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Understanding The Luck Of Numbers

Find out what numbers work for you and stick with them!

In this issue, LILLIAN TOO highlights the power of lucky numbers. This is the year of the Earth Ox when the Lo Shu number of the year is the awesome 9, a premier number that signifies the fullness of heaven and earth. It is thus very appropriate for us to harness the magic of lucky numbers to help us make the best of the coming new year. The trials and tribulations of the preceding year has given way to the solidity of earth chi. It is therefore a good time to turn our attention to activating lucky numbers in our life.

This is the ninth year of the first decade of the 21st century. That its Lo Shu number is also 9 reveals that the number 9 will play a very important role in bringing accumulated good fortune to those who activate it. It is extremely beneficial to capture its essence as much as possible. This means having multiples of nine in the way we place auspicious objects and wear lucky symbols.

The Chinese have always been very mindful of the power of numbers expressed either as single integers, in doubles or as multiples. There is not a single one amongst us who has not, at some unconscious level, worried briefly about the numbers that ‘rule’ our life. Belief in numbers is always personal as one’s lucky number is always associated with something special to us.

Personal Lucky Numbers
For individuals, lucky numbers are usually associated with our date of birth with all the single numbers added together until the whole date – day, month and year – is reduced to a single number. That number, according to many systems of numerology, signifies the number that reveals your attitudes, personality and character. Other systems use your name to calculate your ruling number. This is done by assigning numbers to the letters of the alphabet and then adding all the numbers until the numbers are reduced to a single digit number. This is then regarded as the number that most closely describes your attributes.

Of more importance than attributes however is the luck factor. For this, Taoist Masters who are skilled in the practice of feng shui are more focused in their use of numbers. They will tell you it is in actual fact not all the numbers in your four pillars that determine your lucky number, but only your date of birth. For instance, if you were born on the 12th June, your lucky number would be 12,  so that if you live in a number 12 house, on the 12th street, have a telephone number with lots of 12s in it and work from the 12th level, then you will enjoy good fortune brought by the nearness of 12. In Taoist numerology, the 12 does not add up 1+2=3 … so it is the number itself you must focus on.

Hence if you are born on the 11th of any month, then 11 is your lucky number (not 1+1=2). If you are born on the 27th of any month, the number 27 is lucky for you and
so forth.

The more times your lucky number appears in your everyday life, the stronger will be the positive influence. The Taoists believe that if indeed your date of birth is really your lucky number, then it can really bring you great success if you make the effort to ensure its constant presence in your life.

Lucky numbers have great value to the Chinese and in Hong Kong and China, not just tycoons pay tens of thousands of dollars to buy lucky number car license plates, driver’s license number, apartment floor levels, street addresses, bank numbers, and especially phone numbers. Everyone is in on the lucky numbers game! For them, lucky numbers are almost always those that are generally regarded as lucky for everyone, such as the number 8…

The number 8 is very highly regarded as a particularly lucky number, especially since we are currently also living through the Flying Star Period of 8. This is one of the three white numbers that bring prosperity and abundance. The number 8 also belongs to the element of earth, so it brings excellent good feng shui foundation. If your birth date or KUA number is also 8, then this number holds special strength for you and you must work hard at having it always present in your life. Wear the 8 jewellery ring and go for the mystical knot, which is 8 done as the infinity sign, repeated three times. I do not have to remind everyone of the empowering benefits of the mystical knot.

In mandarin, the word eight 八 (pinyin = bā), sounds like prosper or wealth (发 = fā). which in turn is short for 发财 = fā cái which means get rich 恭喜发财 = gōngxi fācái = congratulations and get rich. This is the phrase many of us use as a standard way of greeting people during the Chinese New Year, and it conveys your wishes for them to become prosperous and get rich. The number 8 is therefore closely associated with wealth luck. Nothing emphasizes the great importance of the number 8 in the lives of the Chinese than the fact that when they mounted their spectacular Olympics show, they held the opening ceremony at exactly 8:08:08 pm on 8/8/08 this year. Did it turn out to be auspicious for China? You bet!

For despite attempts to spoil their show, the Chinese did indeed emerge looking not only like they have become one of the most important nations of the world in terms of wealth of assets, but also in terms of modern technology, creativity and performance. They also managed to sweep a record number of gold medals, more than any other country and definitely more than they expected. Was this due to the dominance of the number 8 on opening night? 

