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Clever Ways with Water

The element of water makes up the second word of feng shui. This is because water - its flow, presence and accumulation within the vicinity of your home or apartment - exerts such a significant effect on your wealth luck. Here, Lillian offers some easy ways to be clever with water.

Firstly I want to make a difference between big water & small water

Big Water:
In feng shui terminology, big water usually refers to the ponds, lakes and rivers in the natural environment. Big water is rarely, if ever, manmade, and when your home is located near big water, the challenge to your feng shui practice is to orientate your home in a way which allows you to capture the wealth-bringing chi of the big water. To do this, you need to be very familiar with the different formulas that use the flow and accumulation of water to bring good fortune.

Small Water: Small water, on the other hand, is usually artificially manmade water. These are as effective as big water in bringing feng shui wealth luck. On a practical basis, small water can be custom designed and made to suit your building’s orientations. So the approach of the feng shui consultant would be different when tapping big or small water.

Secondly I want to make a difference between a flow of water & an accumulation of water

Flow of Water:
A flow of water suggests a river, brook or stream. In the old days, the Water Dragon Classic was much referred to when feng shui masters tried to determine how auspicious a particular flow of water would be. Usually, when a flow of water surrounds your home and you are on the inside curve of the water flow, it is interpreted as auspicious. When you are on the outside of a curved water flow, it is said to be inauspicious.
To check if your home is benefiting from surrounding rivers, you have to get a helicopter aerial view. Generally, as long as water flows benignly around you in a non-threatening way, it is auspicious. Water flows that seem to come at your home in a straight line are inauspicious. Note that a flow of water usually reflects your income luck. This means your regular paycheck or regular monthly income.

Accumulation of Water: An accumulation of water on the other hand is something else. This suggests wealth as opposed to income. Wealth means asset wealth, which can be kept in the form of money, or in the form of companies, properties or businesses. Wealth luck always requires the presence of an accumulation of water and this is usually a body of water, which can be a swimming pool, a fishpond, a mining pool and so forth. Usually, wealth-bringing ponds tend to be deep and filled with clean water. It can be natural or manmade, but it is best when it is dug in the ground and there is a flow of water constantly refilling it.

Thirdly you must differentiate between hole-in-the-ground water, and elevated water. I have always stressed that when there is a hole near your home, even when there is no water in it, it signifies water. This kind of water feature – a hole in the ground filled with water – is a very effective bringer of wealth. The only problem is that there are some taboos to observe should you wish to create a hole-in-the-ground water. Note these pointers:

  1. This kind of water is best when located in the North direction of your garden. If you have a garden, it is better to dig a hole in the North and keep it filled with water. Before digging however, do disarm the Three Killings energy that lives in the North in 2006. Place three sword coins or three Chi Lins in the corner before digging the hole. This way, you tap the auspicious chi energy of North but do not get afflicted by the Three Killings.

  2. Water accumulating in the East sector of your house or garden is also very auspicious for 2006. This is because the East is blessed with good luck this year. The East is also of the wood element, which symbolizes the essence element of the year. So water in the East is an excellent idea.

  3. Note that a hole in the ground water feature should never be dug inside the house. This will cause you to lose your wealth. Always keep this kind of water feature outside the home in the garden. If you live in apartments you can only benefit if the water feature of your condo complex is in the correct direction i.e. North or East in 2006. You can also benefit if it is located in the SW, as this is the place of the indirect spirit for this period. Water here also brings wealth.

  4. Do not forget that you should never have a hole-in-the-ground water on the right hand side of your main door (inside looking out). This is a Taoist feng shui taboo that is easy to apply and costs nothing. It is prudent to be careful when practising feng shui. It is not necessary to get confused should you hear otherwise. You can always ignore this rule and accept the consequences, which is that your husband will develop a roving eye.

Note the difference between yin water and yang water. It is a simple differentiation, as yin water is still water that has no plants, no movement and is usually dark and deep. Yin water is excellent as a cure for certain feng shui afflictions. To use water as a wealth enhancer however, it is better to make your water features yang. This requires the presence of movement and life. If you introduce a pump or fountain, it makes the water yang.

Keeping Fish: If you keep fish in your water feature, it also becomes yang. Feng shui practitioners are fond of keeping fish, as this signifies abundance and is also accompanied by the water element. What kind of fish you keep is a matter of personal preference, but I have found the arowana, goldfish and carp to be excellent enhancers of success and wealth luck. In my 30 years of practice, I have had a great deal of success with fish and so have many of the top tycoons of Hong Kong, almost all of whom have beautiful aquariums, ponds and manmade water features in their homes and offices. Just remember to place a dragon near your water feature, as the dragon coming to the edge of the water to quench his thirst is a very auspicious symbolism.

Choose the best water feature to suit where you’re gonna place it...

Stone-Based Water Feature

Water features like these are ideal for enhancing water star 8 sectors that also have the mountain star 8. When the water star 8 and mountain star 8 appear together, you want to enhance for wealth luck without sacrificing the mountain star which brings excellent relationship luck, so you need a water feature where the earth energy is as dominant as the water energy.

Water Feature With Circular Indent

The circular shape represents the element of metal, thus this water feature is best suited for the NW or West sectors. Place this type of water feature in the NW or W when your water star 8 appears in these sectors, or use to counter the burglary star 7.

Yellow Jasper Water Feature With Fish

Place this water feature featuring nine gold fish in the South part of the home to enhance an auspicious water star in this sector. But as fish are lucky anywhere, this water feature can go in any sector of the home, bringing wealth and abundance as it pumps.

Green Aventurine Water Feature

This crystal water feature will fit right into the interior décor of any modern home. Elegantly lit up to reveal the beauty of this natural crystal, this piece will feel right at home in the East and SE sectors.

The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World (March/April 2006)". To subscribe, please click here.