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Sigil of Zuan Kong & the Magic Square - Demystifying Significance of this powerful SYMBOL

All sigils are regarded as magic symbols which are imbued with great cosmic energy that is created by the implicit movement of chi contained within the symbol. In Chinese feng shui, the most famous sigil is the Sigil of Zuan Kong which holds within it the movement of the Flying Stars. This Sigil (which resembles exactly the Kaballah’s Sigil of the planet Saturn), encapsulates and symbolizes the underlying movement of cosmic energy which changes from year to year, period to period and in fact from moment to moment. This movement creates the feng shui charts that enable us to practice the secrets of the Flying Star time dimension of feng shui. It is thus a very significant symbol and when we dig deeper into its roots, we realize that as a symbol it also features prominently in other cultural systems of magic that have an ancient provenance, i.e. that go very far back in time. In most instances however, Sigils often are part of the ancient “secrets” of these cultures.

The Zuan Kong Sigil shown here is depicted diagonally and it is created by drawing straight lines through the Lo Shu Magic Square. These lines connect the digits 1-2-3, 4-5-6, and 7-8-9. The resulting symbol created looks like two super-imposed opposing triangles which are then dissected by a diagonal line that provides the joint base of both triangles.  

In other cultural systems, these triangles are described differently. For instance, in Hindu mythology, this symbol is said to be the “double lingam” signifying male and female, yin and yang. The lingam is a very auspicious sacred symbol to Hindus and the real lingam does not look like a triangle but is instead a spherical object found in the Brahma river of India.

 In Chinese feng shui, the triangle pointing upward is made by connecting 1, 2 and 3 and in feng shui terms this is yang, yin and yang, a mother at the apex held aloft by two sons. The downward pointing triangle is created by joining 7, 8 and 9 and  the feng shui interpretation of the triangle has yang energy at the tip of the triangle pointing downwards and indicated by the number 8 with two yins supporting it.

So here we see two triangles with the apex of both forming the axis of the current Period of 8. The Sigil is extremely powerful in the current period and simply wearing the double inverted triangles is said to bring the powerful cosmic energies of the current period. Implied in this is great wealth, health and relationship luck. The Sigil also protects the personal auras of those wearing or carrying the symbol.

The diagonal line creates the base for the two triangles. It touches the triangles at the two points where the triangles interact. This line signifies both yin and yang and it is made up of the trinity tien, ti and ren, heaven, earth and mankind’s self. This line establishes the ‘tilt’ of the Sigil and it is here that the nature of the Zuan Kong Sigil differs significantly from other Sigils. In feng shui, the slight tilt of 45 degrees has great significance and is believed to be the way to harness great wealth luck. The other important application of the 45 degree tilt is in the application of the castle Gate door which tilts main doors 45 degrees to capture the magic of Ho Tu numbers.
The western interpretation of the double triangles suggests that the downward pointing triangle symbolizes the female energy and this is signified by the element of water; while the upward pointing is the male energy signifying the fire element. Here the symbolism is that of water below, flying downwards and fire on top rising upwards. Heaven is above and Earth is below and when the triangles are combined, the symbolism of fire and water signifies balance and a divine union. Some interpret this as a sign of resurrection and completeness. In Hebrew tradition, it is regarded as perfect so the Sigil of Saturn is a powerful symbol of completeness and wholeness.

In feng shui however, we do not read symbolism of the Sigil this way. To us, the two triangles signify not fire and water but Earth and Earth – the Earth Mother and her Earth Son, signified by the trigrams Kun (the Matriarch yin) and Ken (the mountain yang).

The origin of the Zuan Kong Sigil is the magic square, what in feng shui is described as the Lo Shu square. This square unlocks wonderful secrets and is a significant cornerstone of interpreting all the charts of time dimension feng shui. This is already well documented in many feng shui books published in recent years. What is less well known is the fabulous connection with the planet Saturn, for the sequence of numbers in the square and the three by three grid of the square itself represents the planet Saturn. The numbers laid out in the square represents the matrix of numbers that reflects Saturn’s planetary energy.

Here the square itself comprise three key numbers. The first number is the planet number itself. The second is the square of the planet number (or the planet number multiplied by itself). The third is the sum of the square (or all the incremental numbers starting at 1 that it takes to fill the boxes in the square added together and then divided by the planet number). This is a mathematical formula which reveals the key number of 15, the number of days it takes the moon to wax or wane indicating then that the Square contains the key to unlocking changes of chi over calendar days, months, years and periods.

To understand it let us examine the square of the number 3 further. The number of Saturn is 3, so the square comprise 3 boxes horizontally and vertically making a total of nine squares (note 3 squared is 9). Next lets see the sum of the square numbers which is 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9. This equals 45. Next 45 divided by Saturn’s planetary number of 3 equals 15. So each row of the numbers both horizontally and vertically must equal 15. This then is the mathematical explanation of the Lo Shu magic square and its importance in time feng shui.


 There is an ancient form of “magic” which teaches you how to make your own personal Sigil which can be updated for modern practitioners. This uses the basic Lo Shu square to generate your own special Sigil symbol. By using the Lo Shu square and drawing up your own Sigil on it, you will be drawing in the positive influences of the corresponding planet, which in this case is Saturn. You just need to remember as you work out your own Sigil that the more powerful your altruistic motivation, the more powerful will be the universal forces drawn into your Sigil. The greater the harmony of intention, the higher will be the power generated.

 Your sigil can be your signature symbol. Personal Sigils that are created with a strong dose of concentrated intention (i.e. what you want the Sigil to bring you) bring powerful direction and focus to creating feng shui “magic”. Once you know your Sigil, you can invoke it by tracing it in air, writing it onto balloons and sending it flying skywards to actualize your wishes, carved onto burning candles to use fire energy, drawn onto paper and sent floating down a big river or into the oceans to actualize your wishes.

 Creating your Sigil using the Zuan Kong Sigil brings you serious financial bonanzas, big investment gains or ensures high scholastic success at educational institutions. If you want gains form investing you can create an investing Sigil; if you want to win a place at a top University you can also create a scholastic sigil, and if you want love you can create a marriage Sigil. Now how do you create your own sigil? We can assign a letter from A to Z to each of the nine numbers of the Lo Shu Square and this is shown in the table here.

Next choose a word that best reflects your intention; then convert the letters in the word into numbers and form there draw out the Sigil using the numbers of the Lo Shu square. Try to select a word which does not have double numbers in any part of the Sigil and also look for a word which enables you to move up and down, up and down to make the Sigil.

If you are keen on being successful in your studies, you can use the word SCHOLAR and if you want love you can use the word ROMANCE. If making investments is how you wish to enhance your wealth, you might want to use the word INVESTOR which can then be converted into numbers as shown here.

 Draw the Sigil according to the corresponding numbers in the Lo Shu square as shown here; so continuing through each number in order, we draw out the Sigil of the Investor.

The Sigil thus drawn will look like this. This is a great looking Sigil as it has ups and downs. It also starts and ends with the number 9 making it a complete Sigil.

Once you have your Sigil, you should start activating it as often as possible, either by wearing it, displaying it, lighting a candle, flying it aloft, sending it down river. As you activate it, focus your concentration on the Sigil and on your wishes.

The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World (May/June 2008)". To subscribe, please click here.