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I also have been wondering if based on my chart if real estate is something I should become more seriously involved with and is "lucky" in my chart. I do enjoy real estate flipping and also seeing them as good investments to purchase and hold or to rent for passive income streams.

I look forward to hearing from you should you have the time to do so. Thank you very much!

23.7.1976 (male)
Purple Star Astrology Tue, 15 May 2018 08:32:15 +0800
Subject: Kitchen - by: krissiew83 https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/23-others/40230-kitchen#40230 https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/23-others/40230-kitchen#40230 It will be facing NE and oven mouth opening towards SW.
Or should I put it facing SE and oven door opening facing NW.
The kitchen is a u shape. Hope someone can help.]]>
Others Mon, 14 May 2018 18:05:31 +0800
Subject: Analyse Ba Zi - by: k3vvie https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/10-four-pillars/40222-analyse-ba-zi#40222 https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/10-four-pillars/40222-analyse-ba-zi#40222
31 August 1983, 1752 Hrs, Singapore, Male.

can reply to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if possible.

Thanks in advance.]]>
Four Pillars Sun, 13 May 2018 17:17:37 +0800
Subject: Bro Koi, Seeking Advice on life - by: k3vvie https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/11-purple-star-astrology/40221-bro-koi-seeking-advice-on-life#40221 https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/11-purple-star-astrology/40221-bro-koi-seeking-advice-on-life#40221
Seems v lost lately. Careers not smooth, wealth not accumulating. Need advice

Born 31 Aug 1983, 1752 Hrs. Male. SG]]>
Purple Star Astrology Sun, 13 May 2018 17:14:32 +0800
Subject: Am i a strong or weak DM? - by: Sung28 https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/10-four-pillars/40216-am-i-a-strong-or-weak-dm#40216 https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/10-four-pillars/40216-am-i-a-strong-or-weak-dm#40216 At 21:35,
I'm confused abt my DM strength.
Can any one tell?

Four Pillars Sat, 12 May 2018 13:07:33 +0800
Subject: Hi Master KoiFish, need u to help me on this chart - by: AhBoy90 https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/11-purple-star-astrology/40215-hi-master-koifish-need-u-to-help-me-on-this-chart#40215 https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/11-purple-star-astrology/40215-hi-master-koifish-need-u-to-help-me-on-this-chart#40215 Somehow i think i belong to this chart. Sorry to bother u again

Purple Star Astrology Sat, 12 May 2018 11:06:23 +0800
Subject: Coming LP clash - by: jwhite997 https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/10-four-pillars/40213-coming-lp-clash#40213 https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/10-four-pillars/40213-coming-lp-clash#40213
I read somewhere that my next LP will not be as auspicious as my current one. Is it because of zi mao clash with year pillar? What should I expect? Since year pillar is associated with grandparents, it should not affect me?

Four Pillars Sat, 12 May 2018 03:02:58 +0800
Subject: Re: 2xu dog on mountain - by: RapaNui https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/21-feng-shui-placement/40212-re-2xu-dog-on-mountain#40212 https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/21-feng-shui-placement/40212-re-2xu-dog-on-mountain#40212
Fu Dogs come in pairs – a male and a female. The male Fu Dog holds a globe under his right paw, symbolizing domain and protection of his home. The female holds a cub under her left paw, signifying maternal protective instincts.

Fu dogs are mostly used outdoors as if they’re guarding the main entrance of a place of importance. Their majestic presence usually give pause to anyone who is about to enter.

Fu Dogs should be placed right outside your front door. The female Fu Dog should be placed to the left and the male to the right when you’re looking from the outside towards your front door.
(from: fengshuinexus.com/blog/feng-shui-product...ning-use-placements/ - the best page about the placement of FS items)
Feng Shui Placement Fri, 11 May 2018 16:08:46 +0800
Subject: 2xu dog on mountain - by: krissiew83 https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/28-poll-suggestion/40211-2xu-dog-on-mountain#40211 https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/28-poll-suggestion/40211-2xu-dog-on-mountain#40211 POLL Suggestion Thu, 10 May 2018 12:21:30 +0800 Subject: Bro Koi Fish, can you kindly help to give advise - by: benzene79 https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/11-purple-star-astrology/40204-bro-koi-fish-can-you-kindly-help-to-give-advise#40204 https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/11-purple-star-astrology/40204-bro-koi-fish-can-you-kindly-help-to-give-advise#40204
Are you able to help on my ZWDS?

