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The Magic Ratio

 Lillian Too shares a little known formula in feng shui, the Magic Ratio of dimensions which is easy to understand and simple to apply when arranging furniture in homes and offices. The origins of this ratio go back thousands of years and reflect the essence of the lucky numbers 1, 6 and 8. This divine ratio has also been described in the old texts as celestial proportions of space that have the power to create feelings of calm and happiness, bringing excellent feng shui to all who live and work within. Once understood, you can easily use this formula to bring greater good fortune, peace and even spiritual awakenings into your living and work space. Any home, big or small, apartment or house, studio or condominium can benefit from this formula.

As my readers know from reading my books, I subscribe to the view that the most profound of truths can always be made simple. So it is with feng shui, and I have spent the better part of the last decade simplifying feng shui knowledge and its applications while retaining the relevant essence of its principles. I derive a great deal of what I call psychic income from my work – the satisfied letters, the beaming smiles, the genuine warmth with which I am greeted at all my talks, classes and Extravaganzas. There is no greater joy than to be embraced into people’s lives simply for sharing knowledge that comes my way… knowledge which they have applied successfully and benefited from.

In this issue, I want to pass on an easy way to make your feng shui “right” just by arranging your space according to the celestial proportions of heavenly feng shui. When you create your space according to these proportions - when you arrange your furniture, hang pictures on your walls, create colour schemes or place plants in a way that make your room or garden or office visibly reflect these proportions - you will instantly feel a difference in yourself. Your attitudes will become more positive, your family becomes more harmonious and good things start to happen for you. Luck starts to flow magically into your life!

So what is the magic ratio?
It is to create spaces that conform to the ratio of 1:1.618

This means that irrespective of the dimensions and shape of any room – such as rooms you spend a great deal of time in – you should endeavour to create a visibly discernible space that conforms to this ratio.

Measure the length and breadth of the room. Multiply this by 1.618 to find the exact length the room should be! Then create space within this a space that conforms to the width and the required length according to the ratio. It’s as simple as that. For instance, if the width of the living room is 10 feet, then the length should ideally be 16.18 feet and the space created by these two dimensions - length and width - creates the magic space!  If a room is long and there is left over length to the room, make an effort to define the space created by the ratio’s proportions. So as a result, the original long room becomes subtly divided into two visible areas.

If your room is 16 feet wide, then the ideal space will be created by having a length to the space of 16 X 1.618 = 25.888 feet. It is not necessary to be perfectly exact in your measurements. Stay within the proportions indicated by the magic ratio as much as you can, but a small difference of a centimeter or so is acceptable. Then when you do your work, entertain or just spend time in that space, you will feel the beneficial effects of good feng shui.


You can use this ratio to create good proportions for exceptionally long rooms, or to feng shui a narrow area that you wish to brighten up. As soon as you create the celestial proportions indicated, feelings of being constricted or squeezed in will disappear. Obstacles in your life also start to vanish. Success comes more easily in all that you do.

You can use any existing pillar to establish your dimensions. Or you can use a defining colour on walls to reflect the required proportions or to create a particular length desired. You can use furniture to emphasize the division; a side board or heavier furniture work make perfect natural dividers as these are strong pieces that effectively marks out the visual length of any room. As soon as the space is created, you will find that it instantly feels good. In the home, the living room and the bedroom should be created according to this magic ratio.

Use the same ratio to create perfect proportions of your office space. Here, the best way is to use carpets and walls to mark out the space correctly, and for those of you currently renovating your office space, do try to create rooms according to this divine proportion to attract success luck. The benefits of doing so are truly enormous.

The foyer area into the office should also be marked out according to the magic ratio as this is where chi enters and flows within. Establish the visual effect of the proportion and watch your feng shui improve! Employees feel happier, work better, cooperate more effectively and generally become a lot more productive.


No matter how small your garden, it is wonderful feng shui to be able to create celestial proportions there using plants, hedges and small bushes. In Malaysia and Singapore where plants grow so fast, it is easy to use the garden to create good feng shui for the home. Well maintained gardens create the bright hall that attracts good chi, so it is worthwhile to make the effort. All you need to do is to measure out the correct length and width of a designated space and then work from there. Those living in apartments can use their balconies to create celestial space according to the ratio, then place growing plants there to activate the space! Very effective feng shui.


Now let me tell you about a wonderful coincidence, although of course nothing in life is a coincidence. The ancient mathematician, Pythagoras, a genius in his time, whose works on numbers reflect many celestial and divine laws of numerology from many cultures, also has a ratio he has called “the Golden Mean” which corresponds exactly to the magic ratio of China’s feng shui texts! This was for me a very exciting discovery.

Pythagoras describes the rectangle created by the measurements of the ratio as the Golden Rectangle. This rectangle is said to be most beneficial for the welfare of human beings. Since then, wise men have discovered this ratio resonating everywhere in Nature, from the spirals of the conch shell to the proportion of petals in specific flowers.

Ancient architects have also incorporated these proportions into some of the most famous buildings that have stood the test of time. Thus it has been discovered that the Pyramids at Cheops contain chambers within that correspond to the Golden Mean, especially the King’s chamber whose measurements correspond exactly to the Golden Mean; and in Greece, the Parthenon in the Acropolis also have dimensions that also reflect this magical ratio of 1;1.618 . The same divine measurements can be found in the Taj Mahal in India and in the ancient cathedrals of France and Poland.


  •   Hang photographs in frames that reflect this divine ratio
  •   Create a golden rectangular mirror using this ratio
  •   Look for rectangular dining tables that reflect these proportions
  •   Place a coffee table in the living room that has this ratio
  •   Create a balcony of plants according to this ratio

The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World (January/February 2009)". To subscribe, please click here.