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The 81 Combinations

These days practitioners of Chinese feng shui are less intimidated with the formula of Flying Stars. When this formula of feng shui was first introduced to the English speaking world, the general response was, ‘”it is too difficult” and this was because at first glance it appears very technical and mathematical. Also, in the old days, the way fey sin feng shui (its Chinese name) was taught made it more complicated than it actually was. Generic words that described the different directions made it even less accessible. These days, Flying Star feng shui has enough of an international fan base who are proving how easy and also how potent this formula is.

What practitioners need to focus on are the 81 Combinations – the meanings of the numbers 1 to 9 as well as their combinations in the Flying Star charts. Because there are nine numbers, there are thus 81 possible combinations. In this issue, LILLIAN TOO explains the importance of the 81 combinations.

The 81 combinations lie at the heart of Flying Star practice. Readers of this article should hopefully already be familiar with flying star charts. If not, it is a good idea to get my book “Flying Star Feng Shui Made Easy” which explains how this system of feng shui can be practiced. The 81 combinations are the numbers contained in the nine sector grids of the Flying Star charts.

It is necessary to know the meanings of the numbers, as well as the meanings of the different combinations if you want to interpret the numbers as a prelude to analyzing the energy patterns of any house.
The meanings of the numbers are easy to learn and their combinations are also not difficult. What is tough to do, and thus a lot harder to master, is to interpret them correctly and to use your interpretation to improve your feng shui using only information contained in the numbers. As with other schools of feng shui, practical applications are usually far more challenging than verbal rhetoric.

I am very happy to summarize some additional meanings of the combinations here as a supplementary to my book on “Flying Star Feng Shui for Period 8”. These additional meanings refer to the impact of the numbers in Period 8 and are excellent for reference purposes. You should read through ALL the meanings and then look out for the good and bad combinations of numbers. After that, check the numbers of the Flying Star chart that applies to your house. Look at the following three combinations of numbers:
  • The water star with the mountain star – this is the most important combination.
  • The water star and the period star – this shows essence and extent of wealth luck.
  • The mountain star and the period star – this indicates health and relationship issues
  • In period 8 signifies someone protecting you.
  • In period 7 signifies residents come under influence of gangsters.
  • Also indicates good achievement for young man who resides where this combination is. He can attain a good reputation and become very well known.


  • As mountain and period, it suggests feelings of tension and inner antagonism.
  • Unfavourable to middle-aged men; husband gets humiliated by the wife
  • Illness involves abdominal problems. Women living here suffer from water retention and look fat as a result.
  • Empowers women living here, while men staying here will get cheated.
  • This combination signifies possibility of a new baby.
  • Eldest son will be promoted and get rich, as well as become very well known.
  • In Period 8, causes problems to the eldest son’s family. Court cases and quarrels. Better to move out of this sector if you are the eldest son.
  • Indicates being cheated by own family members.
  • Can cause residents to relocate.


  • Signifies growing big around the world in Periods 1,2 and 3, but in period 8 chart, brings fame associated with the written word. Favours media people and writers.
  • Bad peach blossom luck causing sex scandal when there is excess water.
  • Possible bankruptcy due to consumption of alcohol.
  • Liver wind. Not suitable to have children.
  • Average wealth luck but there is danger of lechery.
  • Antagonism between members of family.
  • Illness of ears or kidney. Sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Residents can get food poisoning. Can be fatal.
  • Unfavourable to middle son, causing injury or death.

  • Residents possess military luck. Also happy occasions such as marriages or births.
  • Good for cultural and artistic activity in Periods 7, 8 & 9.
  • Metal and water can cause too much sentimental feeling. Excessively emotional.
  • Metal and water are cold; indications are that men here are mean and egoistic, and feminine.
  • You can suffer from betrayal and jealousy.
  • Middle-age man & young girl relationship. Not good.
  • Water infiltrate into the kidney and ears.
  • Residents get relocated or deported. Leave under harsh conditions.

