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Activating the Mountain Star

In Flying Star Feng Shui the mountain star is as important, if not more so than the water star, especially since we are now in the period of 8. This is the number that signifies the trigram KEN, which symbolizes the mountain, and in the realm of Chinese cultural belief systems, the mountain stands for quiet power, influence and a majestic kind of success. It connotes the ability to exercise power. A view of mountains in the distant horizon in front of one’s home always suggests that the patriarch of the family living there or one of his sons (usually the eldest) will rise to a high position of power.

Mountains suggest the presence of dragons, which bring the vital life force we refer to as chi. The mountain star in Flying Star feng shui is the sitting star because mountains stand solid, bringing wonderful relationship and health luck when it is auspicious, and the direct opposite when it is not. LILLIAN TOO explains the enigma of the Mountain Star in Flying Star feng shui, and shares some fine points on how to go about activating it to enjoy superlative health and great friendship & relationship luck.

Experienced Flying Star practitioners focus much of their attention on determining the location of auspicious water and mountain stars in homes and buildings. So ‘water’ and ‘mountain’ are two of the staple words in feng shui terminology.

The water star brings luck associated with wealth. Good water stars bring wealth, while negative water stars bring loss of wealth. The mountain star on the other hand brings luck associated with happiness and health. When the mountain star is lucky, it brings vigour, energy and harmonious relationships. When the mountain star is unlucky, it brings a loss of friends, a dimming of one’s social status and a loss of good health.

We need to locate the presence of the auspicious water and mountain stars in the home (and office) if we want to create a congenial environment of abundance and wellbeing.

In Flying Star feng shui, the key is to determine where the auspicious mountain star of the home is located. In Period 8 homes, the mountain star is always either directly in the front of the house or directly at the back of the house. In feng shui, we call this the facing palace (at the front) and the sitting palace (at the back). It is the exact orientation of your house that determines whether the lucky mountain star is located at the front or at the back.

When the mountain star 8 is at the back of the home
it is usually labeled a “lucky mountain star,” because the auspicious mountain star supports residents living in the house. This kind of auspicious mountain star location occurs in Period 8 houses that face a secondary direction, in particular, houses that face SE 2/3, NE 1, SW 1, and NW 2/3. If you have this kind of house orientation and yours is already a Period 8 house, your family will enjoy harmonious relationships with each other as well as with outsiders. The harmony of the home causes relationships between spouses, children, siblings and friends to bring joyousness to the residents. In addition, there is a general pervading air of good health.
When the lucky mountain star is behind, it also magnifies the luck of the tortoise, so it benefits when there is higher ground at the back or when there is a high brick wall. A small hill behind your home also attracts good chi to the home and the back of the house then benefits from the presence of stones and boulders.
If you wish, you can place a tortoise there as a symbolic energizer. The tortoise can be made of marble or granite, as this creates the chi that energizes the auspicious mountain star.

A mountain star 8 at the front of the home offers the potential for you to activate “Small Mountain”. This refers to miniature type features that resemble the mountain peaks of the high ranges. Small Mountain can also be simulated with a low brick wall, a small mound that suggests the phoenix, or a crystal cluster, which simulates the presence of hills.
This kind of mountain star location occurs in Period 8 houses that face a secondary direction, in particular, houses that face SE 1, NE 2/3, SW 2/3, and NW 1.

When the mountain star 8 is in front of the house, it can still bring luck, but care must be taken not to over activate the mountain star, because a mountain in front of the house can also be seen as creating an obstacle. It is more difficult to energize an auspicious mountain star at the front than at the back. The best way is to use images of mountains through landscape paintings or crystals carved into the shape of mountains. These act as a stimulant to unlock the energy of the lucky mountain star.    

It is a good idea not to put a deep water feature at the front of the home if the lucky mountain star 8 is there. Remember that in this situation, you are having what is known as “reverse water and reverse mountain.”

When both mountain and water  stars at the front of the home  are the lucky 8. This situation occurs in Period 8 houses that face cardinal directions, in houses that face North 1, South 2/3, East 1 and West 2/3. Here, the practice of feng shui becomes a little tricky. This is because when you activate the water star with a pond, it creates problems for the mountain star, which is described as “falling into the pond,” and this creates problems in health and relationship luck. On the other hand, if you activate the lucky mountain star with a “hillock” or with something that connotes the earth element (mountain belongs to the earth element) you will hurt the water star 8, since earth suppresses water.
The solution is to build a small waterfall that encompasses both mountain and water. This has to be skillfully done. At the front of the house, it is not necessary to build such a big waterfall. What I suggest is a six-level waterfall where the “mountain” does not exceed six feet. Get a water pump to create a waterfall effect and have a pond at the base to collect the water. Make certain the water flows inwards towards the door.
You also should ensure that your pond is at least 2 feet deep into the ground. This is what brings you wealth, while also activating harmony luck for you.

When both mountain and water stars at the back of the home  are the lucky 8. This situation occurs in Period 8 houses that face cardinal directions - in houses that face North 2/3, South 1, East 2/3 and West 1. Here, the dilemma is similar to the preceding situation where both water and mountain stars are the auspicious 8. Once again, the solution is to activate both lucky stars without hurting either. So a waterfall is a good solution. For the back however, it is advisable to make the “mountain” part of the waterfall larger and more imposing than the “water”.
When building your mountain for the waterfall, remember to ensure that it does not look intimidating. If you use artificial stones and boulders to decorate your waterfall, they should not resemble hostile-looking animals. If your water feature looks threatening, that’s what it will turn out to be, so that instead of bringing luck, the waterfall could cause problems.

The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World (May/June 2006)". To subscribe, please click here.