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Four Pillars

Understanding the Four Pillars in Feng Shui

In Chinese fortune telling, it is of great importance what the Four Pillars reveals. The Four Pillars are quite simply the year, month, day and hour of your birth. Astrologers then calculate the element in which you were born under and whether it is yin or yang.

Now each and every one of your pillars correspond to two elements which is why they are given the names 'heavenly stem' and 'earthly branch'. As there are Four Pillars and two elements for each pillar, there would be a total of eight elements but there is bound to be one element that is missing or lacking and enhancing this missing element is what strengthens an individual's Feng Shui.

Calculating one's personal Four Pillars is something that requires experience as it is a very complicated process. Well known Chinese astrologers have been known to use computers to decipher these intricate calculations so as not to make a mistake which may prove costly to the client's well being or the astrologer's reputation.

And because not everyone has an opportunity to meet in person with these astrologers, Lillian recommendation that you energize all the five elements in your home to be sure you are getting the perfect balance of yin and yang. After all the ultimate aim of Feng Shui is to get all the elements in sufficient doses so that yin and yang hit a perfect balance to harmonize your home. So start learning about what element goes in which sector from the charts and get a compass to help you see where all the sectors go. Good Luck!