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A confusing in 8 mansion theory
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TOPIC: A confusing in 8 mansion theory

A confusing in 8 mansion theory 7 years, 3 months ago #3211

  • sodany
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I am crazy now when I started to arrange my bed room this year by using the 8 mansion theory.
I located by bed room in NW sector of my house cause want to tap good yearly energy in this sector for this year. But my bed can only point to West direction which is not a good direction for the year ahead. So, what will be the effects when location is good but pointing direction is bad? What should I do?

please help me.

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Re:A confusing in 8 mansion theory 7 years, 3 months ago #3212

  • Bernard154
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Hi Sodany,

Looks like you a bit confuse in your theory of 8 Mansions and Flying Stars. You said you want to tap the good qi in the NW sector, I believe you are referring to Flying Stars method because prosperity Star 8 fly to NW this year. Star 9, the future prosperity star fly to the West sector, so not bad except that the 3 Killings is there.

For 3 killings you can face them but not with your back facing them and keep the area quiet and no renovation for this year. I don't see a problem sleeping with your head pointing to the West.

Re:A confusing in 8 mansion theory 7 years, 3 months ago #3218

  • Devadog
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As Bernard wrote, your post is unclear whether you have a question with 8 Mansions or some other method.
8 Mansions depends on your house's sitting direction and your personal kua (based on year of birth and gender). Without those pieces of info, no one can advise you on 8 Mansions.)

So whether NW room is a good one for the house and whether West is good or bad direction for you we cannot say.

As Bernard wrote, this year Flying Star method puts the annual 8 star in the NW. Whether this is really helpful for you we cannot say without information on the house, its surroundings, date of construction, etc. It's not bad, though

For those who assume that the sector with 8 is magically good: in this month that is about to begin there are 8-8 in the NW. Let us know if you become wealthy or not! You'd expect that everyone with their main door or bedroom or office in NW would be a winner I don't think we'll see that happen though
Don't despair. The situation may not be nearly as bad as you think. -- I urge thoughtful analysis before making big changes. Yet I am not a practitioner and do not want your business. Find someone who is well trained near you

Re:A confusing in 8 mansion theory 7 years, 3 months ago #3235

  • sodany
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Oh gods, that seem a big mistake, right?

When I checked my kau number, it says I am a west group. I am a 30 rooster woman.
my house just finished on 2005, facing East, with 4 bedrooms in SW, E and SE, NE, and NW.

But that all the square room, which the bed can point only to the main direction.
That is my problem, because my bed can only point to the main direction which is not my good even though the location is ok.

I don't know, what should I do?

Please give some advices.


Re:A confusing in 8 mansion theory 7 years, 3 months ago #3392

  • lady moon
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If you are using 8 mansions, you can also apply the theory to each room. So can you bed be in the best sector
it you apply 8 mansion to the bed room? If not, use one of you other good directions.

Re: A confusing in 8 mansion theory 5 years, 3 months ago #18940

  • redart
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Hi Lady moon,
Sorry to come in here but May I ask- since I too have a similar problem-when we apply 8 Mansions theory to the individual bedroom do we use the general positive directions of the home in the room or do we have to take the individual bedrooms facing direction to calculate the 4 good locations?
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