  • Antagonism amongst siblings and good friends.
  • Young man hurts middle aged man. Suggests generation problems.
  • Middle son cannot stay here otherwise will leave home and never come back.
  • Possibility of miscarriage – pregnant women need to be careful.
  • In Period 8 residents get success due to high literary talent.
  • Sum of 10, Yin and Yang balance, signifies happy occasion.
  • Have plenty of sons (except in Period 4, 5 & 6) – good feng shui.
  • Illness associated with dizziness and serious shortsightedness is possible.
  • Husband quarrels with the wife, so do the brothers and sisters. But after a while, they are back together. Quarrels are short lived. Need crystal globe in center of the house to improve house harmony.

  • During Period 2, property business prospers.
  • In other periods, mother gets sick easily all the time.
  • Attracts female ghosts. Need mantra amulets here.
  • Family loses its good reputation.
  • Too much yin energy; feelings of exhaustion.
  • Antagonistic chi. Older women are likely to dominate the household if they stay here.
  • Aggressive behavior. There could be Court cases.
  • Fatal landslide. Reversal of fortune unless remedied with fire sword here.
  • Possibility of jail time. Use mantra amulet or 4 heavenly kings to remedy this affliction.
  • Can get injured during work. Depression. Carry annual amulets to counter.
  • Husband tortures the wife. Makes her terribly unhappy. She needs amethysts if marriage is to be happy.
  • Bad family luck. Residents become stingy and mean. Majushri’s flaming sword is needed.

  • Daughters-in-law staying here get empowered by this combination.
  • Mother-in-law quarrels with the daughter-in-law, or mother quarrels with the daughter. Mother gets hurt/injured. Younger woman wins over older woman here.
  • Danger of illnesses related to the blood.
  • Mother leaves the family or gets sent to old folks’ home.
  • Lusty man meets a loose woman.
  • Very bad combination which harms owner of house. Use five element pagoda here.
  • House haunted by bad spirits, especially bad for middle-aged women.
  • During good periods (Period 8) this combination favours property and construction businesses.
  • During bad periods, can cause older women to fall sick.

  • Mother faces breathing problem. Lung, tongue and throat diseases.
  • Bad spirit causes disharmony.
  • Man of the family will fall sick all the time, especially if he smokes.
  • Father quarrels with the son. Place crystal globe in center of house.
  • During Period 7, good speculation wealth luck. Have many daughters. But those who are wealthy will get robbed.
  • Mother quarrels with the daughter. Place crystal globe in center of house.
  • Fire. Epidemic and incurable diseases.

  • Sum of ten. Favours the property and construction businesses.
  • Favourable to the young man. Good for sons and grandsons.
  • Get fat because of wealth, and fall sick because of being too fat.
  • During good period, favours property, fire and electrical businesses.
  • Causes infertility and problems while pregnant.
  • Yin energy is too strong, causing widow or crazy woman.


  • In Period 3 this signifies a good reputation. Nobility is indicated.
  • During Period 8, family members steal the family wealth.
  • Court cases and slanders. Excessive gossip causes problems here.
  • Eldest son will face robbery and court cases. Need Kuan Kung sword to remedy.
  • The family will have bright and smart sons who bring honour to the family.
  • Eldest daughter has a tendency to get sick. Wear a wu lou amulet.
  • Beggars and robbers come to cause trouble.

  • Antagonism in the family and amongst outsiders.
  • During good period or for KUA 5 people, it brings wealth luck.
  • In Period 8, it brings rebellion, quarrels and harmful aggravation.
  • Weird diseases - liver, gall, hand and foot diseases.
  • Death or jail indicated caused by money or corruption. Need the 5 element pagoda.
  • Residents can succumb to epidemics and/or Black Magic. Must wear mantra ring.
  • Antagonism and hostility cause aggravations.
  • During good period, good political luck but in Period 8, luck is average.
  • Get hurt by sharp weapons and those in politics suffer.
  • Eldest son faces problems, and this will affect the old man.

