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What Happens When Annual Afflictions Contradict Formula Feng Shui Recommendations?


When a flying star annual number afflicts a direction, can we still activate it according to the Pa Kua method of eight aspirations? And can we activate the afflicted direction according to our personalized auspicious directions using the Eight Mansions formula?

If you follow the flying star annual and monthly updates, you would be familiar with the different afflictions that TIME FENG SHUI brings to any space during different year and month periods. These afflictions can bring illness, misfortune, loss and a great deal of hostility that lead to aggravations that are manifestations of bad feng shui. These afflictions need to be attended to each year and each month with a variety of cures and remedies.

But how do these periodic afflictions affect the use of other feng shui formulas, in particular the easy but powerful method of energizing the eight primary & secondary directions of a home that signify the eight aspirations of the Pa Kua, and also, how does it affect the use of the Eight Mansions method of personalized directions feng shui?

Do we continue to activate the luck sectors we want, even when these are afflicted by bad luck stars during a particular year? If we do use these other formulas and ignore the feng shui chart of the year, are we considered to be ignoring the time aspects of feng shui?

Those of you who follow the annual feng shui updates at my Extravaganzas or read about them on our website ( or in this magazine, will be familiar with the feng shui time charts of each year and will know there are afflicted locations and directions in every year.

It is important to remember these afflicted directions all through the year because they usually explain the problems we encounter through the year. But in dealing with these afflictions, we also need to know how they affect our use of other formulas and methods.

The question here is, if a particular direction or location is afflicted, can we still activate that part of the house? For example, if the location is the Southeast part of the house and in 2005, the Southeast is afflicted by the quarrelsome star 3 which brings hostility, court litigations and misunderstandings, can we still activate the SE direction and location this year? Will activating the wood element SE sector with water make the hostile star number 3 stronger, thereby hurting us more?


The Effect On The Pa Kua Chart

The Southeast is the universal wealth corner according to Eight Aspirations feng shui. When it is energized by the presence of water, it brings an abundance of wealth or a windfall. If we want to create wealth luck in the home, we should activate the SE with water or wood. But since the number 3 star afflicts that direction this year, can we proceed to energize that corner of the house? The answer is that if you DO want to energize with water, you must ensure you also have bright lights to exhaust the hostility of the number 3 star. Otherwise, even though you have enhanced your wealth luck, it will come with aggravations and misunderstandings that spoil your ability to enjoy that wealth.

The same analysis however does NOT hold if we are referring to the East direction, which is also a wood direction but is afflicted by the illness star 2 this year. Here, the illness star belongs to the earth element and we should use metal windchimes to suppress the illness star. But in using metal, we are also destroying the wood element of the East direction, so we MUST use water to strengthen the element of wood. This is because the East direction signifies health luck for the household and also stands for the good luck of the eldest son of the family. So here, the East must be energized with water to strengthen the wood, but the annual affliction of the illness star must also be suppressed with metal.

The Effect On the Eight Mabsions Kua Formula

The second question is if the SE direction is afflicted by the wood number 3 hostile star during any given year, and if SE is also your sheng chi direction based on the KUA formula of Eight Mansions, should you sit facing the SE direction that year? The answer is preferably not, since that is the direction from which the hostile chi is coming from that year. If you do so, then even if you benefit from success chi coming towards you, you are at the same time absorbing the quarrelsome chi, making you quick tempered, and attracting misunderstandings and conflicts into your life. Success then leaves a very bad taste in the mouth.

And if your sheng chi is where the Grand Duke Jupiter resides in any particular year, then you definitely must not face that direction during the year, even if it is your best direction. The same goes for the misfortune five yellow star 5 (also known as wu wang) as well as the number 2 illness star.

The year’s afflictions as indicated by the annual chart of the year are significant inputs into the practice of personalized feng shui. You should always take into account their subtle influences and make suitable changes accordingly.

The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World (September/October 2005)". To subscribe, please click here.