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Natal chart flying stars for a house facing N3 P8
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TOPIC: Natal chart flying stars for a house facing N3 P8

Natal chart flying stars for a house facing N3 P8 1 year, 6 months ago #35530

Hi Guys,

I would like to have your opinion about the natal chart of my house and my cures.

Me : GUA 4
My wife : GUA 3
House : GUA 9
House Period : 8 (main door was changed after 2004)

Our main door is placed in north sector facing north 3.

South (8 - sitting star) 3 (main) (8 - facing star) : my goal was to activate the auspicious facing (water) star in order to activate good fortune. As we are in south sector, I didn't place a water feature here but I powered ON my Hi-Fi (all day and all night long) to activate this star. I regularly open the window in this sector and we use the south sector to eat (we spend a lot of time there after our job)

North (7) 4 (9) : as we are in north sector, I placed an aquarium there to activate north sector and facing star 9. This is the sector where our main door is too.

Southwest (6) 5 (1) : this is the sector where facing star 1 is. I activated this star with an aquarium and it's also the home office of my wife. I placed an aquarium there because she can't spend a lot of time there, she works outside the house for his main job.

West (1) 6 (6) : it's the sector where I placed my home office who is the office of my company too. This sector is already activated by my daily job (I spent +- 10 or 11 hours a day in it and I received clients there too). I used a metal lamp on my office desk and placed some metal decorations in my office, I also moved my water fountain out of this sector. For the placement of my office desk, I placed it in south sector of my office to face north. The door of my office is in southeast sector facing south.

West is also our bedroom, we keep it as quiet as possible in order to activate mountain star 1. I also keep curtains down a little bit.
We are sleeping in south direction.

Southeast (4) 7 (3) : it's where the kitchen is. The stove buttons facing west which is bad for us, we ordered a new stove with buttons facing south. Here, I placed a burning perfume fed by a small candle to deactivate facing star 3. It burns all day long, for the night I turn ON a red light and I turn off the candle. We also have a secondary door here but we try to dont use it anymore (we use a big door window in the south to go out in our backyard).

Northwest : missing (I placed a rond metal table outside there in order to compensate for this missing setcor

Northeast (9) 2 (7) : we dont use this sector for now but I placed some metal stuff there to fight 5 yellow. 5 yellow flight in south sector next year and we plan to eat in the northeast sector in order to keep south as quiet as possible. As we will activate facing star 7 while eating in this sector, I plan to place a red light here to fight facing star 7 as water feature is yang and also activate the water star.

East (5) 6 (2) : my main concern as this is our living room. As we also spend a lot of time there, facing star 2 is activated but east sector is also a wood sector (wood destroys the earth). We have some plants there. I should placed metal stuff there to deactivate facing star 2 but I know that metal is not good in east because metal destroys wood ...

What's your thought about my understanding of natal chart flying stars ?

Did I well done ?

I know that external forms are crucials. There are forms around our house but I cant says if they are good or not (I think they are good but I'm not sure). Back is higher than the front and the sides are more higher like if we were embrace by small mountains.
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Re: Natal chart flying stars for a house facing N3 P8 1 year, 6 months ago #35564

  • gautam.rao
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Can u post ur house floor to scale with the degrees at main door facing. The house facing' the present sleeping position , the stove location and direction. As well as rthe external envinormen like the road, richer pond' smiming pool mountain, buildings or the Google map link.

If u r not able to send all these, then my advice after 2 Feb 2017. It is better to avoid using the south. Part of your House. .due to the annual 5 at south.
Keep Smiling

Re: Natal chart flying stars for a house facing N3 P8 1 year, 6 months ago #35603

Hi gautam.rao

This my floorplan.

We are sleeping in West mansion, above my office. When we are sleeping, our heads are in south direction.

Stove is placed in SE mansion of the house, the small part of the kitchen but buttons are placed on the west side (not good for us). We just ordered a new one with buttons facing south.

You can see my house here : www.instantstreetview.com/@50.434196,5.325195,203.75h,2.79p,1z

On Google Street View, we were not owner yet.
We are owner since September 2016. In front of the house, the shrubs on the left no longer exist.


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