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FS Fine Points

Maximise Luck Using Prosperity Dimensions

Lillian Too explains fine points in using the Feng Shui Ruler as she highlights the importance of taking the right kinds of measurements and selecting the correct kind of luck to energize. She also offers a couple of secret pointers that make applications of the feng shui ruler a lot more effective and fast acting.

Since I first introduced and popularized the Feng shui ruler through my books in the mid Nineties, awareness of lucky and unlucky dimensions have become an integral part of the practice of feng shui. Builders and furniture makers are now more conscious than ever of the importance of dimensions when it comes to building houses and creating furniture. To make it easy for everyone to use only lucky dimensions, the feng shui ruler has now been made available for popular use. But understanding the lucky directions and their nuances is vital in getting the best out of the dimensions.

The FENG SHUI ruler indications of prosperous dimensions.

There are auspicious and inauspicious dimensions that can be laid out in a feng shui ruler, which can be used to measure tables, cupboards, windows and doors to check if the dimensions that get activated each day through usage are auspicious or inauspicious.

A feng shui measuring tape should have eight cycles of dimensions, four of which are auspicious and four inauspicious. Each cycle measures the equivalent of 17 inches or 43 cm, and each cycle is categorized into eight segments. The cycle of lucky and unlucky dimensions then repeats itself over and over again to infinity.

Once you have familiarized yourself with the use of the feng shui cycle of dimensions, you can apply it to almost everything to improve your prosperity luck. Dimensions address the material side of luck, so good dimensions usually bring prosperity or the circumstances that lead to prosperity.

Hence in addition to furniture, doors and windows, you can also use lucky dimensions on photo frames, feng shui decorative objects, books, posters and so forth. You can basically use lucky dimensions to enhance almost everything and indeed all the generic products I design and sell (including my books) have built in feng shui dimensions incorporated into the designs.

For me, I use these cycles of dimension in reverse order i.e. I utilize them in almost microscopic proportions because I understand that the magic of dimensions has to do not so much with the measurements themselves as with the proportionate size of the object itself. Hence lucky and unlucky dimensions can be applied to patterns and design proportions. But first you should understand what the dimensions themselves mean.



the dimensions that lie between 0 and 2 & 1/8 inches or 5.4 cms. This is the first segment of the lucky cycle and it brings wealth luck. It is subdivided into four categories of good luck. The first approximate half inch brings money luck; the second brings a safe filled with jewels; the third brings together six types of good fortune, while the fourth brings abundance. So this first lucky segment of CHAI brings variations of prosperity luck. If you want to activate directly for good wealth luck, use multiples of this dimension!

dimensions that are between 6 & 3/8 to 8 & 1/2 inches OR 16.2 cms and 21.5 cms. This is the fourth segment of the cycle. It brings overall mentor luck i.e. it attracts helpful people into your life and ensures a continuity of your family name and fortune. Again there are four subsections.

The first approximate half inch means excellent descendants luck; the second predicts unexpected added income from influential sources; the third predicts a very successful successor son and the fourth offers excellent mentor influence luck.

Dimensions that are between 8 & /2 to 10 & 5/8 inches OR 21.5 cms to 27 cms. This third set of auspicious dimensions brings power & wealth luck and the first sub-sector means you will pass all tests and exams easily. The second sub-sector predicts special or speculative luck, the third offers vastly and sudden improved income, while the fourth attracts high honors for the family.

Dimensions that are between 14 & 6/8 to 17 inches OR 37.5 cms to 43.2 cms.
This category of dimensions brings overall a great flow of wealth coming in if it is in the first sub-sector. The second sub-sector spells luck in important examinations; the third predicts plenty of jewelry and the fourth offers abundant prosperity. Hence this range of dimensions also brings wealth luck. And since this leads seamlessly back to the first set of lucky dimensions, which also spell luck, there is a great deal of leeway for playing with these dimensions so that an entire house can be built incorporating these wealth dimensions.



Are dimensions between 2 &1/8 to 4 &2/8 inches or 5.4 cms to 10.8 cms. This category of bad luck refers to illness. The first approximate half inch implies income getting lowered and reducing i.e. money retreats; the second indicates legal problems associated with money; the third brings losing a legal battle and even going to jail! The fourth indicates death of a spouse. This set of dimensions is extremely severe in its bad luck and should thus be strenuously avoided!

Are dimensions between 4 & 2/8 to 6 & 3/8 inches or 10.8 cms to 16.2cms. This category means separation from your wealth and the first half inch means a store of bad luck resulting in loss of wealth, while the second predicts direct loss of money. The third says you will meet up with unscrupulous people who cheat you and the fourth predicts being a victim of theft or burglary.

Are dimensions between 10 & 5/8 to 12 & 6/8 inches OR 27 cms to 32.4 cms. This category of bad dimension spells total loss. The first approximate half inch spells death of someone important or departure of some kind; the second that everything you need will disappear, and you could lose your livelihood; the third indicates you will be chased out of your village in disgrace and the fourth indicates a very severe loss of money. This is an even more severe case of bad luck. The main door should never have these dimensions!

Are dimensions between 12 & 6/8 to 14 & 6/8 inches OR 32.4 cms to 37.5 cms. These dimensions indicate severe bad luck starting with obstacles blocking success in the first sub sector, loss of loved one in the second, sicknesses and ill health in the third and scandal and quarrels in the fourth sector.

The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World (July/August 2009)". To subscribe, please click here.