As for numbers that combine well with 8, note the following:
  • 3 is a friend of 8 as these two numbers create the auspicious Ho Tu combination
  • 2 creates the sum of ten with 8 and this is considered very lucky.
  • 1 and 6 creates the magic of 168, a combination of three white numbers

While the number 8 is the hot favourite, the number 9 is also mega lucky, and for those familiar with the more advanced nuances of numerology, the number 9 is considered even luckier than 8. Hence a car number 9999 is said to be even more auspicious than a car number 8888. In 2009, which ends with a 9 and with this year’s Lo Shu number being 9, without a doubt, those whose KUA numbers are 9, or whose name or date of birth generates the number 9, should activate the number 9 in their lives.

To do so, just be mindful that 9 signifies South and is represented by the element of fire. Hence make sure you place symbols of 9 in the South of your homes. This can be 9 birds, 9 phoenixes, 9 horses or 9 ripe peaches. What I mention here are the suggested enhancers. Having their presence in the sector of 9 and in multiples of 9, well what can be more abundant. And naturally, if you are born in the year of the Horse, then 9 is especially lucky for you. Note that the enemy of 9 is water, but the number of water 1 is excellent for 9 – this is because the combination of 9 with 1 brings the sum of ten combination which is lucky. The Ho Tu combination of 9 is when 4 combines with it, and this combination brings current and long lasting wealth.

In mandarin, Nine 九 (pinyin = jiŭ) sounds exactly like 久 (jiǔ) - which means “a long time” or “long lasting”. And in the mathematics of 9, this is a number that never transforms or changes. Any number of times the number 9 is multiplied, their sum always adds up to nine, thus 9X9=81 and 8=1 =9 and again 9X5= 45 and 4=5=9. Thus the number 9 is regarded as a steadfast, long-lasting number which unlocks a great deal of solid good fortune.


This is generally regarded as the masterful number of heaven. In the current period, the number 6 does not have great strength, but it is auspicious nevertheless and is especially powerful when working for those in need of strong mentor luck or those who need patriarchal energy. The number 6 favours male gender leaders and if your KUA number is 6 or if your date of birth is the 6th of any month, you are sure to benefit from activating this number which is located in the NW and is strengthened by the presence of metal energy. 

In mandarin, Six 六 (pinyin = liù), sounds like the word 流 which means (liú) flowing/smooth, so when you activate this number, it means all the obstacles in your life get vanquished, as the energy of 6 smoothens your path to success. Place 6 round crystal balls (or glass globes, or crystal apples) of any combination of colours in the NW of your most frequented room to energize the number 6 in the most powerful way. For jewellery, wear the sign of the Ru Yi made of gold or diamonds as this strongly empowers the patriarchal energy. It is particularly beneficial for those in leadership situations.

THE DOUBLES: When two, three of four numbers combine, they evoke different luck meanings. So generally, double numbers strengthen the intrinsic luck of singular numbers. There is a Chinese saying which says that “good things come in pairs” (好事成双 = hăoshì chéng shuāng).

Thus 88 or 99 are considered very lucky doubles, but double 1 which is the number eleven, also has auspicious connotations. The number 11 is regarded as a master number in numerology because it is the first number repeated twice. This is the number of balance and intuition. If your lucky number is 11, you will almost always find success depending on your intuition. The number one represents the beginning of all things and is considered a primordial number, but the number 11 is one doubled, so it is luckier. Three 111s or four 1111s are even more special. These are the lucky numbers for people born on the 11th January or on the 1st or 11th of November. 

Any number doubled evokes the auspiciousness associated with the doubling of happiness – as symbolized by the double happiness character. This also brings to mind the natural unity of nature, showing love and duality, the bonding of male with female, the yin with the yang.

THE TRINITY: In terms of the TRIPLES, this suggests the concept of trinity and here, the lucky combination of three different numbers is considered luckier than the same number appearing three times.

In the Chinese concept of luck, the trinity of heaven, earth and mankind - tien, ti, ren - is always its central pillar. Only when the trinity is present can there be plenty of good fortune and from this trinity springs forth others such as the mother, father and child, the trinity of astrological allies and the trinity of body, speech and mind.

The combination of the numbers 1, 6 and 8 is thus regarded as the most auspicious combination of all, especially if your KUA number is any of these three numbers. When people with KUA numbers 1, 6 and 8 work or live together, and they activate
the combination of these three numbers, the luck of prosperity and balance are sure to be evident. Good fortune reigns effortlessly
and seamlessly.

