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Hello! Coming to Bazi from Yijing
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TOPIC: Hello! Coming to Bazi from Yijing

Hello! Coming to Bazi from Yijing 2 years, 4 months ago #32124

Hi everyone,
I am new here. I landed here in my (rather frustrated) attempt to look for a Ba Zi master. I've always used Yijing before for family, friends, and myself. Generally accurate - sometimes right down to amazing detail, and a few times when I was unable to understand the oracles in the light of the situations in question. This could have been due to my limitations in understanding the oracle, and/or lack of understanding of the situations (when consulting the oracle for another person). I usually have problems consulting for myself when it came to bigger and more complex issues that involved many factors.

Hence, I come to Ba Zi, to try and get a clearer view. It has been difficult to find a Ba Zi master. The first one I emailed, I seemed unable to make my simple question understood - about how to start the process - and he suggested that I bring a chaperone during the consultation. Then I idenitified another, but I saw his sample reports (his reports are emailed)and they were so technical I couldn't make head of tails of them. The third one I saw looked at seemed promising - very cogent and coherent explanations on his website and I was about to contact him, but his supporters on forums seemed to all write the same way.

Well, so I am here now trying to find out more about Ba Zi and somehow hope to find a Ba Zi master,

Re: Hello! Coming to Bazi from Yijing 2 years, 4 months ago #32143

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Welcome to the forum to share and learn with he chinese astrology. I wish you can post some of your case studies in I ching... to help others understand the power of I ching...
Keep Smiling

Re: Hello! Coming to Bazi from Yijing 2 years, 3 months ago #32682

Hi, Gautam.rao. sorry for my late reply. I am humbled by your invitation to share as I am a novice.
I could share a few memorable cases. I can still recall the situations and the advice but my notes recording the oracle numbers and symbols are not on hand at present, so I won't be able to include the specifics and metaphors.

My very first encounter with Yijing was when I consulted it after my housemate failed her final year exams. She had studied so hard. She retired to her room to call her parents, anxious about their reaction, and upset that she'd have to disappoint them with the bad news. Meanwhile, I retired to my room to consult Yijing for her. Yijing described her situation and d about feeling shamed before the family, but Yijing also said that she will instead find understanding and support from her family. Yijing said the failure was not due t. o inability or lack of effort on her part, and advised her to renew her efforts with allies who will be coming by her way to succeed. The next day, she told me that her parents were indeed very understanding, they did not fault or reprimand her at all, and they said they knew she had worked very hard and done her best. A few other classmates also didn't clear the exams, they formed a study-group : the allies that Yijing mentioned. They all passed.

It is important to note that she followed Yijing's advice to renew her efforts and continue working hard.

Another case was not so happy. Friend had deep family issues which involved law enforcement. Yijing advised seeking a wise one for guidance to reach success in the situation. Friend only heard "sucess" even though I kept saying and texting to find a wise one for guidance. This part totally fell on deaf ears even when his lawyer was messing things up and did not advise him properly about his rights. The case dragged and dragged, and things got worse, including the family relationships which broke apart. It is sad that I was unable to convince him to find a wise one. He didn't even make an effort in that direction, didn't further talk about, just wanted things to turn out right for him. Consulting Yijing doesn't quite work that way. Yijing gives us a framework to analyse our situation, gives us advise, and we must make the efforts in the right direction too.

A happy case. Another friend who had for many years been in an age-sensitive career. He was starting to feel his age though he was still young by normal standards and still passionate about his career. The career was one that didn't pay much so he had a sideline. And, there weren't many opportunities in the career, it was a very competitive environment. The Yijing results really baffled him and me. Although it said it was an advantageous divination, it also said that the doors to his career were closing. Yijing advised to continue with his diligence in his career and all apsects of his life, and said opportunities are arising. The doors to the career will close, yet an advantageous situation would come about. In the ensuing year, he started doing well in his sideline.... And in a few years, he opened his own business. Meanwhile, his involvement in the main career did taper out.

Now, a simple case of mine that it quite funny on hindsight. I was having trouble at work because of a person. The trouble was manageable but I was wondering if the person would cause even more trouble. Yijing said not to move the troops, and focus my efforts elsewhere, as this situation will quell on its own in a few months (or in Autumn, I can't remember which one Yijing said). It was July when I consulted Yijing. So I did as advised. The person.... left the country in October!!

Well, I hope that was interesting for you. After sourcing around for Ba Zi/ Fengshui, I have decided to stop doing so. There are just too many contradictory information and the readings too vague compared with Yijing's. I wistfully wish there was someone who could do me a Yijing reading like I have done for friends and family.... but well, that is life. Or I could wish that I was able to do my own readings on complex issues too... but I am unable too. Such is life.
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