  • During good period, favours Government officials and military personnel.
  • Injury to hands and feet, as well liver and gall bladder.
  • The eldest son succumbs to alcohol and fall prey to loose women.
  • Sum-of-ten but here impact is negative in Period 8.
  • Ho Tu combination brings literary talent and wealth luck.
  • Harmful to young kids.
  • Brothers can fight as a result of misunderstandings.

  • Good family luck (with a lot of children) a lot of happy occasions and renovation.
  • Indicates that smart sons will build wealth for the family.
  • Residents get calling to work against social ills.
  • In Period 8 could cause loneliness and alienation from family.
  • Illness associated with lungs and breathing.

  • In Period 8, this combination causes breast cancer. Need wu lou.
  • Yin energy too strong, probably caused by a lady ghost.
  • Can also be a cause for infertility – hard to have children.
  • Sum-of-ten brings good wealth luck and family harmony.
  • Tendency for father of family to be unfaithful if he stays here.

  • Wives cause quarrels and court cases due to fighting with husband.
  • Danger of violence associated with sexual matters.
  • Hard to have children if couple’s bedroom is located here.
  • Mothers nurture children well, and bring fortune and wealth to the family.
  • Young kids are in danger in this part of the house.
  • If you place crystals and ceramics here, wealth will multiply.


  • Those living in sector with these stars become smarter. Happy occasions.
  • If more than one woman lives here, they will fight.
  • Ho Tu combination brings excellent peach blossom luck.
  • In Period 8, this is a very nasty combination, bringing all kinds of misfortune.
  • Unfavourable for pregnant women. Abortion or miscarriage is possible.
  • A very fatal combination. Need five element bell here.

  • Possible fatal illness. Need five element pagoda as cure.
  • Cancer of the lung and stomach.
  • Landslide and prison, especially for the man of the house.
  • In Period 8, the 5 becomes poison. Combined with 7 effect is fatal.
  • Bleeding on throat and tongue, hurting the vocal cord. Even cancer.


  • Betrayal causes tension and serious problems to manifest.
  • Young boys fall sick with problems associated with the lungs or stomach.
  • In Period 8, family could have down-syndromes child.
  • Accidents during happy occasion.
  • Joy turns to sorrow. Need to have five element pagoda here.

  • Scholar – gaining recognition and reaping great rewards.
  • Windfall luck. Unexpected and very pleasant indeed.
  • Avoid open road or door in this area, as this can cause accidents and mishaps.
  • Be careful of road accidents as these can be serious. Wear mantra ring.
  • Danger of getting robbed and burgled. Carry Blue Rhino.
  • Military personnel enjoy windfall luck.
  • Women could go astray. Wear heart sutra scarf.


  • Favours civilian and military, as well as all kinds of wealth sources (legal and illegal). Father and sons can get very rich together.
  • Wealthy family, children and grandchildren benefit.
  • Longevity and good health luck.
  • During bad times, fire at heaven’s gate, hurting the man of the family. Lung cancer, sex scandals and accidents after happy occasions.
  • Rebellious son, against the father. Father should wear Pi Yao.


  • Favours women more than men,
  • Robbery and fire. Use elephant energy with trunk up!
  • Quarrels and slander. Sex scandals are possible.
  • Risk of road accidents and/or surgical operation.
  • Good wealth, harmony for the family and smart children.
  • Can get rich at a very young age.
  • Favours youngest children of the family.

  • Good family luck indicated.
  • Favours women. Peach blossom luck.
  • Super auspicious, all-round good luck – wealth, health, love, relationships etc.
  • Everything moves joyously and smoothly.

  • A lot of happy occasions and plenty of wealth luck.
  • Good marriage luck.
  • Wealth lasts long in the family
  • Very auspicious with many happy occasions; lots of sons and a beautiful family life.
  • Prepares for future prosperity – very good indication in Period 8.

The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World (May/June 2009)". To subscribe, please click here.