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Four Pillars

Stars in Your Chart

Paht Chee expert Phillip Lim makes destiny reading fun, awesome and exciting with each issue as he starts his column here to help you look for the “stars” in your birth chart. This issue he focuses attention on the Star of the Nobleman. Log on to our sister website and click on the Four Pillars Calculator to retrieve your very own personal birth chart to see if YOU have this incredibly powerful star… If you do, read how you can activate it … and if you don’t, read how you can “simulate” a replacement star to bring you benefits of having it.

The Four Pillars of Destiny contain a basket of 8 elements that has become the premier method of Chinese fortune forecasting. It is a technique you can use to read how much and what kind of heaven luck you are born with; it is in effect a map of your life luck and, used in conjunction with Feng Shui practice, can bring extremely good results for those wanting to strengthen their good luck. Knowing your potential is the key to unlocking the best within you.

Reading your personal birth chart, the most important thing to take note of is to create a good balance of five elements. This is the key to achieving a lucky life. In addition, it is also good for there to be auspicious interaction between the heavenly stems and earthly branches of the charts i.e. the top and bottom rows of “elements”. Note that each of the characters of the four squares above and four squares below represent one of five elements – Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. The eight elements unlock a great deal of information about your life. You can read your wealth and success potential from the elements and get a very accurate assessment of exactly when your most successful years will be.

There are 18 stars, and 5 clashes or penalties that will affect the quality of your life.

Of the 18 stars in the chart, 10 can be both lucky as well as unlucky, depending on the strength of your self-element, as well as whether there are other stars in your chart. The remaining 8 stars bring the potential of great good fortune.

In this issue, we focus on one of the most fortunate and auspicious stars to be found in the Four Pillars chart – the Star of the Nobleman.

According to the old texts on Four Pillars, the presence of the Star of the Nobleman signifies someone who enjoys a life of great comfort, power and wealth. No matter what your family background or at what level you start adult life, you are certain to at some point, enjoy the easy life of a “Nobleman”. The presence of this star also means that in your life, there will always be someone powerful or some life-transforming event that acts as the development point which opens the flood gates to great success.

Having this star in your chart is considered to be very lucky. You will have some kind of inborn ability to turn an adverse situation into a most beneficial one. Unfortunate events which you have to cope with will have a silver lining that opens the door to good things that materialize in the later part of your life. This star indicates helpful people who come into your life with excellent advice, giving you meaningful assistance and great guidance that will improve and enhance your status. Indeed, the Chinese Name for this star “Tian Yi Gui Ren”…“Helpful Lord from Heaven provides assistance” is the closest translation of the meaning of the Star of the Nobleman.

When the effects of this star fully materializes, you will begin to act and react like a true nobleman, standing brave and facing any adversity with a confidence that reveals your strong tenacity and will to succeed. People are supportive of your ideas and goals, and therefore it means you are certain to be well-liked in your own community. This star is an invaluable asset if you wish to participate in politics, as it can bring you a great deal of success in the political arena.

If you do have this great star in your chart, you should enhance the element that creates it for your chart. If you do not have it, you can simulate the Nobleman’s presence in your life by checking your self-element and then carrying the Animal Sign which creates the Star of the Nobleman in your life.

HELPFUL HINT: From the table below, check and see if your chart has this star in your birth chart. Activate your Nobleman Star by wearing the animal sign which creates the Nobleman for you. E.g. if your self-element is Yang Wood, carrying an Ox or a Sheep will simulate and activate the star of the Nobleman! Or better yet, marry someone who belongs to the sign that indicates the presence of the Nobleman.

For example, if you have Yang Wood as your self-element, and either the Ox or Sheep in your Year Pillar, then you possess the Star of the Nobleman. And in the years of either the Ox or Sheep, you will enjoy in full measure the effects of this star.

And if the element of the Nobleman Animal is beneficial to your self-element, the effects are further multiplied.

If your self-element is Yang Wood, but you were NOT born in either the year of the Ox or Sheep, then in the years of the Ox or Sheep, you gain some of the attributes of this star.

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The following article is taken from the "Feng Shui World (July/August 2012)". To subscribe, please click here.