Birthday: 11 Sept 1979
Male, Singapore
Time: 01:36 (GMT +8)

I would to know about my love life and marriage.
Am currently single.
Your advise and guidance is very much appreciated.

Thank you very much in advance!]]>
Purple Star Astrology Mon, 07 May 2018 20:49:32 +0800
Subject: Balancing an Excess Yang Water Chart - by: Bia33 https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/10-four-pillars/40203-balancing-an-excess-yang-water-chart#40203 https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/10-four-pillars/40203-balancing-an-excess-yang-water-chart#40203
I need some advice on my chart. I have a very watery chart and I've been feeling out of place and inbalanced, spacy, moldy? senstive, too restless or too low energy, with ups&downs almost all my life. I have the feeling of losing myself in outside world and the inner world also...professions, relationships, spiritually interests..whatever I start and do out of inspiration. It feels unfulfilling, like building sand castles..or spreading around my soul into the world in million small pieces. My world periodically falls apart, as I'm not allowed to rest too much..and yet..not too fast. The speed makes me confused.

I worked in Tech and Banking business with big teams and complex challenges, strategic thinking. I want to switch to psychology, education, astrology, spirituality and art, creative writting...maybe NGO. I'm still not sure how to handle the switch and how to balance all these in a way that can chill me, ground me, stabilize me and make me feel safe and happy to bland into life's joys and blessings.

I need ideas on suitable choices for finding inner balance and fullfillment..

Please check it:

Year: Self Ren +Water Xu + Earth Dog Wu 7 Killings
Month: Sibling Gui -Water Chou -Earth Cow Ji Officer
Day: Strong Ren +Water Zi +Water Rat Gui Sibling
Hour: Wealth Ding -Fire Wei -Earth Goat Ji Officer

Date: 24 January 1983, 14:30 PM, Romania, Europe

Thanks a lot
Four Pillars Mon, 07 May 2018 02:15:04 +0800
Subject: Wu wang star - by: krissiew83 https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/8-flying-star-feng-shui/40201-wu-wang-star#40201 https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/8-flying-star-feng-shui/40201-wu-wang-star#40201 Flying Star Feng Shui Sat, 05 May 2018 08:18:01 +0800 Subject: Renovations - by: krissiew83 https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/23-others/40199-renovations#40199 https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/23-others/40199-renovations#40199 Others Fri, 04 May 2018 17:18:04 +0800 Subject: Feng shui ruler measurements. Hope someone can hel - by: krissiew83 https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/28-poll-suggestion/40192-feng-shui-ruler-measurements-hope-someone-can-hel#40192 https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/28-poll-suggestion/40192-feng-shui-ruler-measurements-hope-someone-can-hel#40192 I would like to know amongst all that we study in feng shui, how important is it to get measurements right when buying furniture/ baths ect... all things we can purchase. Does this affect our chi energy.]]> POLL Suggestion Thu, 03 May 2018 09:55:23 +0800 Subject: Strength of direct officer - by: jwhite997 https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/10-four-pillars/40179-strength-of-direct-officer#40179 https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/10-four-pillars/40179-strength-of-direct-officer#40179 I think my Yong shen in the month pillar is DO (direct officer). Is that correct?
How does one determine the strength of my direct officer?
Four Pillars Mon, 30 Apr 2018 23:30:15 +0800
Subject: Hallway & mirror placement help - by: K-low https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/21-feng-shui-placement/40172-hallway-mirror-placement-help#40172 https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/21-feng-shui-placement/40172-hallway-mirror-placement-help#40172
I live in an apartment with a long hallway. At the end of the hallway is a 4-foot tall cabinet and a gold-wood frame mirror above it (about 24" x 30"). The door is on the South side and the mirror is on the north wall. I am a Kua 2. I am a strong Ji earth Rooster.

