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Attracting a partner - Success story
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TOPIC: Attracting a partner - Success story

Attracting a partner - Success story 5 years, 7 months ago #16537

  • Miss Peggy
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Back in late March, 2004, I was desperate for help of some kind to get me out of my flat (which I owned and where I was miserable), and into better circumstances (my finances were at rock bottom at that point in my life). I also wanted to find a loving partner, but couldn't see how I could achieve that given the situation I was in, which wasn't exactly conducive to attracting a lovely man.

I read about a relationship wish-fulfilling process, where I wrote down exactly what I wanted in a prospective partner. Given I was in my early 40s at the time, I was probably otherwise going to find a man who was divorced, possibly with young children and lots of emotional and financial baggage, or someone who had never been married, which at that age is just plain weird.

I decided a widower, preferably with adult rather than young children, would be ideal. Then I thought about his personality and Western Star and Eastern Animal signs. Definitely no Monkeys. Other Animal signs, in combination with Western Astrology, strongly suggested another Tiger, preferably a Metal Tiger, would suit me very well. I'm a Water Tiger. I get on well with lots of Western sign people, but I've found the best for those who love their family, are loyal to them and take care of them well are the Cancerians. Both of my grandfathers were Cancerians, and they were wonderful. So, a Tiger, preferably of the Cancerian variety, would be best.

Intelligence, hard working, financially sound, sensible with his money, and the other qualities that will ensure a sound relationship were naturally high on the list. There's no romance in poverty, after all. I didn't ask for wealth; but the potential had to be there.

I listed other qualities, traits or preferences in which we would be compatible. Musical and general tastes and two interests in particular, were all included. A similar sense of humour was also essential, and that was probably going to be the hardest quality to match. I also wanted someone who was interesting and would aid my aims in life.

Years beforehand, back in late 1993, a Western astrologer/clairvoyant had told me the number 2 was significant and that I would live in the eastern suburbs of my State, and close to water. She also said I would choose the right man (two would be pursuing me at the same time) and I would be happy with my choice.

I'd kept what she said in the back of my mind, but it never seemed likely to happen after several years had elapsed. Come early 2004, I set up the wish fulfilling process, added a small terracotta pig in the North West corner, by my front door, for mentors and helpful people, and got on with things.

Lo and behold, in mid-May 2004, only eight weeks later and a week after a research trip with a helpful new acquaintance, I met my partner. He is exactly what I asked for. Family background, sense of humour, similar interests, Animal and Western signs, personality, tastes, the works. And he was ever so helpful from the word go. We got on like a house on fire.

And the psychic was right. A former partner suddenly popped up, wanting to see me, around the same time. He soon afterwards heard about my interest in another man, through a mutual friend, and attempted to regain my interest. Too late! My partner and he get on well when we occasionally get together, and they respect each other, indicating I made a very good choice.

The number 2 is highly significant. My partner has two adult children (and now almost 2 grandchildren) and we live at a number 2. We even moved in together on the 2nd. We also live close to a creek and even the name of our street is related to that theme, and it is located in the eastern suburbs.

Since then, my partner helped me renovate my flat and we sold it for a handsome return on what I'd paid for it. We now jointly own our house, which also needs renovating, and despite the odd issue, mainly in relation to my health, we've been as happy as can be ever since.

I've even got the longed-for vegie patch and a modest orchard, and good neighbours, too.

The funny thing is, I can't quite remember what it was I did with that list. I can't remember placing it anywhere significant. I think it had to be burnt, but I may be confusing that with a getting-rid-of-bad-energy process. (Why would you burn a list of good things you want?).

Anyway, it worked, and I am ever so grateful.
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Re: Attracting a partner - Success story 5 years, 7 months ago #16538

  • riza
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hi miss peggy!

I am so happy and inspired with your story. i hope I can also find the right partner for me.
I am in my 30s and still hoping to have a family in the future.
I am also having a hard time with my finances and is still in debt.
I am new in FS and still having a hard time understanding.
Thank you for sharing your story


Re: Attracting a partner - Success story 5 years, 7 months ago #16573

  • ymai139
Hi Miss Peggy…

I like ur story…very romantic…I got 1 question I want to ask long time ago…what make a person to suddenly creative & courage to talk to someone…is it bcoz the person find the soulmate…

Im single…I want to know from u, what important to look in soulmate…

My friend say…when people meet first time…they exchange name card…name card has Name, telephone number & Email…my friend also say must see the Name & Email, if other person email is gmail, we use gmail…if the other use ymail, we use ymail…then we can chat online & know each other…ymail is free & easy to use…my friend say if both comfortable can go out meet & sometime can meet soulmate also like destiny like that…

Miss Peggy, what do u think of my friend method? I hope u understand, my English no good…

Thank u very much…

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