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Short cut to welcoming Period 8 energy into your home


With the chi energy of the world having changed to Period 8, we are getting letters with tales of woe befalling Period 7 homes. Many people are coming to terms with the notion that they really will have change their homes to Period 8 if they are to continue enjoying good feng shui. This, of course, is easier said than done.

To start with, not everyone has the financial means to undertake the extensive renovations needed – change the roof, change the floor and change the main door – and then have the budget to revitalize the chi energy to boot. Many readers have thus written in asking, “Is there a short cut? Is there an easier way to transform the chi energy of homes into Period 8?” In this issue, LILLIAN TOO offers one temporary but effective Taoist measure, which can be undertaken to “welcome” the 8 energy of the current period into their homes.

Those of you who have been following the annual feng shui updates at my Extravaganzas will by now be very familiar with the time dimension of feng shui.

You are also familiar with my constant references to the urgent need to change Period 7 homes into Period 8. The revitalization and transformation of energy is crucial for two reasons; and while so-called feng shui experts may huff and puff their hearts out proclaiming it is not necessary, when misfortune strikes, realization comes too late. We have lived past one year of Period 8, and already many stories of misfortune befalling residents residing in previously auspicious period 7 homes have started coming in.

Why do we need to change our homes to Period 8?

Two main reasons really:

Firstly, where before the number 7 brought wealth, success and good luck, in the current period, the number 7 in your flying star charts brings only misfortune, violence, bloodshed and burglary. The number 7 from being an auspicious number has now become a dangerous number. Here’s the crunch. At least half of the Period 7 houses are afflicted with the double 7 either in the facing palace or the sitting palace of their homes. These are houses that face/sit Southwest, Northeast, North and South. Unless these houses have their chi energy transformed to Period 8, residents will suffer both financial and relationship loss through betrayals of trust or outright being robbed. So if your house faces any of these directions, you absolutely MUST change the energy of your home to come in line with the energy of period 8.

Secondly, one of the most potent results of the change of period is that all houses belonging to the chi energy of the preceding period will lose vitality, strength and energy. So in Period 8, all period 7 houses start to stagnate. As we move into Period 8, all period 7 houses become more and more listless. Houses that are devoid of precious chi energy cannot have good feng shui and residents are sure to feel their life unwinding slowly but steadily. Success opportunities dry up, careers come to a standstill, relationships become stale and business slows down. Unless the energy of the home is revitalized by changing the period energy of the building, the slide will continue.

But how can I change my house to period 8?

Implicit in changing the house chi energy to another period is the transformation of its attributes. To make your house into a Period 8 house, you need to undertake the kind of renovations that will help transform the tien ti ren of the house – i.e. the heaven, earth and mankind energies of your home. It is only when this trinity of chi energy has been revitalized that the energy of the house becomes transformed. This suggests quite a massive kind of renovation. And of course, if walls get changed and the house has a good clean up, the house becomes like new again and herein lies the key to changing your house to Period 8. Ask yourself if after the renovations your house feels like new again.

If it does and you have a new roof over your head, your floor is new and your front door has been upgraded, you have indeed changed your house to a period 8 house. So change your roof, (at least two thirds of it); change your floor on the ground level, and change your main door. Remember that ideally, ground energy inside as well as outside should be changed. If you cannot get a new floor, or the drilling gets to you or you are reluctant to change your beautiful marble floor, then at least change the grass outside your home and change the flooring of your outside garage and patio.

When undertaking your changes, do at all times be aware of the taboos related to knocking, digging and banging. Avoid disturbing the Grand Duke Jupiter, Five Yellow and Three Killings afflictions. This year, these afflictions are located in the West, the Northwest and East respectively, so make certain you do not start or end your renovations in these areas of your property. If you do, you could end up having some ghastly aggravations.

What if I simply cannot change my roof or floor?

If you cannot make the physical construction changes necessary to transform your home to Period 8, no amount of “cures” or “remedies” can change this fact. The chi distribution of your house will continue to be that of its original period and for most, this would be a period 7 house.


Is there a short cut to make it a period 8 house?

Unfortunately, there is no other way to transform house energy, although some experts recommend simply moving out of the house, keeping it vacant for six months and then moving in again accompanied by loud noise (e.g. by using the lion dancers.) Traditional Taoist feng shui experts would smile at this idea. They recommend instead a novel way of capturing the energy of 8 without having to undertake serious renovation. Theirs is a method claimed to have originated from the middle of the last Ching dynasty.

According to them, if you cannot revitalize the chi distribution of your home to bring it in line to Period 8, what you CAN do is to welcome in the chi of 8 instead. To do this, you will need to know that during the Period of 7, the Period star 8 was located in the Northwest direction. So all through the previous period, the star number 8 was in the NW and this means that in coming to the center, the number 8 came from the Northwest direction.

So the chi of 8 continues to fly from the Northwest. If yours is not a period 8 house and you want to benefit from period 8 energy, use a compass to point you to the NW direction of your house and in that corner, create a door or a window. Make an opening in the Northwest of your house and you will immediately be welcoming the energy of 8 into your home.

Do take note that if you already have a door or a window in the NW of your house, you can simply keep the door or window open to welcome in the 8. But if your NW is a wall and you need to break down the wall, you will have to wait until next year to do so. This is because the Northwest is afflicted by the dangerous star wu wang (Five Yellow) this year. Wait until 2006 and then create a door in the Northwest to welcome in the period 8 chi.

The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World (May/June 2005)". To subscribe, please click here.