In mandarin, the numbers 168 means the “road of prosperity” or “to be prosperous together”. The Chinese consider this one of the luckiest set of numbers. It used to be incorporated into many business names and is today much favoured by anyone knowledgeable about the power of this combination.

Find out what encountering these numbers mean

When you notice a particular number repeating frequently in your life, you are correct to think that that number holds some sort of significance for you. So it is a good idea to be subconsciously aware of the numbers that keep popping up in your life.

But what do these numbers mean? Typically, when you see the same number repeatedly, it means that it is a message about something that is currently an issue for you and it is usually some kind of message for you to pay attention to.

Be alert to what happens each time you see the same number come up and you will soon get an idea if the number is meant to be some kind of warning sign or whether it is merely alerting you to some good news.

To start you off on your awareness of numbers, here are some preliminary meanings of numbers that flash in and out of your life. Remember these are just numbers you notice such as seeing three cars with the same numbers, or visiting two houses with the same number or someone bringing you a gift associated with some number or other.

Here are the meanings associated with some numbers, to assist you in understanding the relevance of numbers appearing in your life.

 indicates the start of something. It is the number of beginning typically representing your intentions. It is usually the number associated with urgency. When you see the number one frequently, it can mean that you are about to begin a new project or adventure and you are destined to pursue it. Following your heart here will bring you many new opportunities and even much happiness.
 indicates a development involving another person and this is because two is the number of balance and relationship. It represents all things dualistic. It also represents a fork in your path requiring you to make a decision. When you see 2 appearing frequently it is telling you to get off the fence, make a choice. It is telling you to be brave, to not be afraid to commit, to be firm when trying to resolve a relationship issue in your life.
 suggests the trinity of time (past, present and future). Seeing 3 frequently means you need to look at your past as well as your current situation to chart your course for the future. It is reminding you not to make the same mistake, not to repeat something you did previously that may have caused you heartache or disappointment.
 is the number of the square. It suggests being fenced in and can signify being grounded into a certain situation. It can also suggest you feel imprisoned into your life situation and can indicate that you could subconsciously be trying to break free. There are four directions, four seasons, four worlds (physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual). Four is telling you to create a firm foundation for your life, something which has lasting foundation. If you have recently moved home, it suggests that you plan on settling down more permanently.
 deals with movement, as this is a fluid number associated with activity and motion. Five signals travel or change, which can be good or bad. It suggests you may be at the center of a hurricane and even be the victim of someone else stirring things up in your life and in your relationships. If you keep seeing fives, it is a good idea to wear a strong and powerful protective amulet such as the five element pagoda pendant.


Does repeating numbers hold some sort of significance for you?


 is the number of the Patriarch and the mentor. When you see six frequently, you could well be on the way to benefiting from someone’s patronage or you could be getting ready to start a family. Or you may need to focus on family matters or on corporate affairs more closely. It may also call on you to be more responsible for your current situation. Basically, 6 tells you to be a leader!
 is generally regarded as a “lucky” number to encounter, and to many people, 7 is the number of wisdom. Seeing seven means suggests you should be using your intellect a lot more than you are, asking you to focus on your goals. Doing so will almost certainly ensure victory.
 is the number commonly associated with wealth and abundance. It is a cyclical number suggesting repetition of good things occurring again and again; so it is a good number to see on an everyday basis. If you encounter the number eight unexpectedly and you have recently worked on something promising, it suggests a favourable result. It is a very lucky number to encounter and its frequency in your life is definitely a very good sign! Thus it is such a great number to have for your car, as this ensures that you will encounter the 8 daily.
 beckons you to work long term, and it is the number of attainment, especially through hard work. Seeing nine encourages you to move forward in anything you do, as it suggests ultimate success. Nine is also the number that favours anyone engaged in charity, fund raising for a good cause or any kind of philanthropic work. It is also a rather grandiose number and if you see 9 a lot, it suggests you could well have the karma and the talents to make a positive and meaningful difference to the world. Nine assures you of success, so it is a very encouraging number to encounter.
 This is one of those double numbers that mean something special. If you experience seeing the number 11:11 - for instance when you look at the clock, or when you open a book and the page number catches your eye or when on holiday and your room number corresponds to the double 1. Taoists believe that if you encounter the double 1 three times in a single weekend, it should be treated as a serious and unmistakable “wake-up” call telling you to make a significant shift in your life. It suggests that change is critical to your destiny, so this is quite a significant number to encounter.


The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World (January/February 2009)". To subscribe, please click here.