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Angles Shortage and Fengshui
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TOPIC: Angles Shortage and Fengshui

Angles Shortage and Fengshui 6 years, 7 months ago #9047

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In modern houses, it is very difficult to find a room without shortage of angles, because modern houses normally are not square.
A real happy family, capable and possible, should pursue a house of “Square”.
In Chinese traditional cultures, Quadrangles are houses designed in square, which are the most stable and most blessed house shape.
Therefore, never buy a house of three or eight angles! Houses of irregular shapes always lead to migration, instability and changes.
In the past, there had been a place in Hong Kong, where early houses were much square. People living there had always been safe and lucky. Later, houses of three or eight angles were built near the seaside, the so called designs of wisdom, which were created by foreign designers. They failed to take the theories of Fengshui into consideration. Then in less than three months, someone jumped off from the building. People tended to have very bad luck after moving in. Some migration got divorced after migration abroad, and some stayed in Hong Kong but always with massive ups and downs in life and had their stocks broke.
From then on, people began to refuse to buy diamond-shaped houses. They would rather buy the old-fashioned square buildings. The prosperity and decline of house designs and the experiences of their residents bring us to the conclusion that square houses are the real one with blessed Fengshui.
In the Fengshui theories of angle shortage, as told before, if northwest angle is short, father of the family will always be away from home, ill or even dead.
At some time in the past, I saw a house without northwest angle. Once people moved in, the husband kept not going home and even got an affair with a lady in the mainland. And he at last even chose to live in the mainland and seldom went back to Hong Kong. A house without the northwest angle means to chase the husband away from home.
And there are also many houses without the southwest angle. It will always lead wives to the diseases, death or affairs against their husbands. Without east angle, couples will never have sons. Without southeast angle, couples will never have daughters. When a family with sons and daughters move into a house short of one or two angles, one of the children may study far away from home, migrate abroad or stay outside always. They just won’t stay at home.
Therefore, when you choose the house to buy, you can use the easiest way in Fengshui to check whether the house is in short of an angle, or which angle is missing. Shortage of angles will bring harm to the corresponding family members.
When you have two sons and zero daughters, short of southeast angle might not seem important to you. However, when your sons are in love or getting married, the southeast angle will represent their wives. Short of southeast angle will negatively affect the elder son’s wife when he gets married.
So it is much better to live in a square house. Someone may ask, if my house is in short of an angle, can I redeem it? Of course you can because everything has its own orders.
If a house is in short of one angle, we should hang a painting or diagram which represents the Five Elements as remedy.
Short of east angle, we can hang a painting of four rabbits with Ailanthus altissima in it, along with Zhen Diagram;
Short of southeast angle, we can hang a painting of flying dragons with bamboos, flowers and plants, along with Xun Diagram;
Short of south angle, we can hang a painting of nine horses with volcanoes and red plants, along with Li diagram;
Short of southwest angle, we can hang a painting of “Five goats call for spring”, along with Kun diagram;
Short of west angle, we can hang a painting of six roosters with Snow Mountains, along with Dui diagram;
Short of northwest angle, we can hang a painting of wealth-guarding dogs with Snow Mountains, along with Qian diagram;
Short of north angle, we can hang a painting of six fishes, along with Kan diagram;
Short of northeast angle, we can hang a painting of five oxen, along with Yin diagram.
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