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Four Pillars

The Four Pillars of the 911 Attack on WTC

by Master Raymond Lo

On 11th Sept. evening time in Melbourne, I am in my hotel room with friends, and we are chatting with the TV on, but the volume is turned down to almost silent mode. Suddenly something on the TV screen captures my attention. It is the picture of two tall buildings with heavy fire and smoke on top, like 2 large candles. Then I turn up the sound, and I am totally shocked by the terrible attack on the World Trade Center twin towers in New York.

The Chinese calendar is a calendar of elements. Any moment of time can be expressed in terms of four pairs of elements. Two elements for the Year, two for the Month, two for the Day and two for the Hour. We call this art the Four Pillars of Destiny. If the moment of time represents the birth data of a child, these elements will reflect his destiny. But if something really serious occurs at such a moment in time, the elements will paint a symbolic picture of what happened. In my previous article widely distributed on the internet, I have used 11.40 p.m. 14th April, 1912 - the moment when the Titanic clashed with the iceberg - to demonstrate that the Chinese calendar for this moment clearly showed the picture of a metal ship colliding with a floating mountain on the starboard side.

Now, the tragedy which occurred in New York at 0845 a.m. 11th September, 2001 is definitely a huge event in human history, so let us look up the Chinese calendar and see what shows up at that fateful moment in time. The following is the Four Pillars of elements obtained by converting the tragic moment into the Chinese calendar.


The elements appearing on top are called Heavenly Stems, and the elements underneath are called Earthly Branches. The calendar shows two yin fire elements standing on the Month and Day pillars. Yang Fire is symbol of the Sun, Yin fire is symbol of candle light. It is the more unstable and dangerous fire. So it is often associated with hot temper, explosion and fire disasters. The Chinese character for yin fire looks like a "T" and I often compare this "T" to the shape of a mushroom cloud resulted from a huge explosion. Indeed, I have observed that big explosions and fire disasters often occur on such a T day. An obvious example is the day 6th Aug. 1945 when the first atomic bomb fell on Hiroshima. This is also a T - a Yin fire day.

On 11th Sept. 2001, the Chinese calendar shows double T, so it is not just one tower, but 2 towers on fire. Exactly like 2 ignited candles. The attack took place at 8.45 a.m. which is a wood hour, and such wood ignited the double yin fire.

On the Year pillar, there is a metal element standing. On the Earthly Branches underneath, the animals we see are Snake, Rooster, and Ox. In Four Pillars of Destiny, the 12 animals have various kinds of inter-relationships. The Snake, Rooster and Ox belongs to the metal family and they can combine to form total metal. So the picture I see is a metal element under fire attack, and such metal element stood on a strong metal foundation. What is such strong metal to do with the twin towers? I realize it after reading some articles about the structure of these 2 buildings. They are actually made of plenty of steel which conduct the heat quickly down from the top, causing the metal to deform and melt. Such metal structural design is considered as the cause of the total collapse of both towers quickly after the attack.

So just as the Titanic elements clearly reflected the collision of the ship and the cause of serious casualty due to absence of heat (fire) on that day, the 11th Sept., 2001 elements also shows that the buildings are mostly made of metal so they collapse quickly. I find it really amazing!

The 911 event is a huge tragedy in human history and it is an event worthy of many studies from various angles. Just through looking at the Chinese calendar, we can find more indications. 2001 is a year of the yin metal Snake. So these pair of elements is obviously in focus this year. Indeed, the pair of elements actually pointed out the two most important persons of the year - President George W. Bush, born on 6th July, 1946 and Osama Bin Laden, born on 10th Mar. 1957. If you covert both gentlemen's birthday into the Chinese calendar, you will find they are born exactly on a day of Yin metal Snake! I may as well mention another person in focus this year - her photo has been all over the place the last 2 months - she is the famous Angelina Jolie and she was also born on a day of yin metal Snake!

In my forecast for 2002, the year of the Horse, published in the Chinese Almanac for 2002, I have predicted that "The Year of the Horse, 2002 ……fire sitting underneath its destroyer - water, is a symbol of disharmony and conflict and this may be serious and will lead to war…This could be the sign of a large scale war…It is not easy to pinpoint where the war will break out. But the feng shui of 2002 indicated that East is not a favorable position. So the trouble could involve the East." The Chinese calendar system goes in 60 years cycle. That means the world will experience the same pair of elements every 60 years. The Pearl Harbor attack occurred in 1941, sixty years ago. People are already comparing the WTC attack to Pearl Harbor. In 1942, the whole world was involved in the Second World War. So sixty years later 2002, we can expect the whole world will be in a world war also. But now it looks likely that it will be the whole world against terrorism, not countries fighting against each other.

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