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Four Pillars

Chinese Luck Prediction

The Chinese believe that everyone's life is governed by five factors, and these are:

  1. Our FATE as revealed in our paht chee charts, our palms and our faces.
  2. Our LUCK which makes an appearance at different phases of our life
  3. Our FENG SHUI  the influence of our living abodes and work places
  4. Our CHARACTER how we behave and respond to opportunities
  5. Our WISDOM i.e. our education, attitude and understanding of life.

These manifest our heaven, earth and mankind luck, known as tien, ti ren. Heaven luck is what we bring into this world at birth. Being born human is already regarded as extreme good fortune, but the pattern of our life is coloured by a range of luck situations that appear at different times of our life span. Heaven luck reveals our destiny at birth, and this comprises what we are born with i.e. our intellect, physical attributes and personality. Look on this as the raw material we are blessed with, for it includes abilities, attitudes, special skills and aptitudes.

LILLIAN TOO offers an introduction to CHINESE LUCK PREDICTION using the paht chee charts, and makes clear some common confusions and fallacies

Three Methods Of Luck Prediction

The Chinese have long possessed the skills to read destiny and to make luck predictions using birth data, lines on the hand and features of the face. The quality and quantity of our attributes are revealed in these methods of luck prediction. Of the three methods, it is the birth data that reveals the most amount of information in respect to making predictions of the turning points in our lives, the major events, the upheavals and the lucky breaks. So learning paht chee is almost as useful as learning feng shui, and indeed, correct paht chee inputs complements feng shui incredibly well.

Paht Chee Chart

Paht chee charts are created based on the four pillars of a persona's birth data and these are the year, month, day and hour of birth. These four pieces of information generates two elements each, comprising the heavenly stem and the earthly branch of each pillar. Thus, there are eight characters generated from the four pillars of birth data.

To date, almost all professional courses and workshops on paht chee analysis comprise two sections. The first section which usually makes up about 60 to 70 percent of any course is spent learning how to cast the paht chee chart and corresponding luck pillars using the Chinese thousand year HSIA calendar. This part of the exercise is a laborious process, requiring a great deal of calculations and references to the calendar. The margin of error at this stage is very high when the process is hand-calculated. It is for this reason that I was always wary of the Hong Kong paht chee experts who calculated my chart using only their reference tables. I knew instinctively that if the chart was not properly drawn up that the readings given to me were sure to be wrong.

In any case, I was always more interested in the part of the learning that was devoted to the interpretation of the chart and the luck pillars. In today's computer age, the first part of the paht chee exercise has now been reduced to a software program, which is easily written. So there are now several internet websites, including that of, from where anyone can download their personalized paht chee chart and luck pillars for free. Which thus leaves mainly the interpretation part of the learning process.

The Chinese Tung Shu is a fabulous source of incredibly interesting indications of destiny,
but what is contained in here are different from the four pillars of destiny used in Chinese luck prediction

What The Chart Reveals

The paht chee chart reveals a mountain of information when accurately drawn up. But it must be correctly read and correctly interpreted if it is to be of any use.

From the paht chee, you can find answers to many questions. These questions can range from whether you will be rich, and if so, when it will materialize. You can also check when you can get married, get a child, find a job and so forth so information relating to wealth and success potential, to the good and bad periods of a life span, and to career and professional prospects can all be investigated.

The paht chee chart is also an excellent tool for investigating compatibility between people and for determining the best strategic timing of important decisions. It reveals major turning points of one's life. Thus, just as in feng shui, it is a living skill that enables anyone to participate actively in transforming his or her destiny.

How is this done?

Knowing how to access and analyze your paht chee enables you to become involved in adjusting the balance of elements that rule your destiny. You can determine your good and bad periods and by simply adjusting your surroundings, you can transform those potentially harmful periods into neutral times, and good periods into times of achievement of a stellar magnitude.

This is the most compelling of reasons for learning the paht chee reading skill.

With practice, almost anyone can become adept at reading paht chee charts. It is a skill that can be learnt. How much of your own instincts you add to the process differs from person to person. But deep within every human individual are powerful psychic abilities that lie embedded and asleep until they get awakened with use.

Once surfaced, our higher instincts will become increasingly stronger. This is what I have discovered, that the more I practise feng shui and the more I refer to paht chee analysis, the sharper my instincts seem to become over the years. This is because I become more aware of my surroundings. In the process, I find myself developing more sensitivity to the energy around me.

I also found that destiny is only one part of the equation of life; there is also the input of one's actions and the influence of one's attitudes. When we are powerful and passionate enough about wanting to transform our lives, we can usually transform our destinies. Fate is only one fifth of how our future pans out. Success, health, wealth or happiness are abstractions. How much or how little we have of each depends on ourselves. In the same way, how much is enough for us is also up to us. In the end it is what we make of what is given to us that decides the direction and quality of our life.

The ability to make luck predictions and to practise feng shui is for us to improve ourselves and make good decisions. These are living skills that aid us. Just like learning to drive, to read, to write, to count, to help people they make life more pleasant.

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The following article is taken from "Feng Shui World (July/August 2004)".
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