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When Double 5 Hit the East Sector on 2011
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TOPIC: When Double 5 Hit the East Sector on 2011

When Double 5 Hit the East Sector on 2011 6 years, 3 months ago #10336

*( I should have post this story on this column but another story is in the Flying Star Section)

I believed the 5 Yellow star has really been destructive whilst it has not being taken care of the energy by the Wood Element just like the East Sector of last year. Now the SE Sector of this year will be afflicted by the 5 Yellow star. It was just like last year when it flew to the East sector. Unfortunately last year 2011 the devastating climatic effect of the Midwest tornado which was the major cause of a week power outages that wrecked havoc to major cities in the Midwest including Chicago and to all these gigantic and enormous trees which were totally uprooted and dugged out from the ground. That was the first time I've ever seen a humongous roots of elm and oak trees that were totally dugged out from the ground, I was so scared also that time because I had 3 giant oak and elm trees that seat on the East side yard of my property and the wind really holler so loud that time that as if the house could be like "The house of Dorothy in the Wiz of Oz". Fortunately, I did not understand there was some kind like a Supernatural intercession or effect because after the storm my house was untarnished but 1 block away from my house another giant oak tree was uprooted from the ground and I believed it did hit my neighbor's roof house. And most of the streets that I passed on my way to work area were in total chaos and majority of these oak trees the roots were totally uprooted or dugged out from the ground. As if it was being passed by a bulldozer or a crane.It was the first time I have ever seen such terrible sight.

But prior to the storm I already purchased the 5 Element Pagoda with Tree of Life . I did buy it after the Chinese New Year and I was kinda late in displaying the cure because I was skeptical , hesitant and in doubt because the Pagoda was kinda expensive,at the back of my head...Hey!!!.. there's nothing to lose.. but hey I never thought about that it did give some supernatural protection when the Double 5 hit the East last year in the Midwest Tornado during the second month of the Rabbit Year.. I had also a fountain with a Green Dragon in the East sector last year and I believed the Water fountain feed the energy of the East or Wood sector that brought good health and protection to me and my family. That made the water energy compliment with the pagoda. I read also in LT's article because my kitchen sat on the east side and according to the 8 Mansion theory it was my Total Loss sector so I was kinda anxy that really encouraged me to save some money and buy the pagoda. And Thanks to Buddha my health was good even tho my Paht Chee/Bazi was bad that year. Now I understand that I could not belittle, disregard or scoff the power of these Fengshui cures, it was supernatural and powerful plus with the power of the mind like an alchemy there was some kind like a guiding force that kicked it in that I could not understand how and what did it happen., But again I was able to sail through the year untarnished.

So for this year the Wu Wang or the nasty 5 is in the SE which is the wood sector again. This time it is kinda scary because I have triple doors in the SE sector. A foyer that has entry/exit to the SE, to my garage and to my kitchen. But I already placed strong cures in it and I let the wood SE sector takes care of it. LT saying is absolutely true " Prevention is better than Cure"

I believed another fact since I purchased the Pagoda with Tree of Life a Robin(bird) started making nest in the front door of my house ain't that auspicious? And from the time on since my backyard sat on the East Sector of the property different birds of varying colors, cardinals, blue jays etc. started flocking and looking for foods. So I purchased some bird seeds for them and it was kinda rewarding and really bring happiness to me and my neighbor was really fond watching a flock and family of birds feeding the seeds. I believed that is the essence of an awesome Feng-shui.

Re:When Double 5 Hit the East Sector on 2011 6 years, 3 months ago #10341

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Were you the only one in the neighborhood to avoid the damage? Were all of your neighbors' houses damaged but not yours?
Did all the others that were spared the damage have those cures?
Don't despair. The situation may not be nearly as bad as you think. -- I urge thoughtful analysis before making big changes. Yet I am not a practitioner and do not want your business. Find someone who is well trained near you

Re:When Double 5 Hit the East Sector on 2011 6 years, 2 months ago #10386

Yep..unfortunately!!..Maybe they were not Chinese because they don't have that kind of cure hehehe. Or maybe they do not have that big trees unlike at my backyard. But majority of the area that I passed on my way to work were the big trees, that were totally uprooted from the ground. I was talking about the trees and some couple of houses that has been hit. Usually trees when it gets hit by lightning or other external force, the trunk or big branches usually got cut off. Here the roots of the trees were totally expose off the ground. Have you ever listen/watched (if you have TV) or read the paper to the news of the calamities in the Midwest that time? When the power outage was almost like a week? that was outrageous!!! This is something to do with the wrath of nature and it's ever changing cosmic forces. Well..maybe my neighbors prayed a lot that they won't get hit that's why they were saved....lmao..fortunately I am a Buddhist and I usually respect the laws of nature and karma.

Gung Hei Fat Choi!!!

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