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Advice for 2014 year of the Horse
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TOPIC: Advice for 2014 year of the Horse

Advice for 2014 year of the Horse 3 years, 8 months ago #21791

  • zero8
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Year of the Horse is here.
Any advice from feng shui experts here about things like where is Thai Sui, 5 Yellows etc and how to go about it using flying star technique.

Thanks and wishing everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

May all be well.

Re: Advice for 2014 year of the Horse 3 years, 8 months ago #21807

  • mukhtar
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Dear Zero8 and for other forum members,

Here is a simple piece of advice with an example.

Here I take 2 animals into consideration. The Dog and the Lion. (Not Chinese Zodiac Signs). The Dog is a faithful animal and it guards your house and the Lion is a ferocious animal and it eats you. The Good star is like a Dog and the bad star is like a Lion. If the dog sleeps then the thieves rob your house. If the Lion sleeps then you are safe, and if it wakes up it kills you. So the Dog should never sleep and the Lion should always sleep.

In the same way the Dog or Good star should never sleep, It means it should always be activated or the place should be more used to keep the Dog awake or the Good star active. In the same way again the Lion or Bad star should always sleep, It means it should always be de-activated or the place should not be more used to keep the Lion or the Bad star asleep or inactive.

A place which is used more, the energy is active and effective there, whereas a place which is used less there the energy is inactive, dull or ineffective. So use the place more where the Good stars are located in this year and use the place less where the Bad stars are located in this year.


The three killing is located in North in 2014. It is not good to keep your back towards it. Face it if you are a East group person.

The Tai Su or Grand Duke of Jupiter is located in South and digging or renovation should be avoided in this direction. Do not face this direction rather sit with your back towards it to keep the Tai Su happy.

Sui Po is located in North this year 2014. It is always opposite the Tai Su in any year. Again no digging or renovation in this sector.
Some teachers recommend that if you have to make any renovations in both Tai su or Sui Po directions compulsorily, then place a Pi Yao in South and Six hollow metal chime in North and start your renovation work. Some teachers recommend a good date as per almanac and also to start digging work from a direction where the good stars are located and end at a place where the Bad stars are located.

No placement of water in Northeast till 2024.

Yearly Stars in 2014.
Argument star................3 in Southeast....(Wealth Sector)
Prosperity star................8 in South..........(Fame Sector) Also Primary wealth sector
Intellectual star...............1 in Southwest...(Marriage Sector) Also future prosperity star
Sickness star..................2 in East............(Elders Sector)
Education/Romance star..4 in Center.........(Complete house Sector)
Authority star..................6 in West...........(Children/Creativity Sector)
Injury star......................7 in Northeast.....(Education Sector)
Celebration star..............9 in North...........(Career Sector) Also Secondary wealth sector
Misfortune star...............5 in Northwest.....(Mentor/Help Sector)

The good sectors in this year 2014 are South, Southwest, Center, West and North. (The good stars are located here. Keep this area active)
The bad sectors in this year 2014 are Southeast, East, Northeast and Northwest. (The bad stars are located here. Keep this area less active)

Salt cures possibly in East and Northwest. Metal as cure in Northwest is OK, but avoid in East.
No Red, Orange, Pink and violet colors (Fire element colors) in East and Northwest.

Argument is never a cure for solving problem ( It brings in more ego nature). Patience and more Cool and Humble communications between two persons always reaches towards a better solution without wasting time. Remember Life is made up of time from birth to death. Time wasted cannot be brought back. So communicate more than argue.

Most effected is Rat sign person. This Sign person should avoid new projects like opening ceremony of self shop, house, marriage etc as this is a clash year for him.

Hope so these hints help you all.

Never lose hope, Hope is your survival power.
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Re: Advice for 2014 year of the Horse 3 years, 7 months ago #21943

  • k.nguyen99
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Hi Mukhtar and everyone;

Your sound advices are reasonable.

If anyone with Rat animal sign, he/she needs to beware of Tai Sui by carrying the Pi Yao bracelets or Pi Yao keychain to subdue the clash of the Rat with the Tai Sui of the Year which is Horse. In addition, if anyone wants to use the salt cure, you guys should be checked back in a week or so to see how it's going on since the salt cure is very strong cure which may effects or destroyed the eight aspiration location. Again, just make sure using the cure for Flying Star must pay attention on how it will interact with another formula such as the Eight Aspiration.
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Re: Advice for 2014 year of the Horse 3 years, 7 months ago #21970

  • Rio Soe
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Thanks Mukhtar,

Here's my humble questions, do you mean active area including area where I put TV/laptop/fan? Since I live in a small studio I always get confused to rearrange my things based on flying star rule.

Thank you

Re: Advice for 2014 year of the Horse 3 years, 7 months ago #21983

  • LadyDay
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I am curious to know about the 8 Aspirations method. I am not familiar with this. I am familiar with salt water cures as I have placed one in the #5 area (flying star) for this year.


Are there any other ways to enhance the good areas? I once read on this forum to place a glass of water in the good area? Let me know if there is any validity to this.


Re: Advice for 2014 year of the Horse 3 years, 7 months ago #21987

  • fsquestions
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Ok, I'm a Rat and an East person... Tell me if I'm right/confirm for 2014:

1) sleep with head to the north or east or south east
2) face north or east or south east when working/eating/sitting

1) do not face south


(1) There is also the Sui Po (year breaker) and the San Sha (Three Killings) are in the north, so is it ok to face both? (2) Does this mean that the north has double negative energy?

(3) The east has the illness star, is it ok to face this direction?

(4) it seems like all of the easy (NE, E, and SE) are afflicted, so if a room contains all 3 sectors because its the only room on the east side of a house, does this mean it's 3 times the negative energy in that room? (I'm vacating this room in 2014 99% of the time and placing a chromed metal bicycle in it for storage.)

(5) Tai Sui (Grand Duke of Jupiter) is in the south, but the #8 wealth star is here also, do they relate or cancel?

(6) Since all of the east sectors have afflictions should I avoid watering the lawn and garden on this area since big and small wood are here and water increases wood?

(7) the north has future prosperity #9 but also has two negative afflictions, does this mean that the future prosperity is damaged? does it only affect the middle son? (we have no middle son, just 2 sons)

Any other recommendations for a Rat who is Kua 1 (East person) this year/2014?

Re: Advice for 2014 year of the Horse 3 years, 7 months ago #21999

  • k.nguyen99
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8 aspiration method is also known as bakua which is about the 8 sector such as West (family), South (fame), North (career)....

Re: Advice for 2014 year of the Horse 3 years, 7 months ago #22100

  • chris71
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Dear Muktar

What happen when my NW sector is in my living room and bed room?

I am living in a facing N2, period 7 house. NW, W and SW are my living, is Very difficulte to keep the living room quite when i have children. At the momemt, i have 6 rod wind chime & 5 element pagoda in my NW sector of my living room. Can i have plants and salt water cure in NW sector?

As for my bed room i don't really know cure to put in my NW sector my bedroom, i think the wind chime is too yang for a bed room. Can i place a salt water cure in my bedroom? Please advise. I bored in the year of Boar 1971, for 2014, the 5 yellow is sitting in my home location and i am a bit worry.

Thank you for your help!

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