power to pull in plenty of new customers, and when they twinkle, they create a pervasive sense of happiness that creates an ambience conducive to generating goodwill. Very good for business indeed!

As we enter the festive season then… from Christmas to the New Year and then on to the celebration of the lunar New Year, this is a very auspicious time to install plenty of new lights into the home or fronting your business premises. You can borrow the idea of the Christmas tree from the Christians who build magnificent trees in their living rooms to generate the mood of Christmas.

In recent years, many shopping malls have erected giant trees in the center courts of their malls during festive times and those who did it right – i.e. lit up their trees with twinkling lights – were the malls that generated the highest increases in sales for their tenants. Without twinkling lights, trees look dead and lack the yang spirit that creates the feng shui magic!

You can also create a wealth tree in your house to see in the New Year. Just let the tree come alive with lights and then decorate with all the symbols of good fortune. Then each time the lights twinkle, they will be activating the good fortune symbols thereby creating an ambience of auspicious vibes inside your home. Chinese Wealth Trees are very much a standard feature of wealthy family homes who place these in their courtyard as part of their festive decorations during the lunar New Year. And in the old days before we had electric lights, they would hang paper lanterns all the way up to the top of their tree.

They would hang money in the form of coins, as well as other auspicious symbols that are thought to attract extra doses of new prosperity luck. Today we have access to a variety of wealth symbols perfectly made to be used as decorative hangings, so if you like, you can also make a prosperity tree in your home. Remember that the festive season is truly the best time to energize for wealth luck.

At a time when everyone is celebrating, just by installing twinkling lights in the home and garden will ensure you participate in the auspicious energy being collectively created. Most importantly, when your home or office is kept dark and unlit, yin forces dominate, making it hard for you to enjoy the good fortune of the fresh new chi coming with the New Year…

The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World (November/December 2009)". To subscribe, please click here.