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WOW there are 8 IMMortals
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TOPIC: WOW there are 8 IMMortals

WOW there are 8 IMMortals 7 years, 5 months ago #2066

I bought a celestial tiger guardian of the West it was made of resin and was gold I painted it white and put it on the left side of the house (if facing outside looking in.) Also the left side of the house happens to be my bedroom(also is the SOUTHWEST(love romance) part of the house, AND the SOUTHWEST(love romance) part of my room). One day I was reading in my book and found that the tiger in my room is too strong for a fire rabbit like me, and it suggested to put it ouside. I panicked, went to my room then went to put it outside, and then a realization hit me...The sun would corrode my precious tiger and with tears in my eyes knowing that the tiger energy would hurt my own put it back in the shelter of my room. Okay, so that is just a plain old story, but the miracle lies in what happened after the fact. That night I had an intimate dream about my childhood girlfriend whom I found out 1 week later was born in the year of the tiger.
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Re:WOW there are 8 IMMortals 6 years, 10 months ago #7241

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Wow, I want to experience such kind of Magical event too. You are Lucky to experience it in your life-time.

They said Tiger and Rabbits belong to each others, like Yang and Yin. They are in Harmony. Tigers show Powers and Authority, he will solve everything with Force and Power. The Rabbits will solve everything with compromises, Peace and Gentle. Nevertheless both of them have one goal: Power and Influence.

I have never experience with 8 Immortals, but I do believe in them. I even don’t know who they are. I only know just three of them. One thing I do believe is when you use Guardians made of Earth and you located it on a wise spot, the Guardians will come. They said we are a living shell with an active Spirit in use, like a host. When the host is dying, the Spirits need another Host to settle down. If you are Lucky, the Spirits of the 8 Immortals will find a place to settle down, and it will in your Guardians Stature. They will protect and give you more Luck. Of course there are just 8 Immortals, and thousands of Guardians Stature, but don’t give up hope. Like teachers have students, they represent the 8 Immortals. When you worship their Masters, there students will watch over their Masters Stature, by giving you Luck and Prosperity.

Their Students will come to protect their Masters: the 8 Immortals.

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