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Will your house orientate on bring you luck this year?

Lillian Too explains the importance of house orientation and offers some useful tips on how you can make the most of the year's energy cycle to improve your feng shui based on your house orientation.



There are essentially four axis orientations that are made up of eight facing directions. To update the feng shui of your house, you'll need a reliable compass and you'll need to take directions accurately. Stand at the front of your house, hold your compass at waist level, parallel to the ground, then read the facing direction on the compass. In feng shui, we rarely if ever "estimate" directions based on the sun... we must be accurate! If you live in a condominium, use the facing direction of the whole building to determine the facing direction, UNLESS you live above the ninth floor and there is a large balcony of picture window through which the chi enters. In this latter case, this is the facing direction, so you can take directions from inside your apartment.
North / South Orientation Houses

If your house is facing North or South, your house benefits from the dragon's chi energy because it is exclusively an East group house. It benefits those belonging to the East group KUA numbers. Unfortunately, 2006 is the year of the Dog, which clashes directly with the Dragon. It is thus necessary to strengthen the Dragon with water element energy.

If your house is facing North, place a water feature near the front door. The water should be moving. A flow of water appearing to move towards the entrance is excellent. This is especially suitable for 2006. Put your water feature in place before the first day of Chinese New Year. Get a water feature that has a dragon incorporated into the design to strengthen the symbolism of this celestial creature. Place another water feature at the back of the house. Note that the purpose of the water behind the house placed near the back door is to protect against the burglary affliction in the South.

If your house is facing South, do the same thing except that the water with the dragon should be at the back of the house near the back door, and at the front of the house, have another water feature to overcome the burglary star. If you like, you can also place a pair of rhinoceros or Pi Yao at the front of your house for added protection.

East / West Orientation Houses

Both East and West group energies affect houses that face either East or West. These houses are excellent for couples whose KUA numbers belong to different groups.

If your house faces East, it is sitting West, and you will need water at the front of the house. In the East, the energy of 2006 is ruled by water because of the number 1 which has flown here. This number is symbolic of water chi, so it is beneficial to place a water feature here. Once again, strengthen the Dragon of the East, as the animal of the year - the Dog - conflicts the Dragon. In addition to the water at the front of the house, it is vital to simultaneously place metal cures in all the important rooms as well as at the back. This is because the sitting direction of the house is West, which is afflicted by the dangerous wu wang or Five Yellow. It is necessary to use the five-element pagoda, all-metal six-rod windchime or luck-transforming fan to suppress the energies of the Five Yellow.

If your house is facing West, metal cures such as the five-element pagoda or luck-transforming fan need to be placed only around the foyer and near the front door. Here, the wu wang is afflicting the front part of the house, so this is where you need the metal energy. At the back of the house, it is an excellent idea to display a water feature to ensure the East (i.e. at the back) stays activated to bring you and your family good fortune.

Southeast / Northwest Orientation Houses

This orientation is an East and West group type of house, since SE is an East group direction and NW is a West group direction. In 2006, houses belonging to this axis direction enjoy the Peach Blossom star of romance and love, but are afflicted by the illness star.

If your house faces Southeast, the illness star is at the front and if there is a main door here, the constant opening and closing of the door will activate sickness energies unless you place strong yang metal energy here to exhaust the illness chi. You can choose from six-rod metal windchimes that come with a twelve horoscope coin (my favourite for overcoming illness stars) or you can place a brass 8 Immortals Wu Lou here.

Behind the house in the Northwest sector, make sure you do NOT have water here this year, as this can cause the patriarch to get involved with a predatory female outside the family. Externally focused romance luck can cause many problems and great unhappiness. If there is any danger of this in your family and this describes your orientation, I suggest you place fire energy here instead. Get a glitter lamp to place here to suppress infidelity inclinations that might arise. It is worthwhile to be careful.

If your house faces Northwest, you must make sure there are no water features in the front area of your house. If there is water here, Peach Blossom luck gets activated in a negative way, bringing only problems. The house is also sitting on the illness star, so aggravations and unhappiness could result. Instead of having water at the front, have a bright light or better yet, a glitter lamp. At the back of the house and in all the bedrooms, place a windchime or Wu Lou made of brass. You need metal energy to pervade your house in 2006 for family members to stay healthy through the year, but especially during the months of April 2006 and January 2007.

Southwest / Northeast Orientation Houses

This is a completelyWest group orientation and houses that face either Southwest or Northeast enjoy good fortune in 2006, as the energy is very much in synchronization with the elements of the year. Both directions benefit from auspicious stars.

If the house faces Southwest, residents benefit from a water feature here since this activates the indirect spirit of the Flying Star period of 8. In 2006, the star here signifies leadership and mentor luck, so placing earth energy here is beneficial. Keep the back of the house well lit to capture the good chi here.

If your house faces Northeast, placing fire energy at the front near the vicinity of the main door is excellent. In keeping with Period of 8 energy, it is also beneficial to symbolically energize the mountain here, since this is the direct spirit of the period. Placing several boulders here should be sufficient to energize the energy of the Northeast. The back of the house benefits from the presence of water to activate the indirect spirit of the period.

Owners of houses that enjoy this auspicious SW/NE orientation will benefit more if the energy of these homes are changed to Period of 8. These homes should undergo renovations so that the roof, the floor and the main door get rejuvenated through change and through a new coat of paint. The new energy which renovation brings to the house is awesome in terms of tapping good feng shui.

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