Is it terrible feng shui to have a mirror there? Is there something that I should place on the cabinet to help? I know fire is not good for me, so no candle. How about a bamboo plant, a metal frog or something? Should I get a fish? Any advice would be great. THANK YOU!!]]>
Feng Shui Placement Mon, 30 Apr 2018 11:32:31 +0800
Subject: Can bad element become Useful God? - by: zitronentee https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/10-four-pillars/40170-can-bad-element-become-useful-god#40170 https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/10-four-pillars/40170-can-bad-element-become-useful-god#40170
Lately I learn deeper about Bazi and touch the subject of Useful God.
My DOB 14 march 1984 at 07:40AM

Hour Day Month Year
Jia Ding Ding Jia
Chen Wei Mao Zi

Wood (Resource) is extremely excessive, especially because of half combination of Wei and Mao.
Fire (self) is medium strength, probably not enough to burn Resources.
Earth (output) is weak, especially because of pressure from Resource.
Metal is completely absent.
Water (power) is almost negligible because it's being absorbed by Wood.

Now, at first I thought Metal would be my lucky element. But since it is absent, I cannot use it as Useful God.

Then I thought my Earth would be a better candidate of Useful God, but since it is very weak and need to counter wood, it need Fire to burn Wood and produce Earth..

But, if I decide Fire is my Useful God to burn wood/resources, then Daymaster is overly strong, although with fire, my Bazi chart would be warmer.

My question :

1. Are lcky element, favorable element and Useful God the same?
2. Is my Useful God Ding Fire or Wu Earth?

Thank you.]]>
Four Pillars Mon, 30 Apr 2018 05:22:42 +0800
Subject: Direct and indirect spirit - by: krissiew83 https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/8-flying-star-feng-shui/40164-direct-and-indirect-spirit#40164 https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/8-flying-star-feng-shui/40164-direct-and-indirect-spirit#40164 Flying Star Feng Shui Sat, 28 Apr 2018 17:52:09 +0800 Subject: Need Help to analyse bazi - by: Bahee https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/10-four-pillars/40153-need-help-to-analyse-bazi#40153 https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/10-four-pillars/40153-need-help-to-analyse-bazi#40153 TIA

Four Pillars Fri, 27 Apr 2018 11:52:19 +0800
Subject: Help with bazi interpretation PLEASE? - by: C-dog https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/10-four-pillars/40150-help-with-bazi-interpretation-please#40150 https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/10-four-pillars/40150-help-with-bazi-interpretation-please#40150
Will he be successful? How about his love life? Is he good in relationships?

THANK YOU very much!!]]>
Four Pillars Fri, 27 Apr 2018 01:10:23 +0800
Subject: Weak Day Master doomed? - by: Dragonfly27 https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/10-four-pillars/40145-weak-day-master-doomed#40145 https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/10-four-pillars/40145-weak-day-master-doomed#40145
After reading many post on bazi, it seems that a weak dm is at a disadvantage when compared to a strong dm. Is that true?

Because it seems that when the dm is weak, it will need support from companion/ resource. However if both are missing, then does it mean the dm is doomed?

Because he won't be able to handle a strong influence, a strong output or control wealth element.

Furthermore a weak dm can only take support from 2 elements and the other 3 elements are unfavorable. Am I right? Whereas a strong dm takes support from 3 elements (output, influence, wealth) and only has 2 unfavorable elements.

Please feel free to tell me I'm wrong!]]>
Four Pillars Thu, 26 Apr 2018 10:50:30 +0800
Subject: Unsure if amulet can be used - by: Merope https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/23-others/40140-unsure-if-amulet-can-be-used#40140 https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/23-others/40140-unsure-if-amulet-can-be-used#40140
I am a beginner in Feng Shui, and have just purchased my first amulet. I was very excited so the let down was even greater when I received the amulet in a not so very good state. I am not sure if I can use it, if it will still have effect, or if it is indeed flawed and I should return it. I have some pictures, you can see what the tail part of the elephant has a flaw in the metal. Also the metal attachment ring has some dark spots which bother.
In general what are acceptable flaws (if any), how perfect does an amulet/remedy need to be so it can be used?

Others Wed, 25 Apr 2018 22:10:14 +0800
Subject: Recommended Feng Shui Master Singapore - by: mohammedyusri https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/21-feng-shui-placement/40137-recommended-feng-shui-master-singapore#40137 https://www.wofs.com/index.php/forum/21-feng-shui-placement/40137-recommended-feng-shui-master-singapore#40137 Feng Shui Placement Wed, 25 Apr 2018 15:26:03 +0800