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8 mansions and House Feng Shui Formula
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TOPIC: 8 mansions and House Feng Shui Formula

8 mansions and House Feng Shui Formula 7 years, 1 month ago #4674

  • Amatyst
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Hi, I am new to Feng Shui. I have read several books about Feng Shui (Lillian Too). However I am still confused whether to use one or another formula. I live in a small apartment and do not enter my apartment through the main door, but the main door of the whole building. Due to the irregular structure of the apartment, not only the foyer has a missing space but the northeast of the living room which is the education corner (window) as well.
My husband is working hard to finish his research to obtain his phd, but finds it hard to concentrate. Finding a job with his skills and experience has been the ultimate challenge. I have been trying to enroll in the University in order to finish the last stage of my studies, but still I have not been able to come up with the money to pay the admission fee.
Since the beginning of our marriage we have been confronting troubles with my family in law. The cousins of my husband trying every single chance to spread negative gossip to diminish his chances to obtain his dream job. Because of the inheritances of assets, my family in law conspired with people of influence to negatively affect my husband’s reputation. Therefore I implied cures based on the Feng Shui Literature, keeping my apartment very clean. Nevertheless I still feel the presence of their jealousy and envy. Recently I have been reading about house Feng Shui. To benefit of the 8 mansions formula it is better to start with the main door of the
whole building and then enhance the cures for the auspicious house directions. I am very concerned about my marriage and my husband’s career. Please help me out, as I desperately need a flow of chi and change. I am a horse born in the 1978 and my husband is a rabbit born in 1975.

Re:8 mansions and House Feng Shui Formula 6 years, 11 months ago #6679

  • lady moon
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Tell me about your apartment. What floor of the building is your apartment on? Does it have a large window or balcony? You are very smart to keep the apartment very clean and it should be pleasant place to be - welcoming and comfortable.
Do not dwell on your inlaws as it will cause striff in your marriage. Focus on your life with your husband; first his studies, and then yours as to reduce the stress on the family finances. Answer the aboue questions and we will talk more.

lady moon

Re:8 mansions and House Feng Shui Formula 6 years, 10 months ago #7205

  • Saphora
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It is sad to hear your story about the family Gossip.

Someone who has a Phd has already a good start with his life. The future is still yours. The future is still young; there are many roads to travel.

It is bad Qi-year that you both have received. That is good news, because after the rain the sun will shine into your life.

Both of you have already a good start with the education; this is the main Foundation of life also the main Qi of life.

Just be calm, the good Qi-energy will come, maybe one day with your FS knowledge you will live in a very good FS house. Then the future and career are in your hands.

Till then just keep everything yang, and clean. Make your apartment looks spacious.

- The room where he studies, keeps it like a library.
- Increasing his knowledge sector, separated for the noisy TV for example.

His studies is your investment, sure it will grow one day.

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