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LILLIAN TOO'S ARTICLE: UNEARTHING THE BOUNTY...... 7 years, 4 months ago #2427

  • abrys
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" Certainly, the East-West axis is quite severely distressed this year. However, for those who are either Roosters or Rabbits, the situation can be mitigated by introducing the North-South axis.

Hence, the presence of the Rat (North) and the Horse (South) together with the Rabbit (East) and Rooster (West) forms the cardinal cross; a combination powerful enough to nullify the harm that afflicts these two signs.

My advice to those who are either Rabbits or Roosters is to invite these animal signs of the cardinal directions into your home. If they are already your family members, you are in luck!

If not, you can invite symbols of them or wear them as key-chain talismans, bracelet charms or pendants to benefit from their energy throughout the year. "

Above are portions in Lillian Too's most recent article in the home page (Entitled: Unearthing the Bounty Within). I just want to clear something. I am a metal rooster. I have plans of following this cardinal cross protection. I already bought rabbit and horse figurines. My husband is a water rat. So, I did not buy a rat figure anymore as well as rooster figure (because I am one).

Now, my question is, where should I place the rabbit and horse figurines? She did not specify it in her article. Should I also place it on the West (my afflicted sector) part of our home or in any part?

Or it would be better if I will buy all 4 figures?

What do you suggest?

I need your assistance and guidance please.......

Thank you

Re: LILLIAN TOO'S ARTICLE: UNEARTHING THE BOUNTY...... 6 years, 1 month ago #15073

I read this article too about placement of horoscope animals by LT to balance the 4 cardinal section. I assume the Rabbit should be in the East and the Horse ill be displayed on the South. Hope this helps!

Re: LILLIAN TOO'S ARTICLE: UNEARTHING THE BOUNTY...... 5 years, 4 months ago #18601

  • rosy123
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I am really pleased with reading your forum!!! Excellent content wrote, thanks
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