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Four Pillars

A Year When Lap Chun Goes Missing !

Lap Chun is the first day of spring in the Chinese Lunar Calendar. The Chinese believe if a New Year is to start without spring, this will denote a weak year ahead. Without spring to herald in the year, there will not be any significant growth, instead it looks like tough times are ahead.

So what does Lillian Too, the world’s most established feng shui writer, have to say? "Better to start everything BEFORE the New Year!"

Come take a closer look at the four pillars chart for 2005. In the Wood Rooster Year, we find that the fire and water elements are missing from the chart! No water means no wealth! Without fire, there’s no fame or glory either!

With the lack of water and fire elements, the energy needed to fuel growth in the coming year is practically non-existent! Thus, it won’t be a good year for businesses and commerce. Success and recognition will be hard to attain.

Even so, don’t let the poor year luck spoil your plans. Instead, use this time to focus on building foundations. For those starting up new enterprises, make sure your company has a solid base! If you are thinking of going for a new career, refine and strengthen your skills! Things may get frustrating at times as progress is slow. But remember, success is not achieved overnight. It may not be the time for immense growth or exciting gains, but always make the most of what you have.

And since you know what the year is lacking, enhance these energies yourself! Have water fountains and lots of lights placed at home and the office too.

From the chart, you will note that apart of the plenteous earth element, there are also metal and wood elements. Metal will exhaust the earth, while wood destroys it. This means that the earth energy is not very strong, resulting in possible mishaps associated with the land such as landslides or earthquakes. Earth is fuel on by the fire element. So it would be very wise to have your fire energy burning strong. Leave your lights on the whole night!

Also, the clash between metal and wood element in the year pillar suggests widespread violence and hostility throughout the year. As metal is further enhanced by the presence of earth element, this could result in accidents and natural disasters.

But hold on, there is good news in store too! With so much earth element (there are four) in the chart, this could bring about an increase in property and land values, making it very lucrative period for property owners.

On the whole, we should proceed with care in 2005 as the signs of instability are there. It’s better to lay low and leave risk taking for another year. Remember, apart from activating water and fire energy, another missing essential this New Year is Spring. So bring blooms into your home. Lots of it! Pussy willows, narcissus and lime trees are considered to be very auspicious indeed! Make your own Spring with all these fresh energy to welcome the Rooster Year!