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I feel so lost
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TOPIC: I feel so lost

I feel so lost 3 years, 10 months ago #24140

Recently, Ive gotten transferred to a new workplace and the reason for that was because they are overstaffed. Today, I received a news saying that they have gotten another person to replace my position at my old workplace because they are very short of staffs. This reality hits me hard when I came to know of it. Ive served my old workplace for 3 years and Ive worked so hard at my very best to achieve a good performance. I just cant accept they have used the excuse of being " overstaffed" to transfer me away. We have always been understaffed at work. I really dont understand why. I do have people at my old workplace who are not fond of me from day 1, but I dont know why. Ive heard stories created by people Im not even close with at work about me, which is untrue. Ive always chose to ignore them. I never react to any of them. Now that I am at my new workplace, feeling as if ive been hit so hard that I dont how how to move on. I need advice =(

Re: I feel so lost 3 years, 10 months ago #24434

Hi Lifeasapuzzle,

I'm not sure if you still frequent here after your first post 2 weeks ago. I'm not an expert in fengshui, I'm just another person seeking help with bazi, sneaking around and came across your post. If you do not mind I would like to drop a non-analysis message here for you, as a friend.

Every company has it's own ugly politics. Some people are good in playing it well enough to survive while some are not so fortunate. The colleagues who do not like you from day 1, perhaps they see you as a threat to their positions. What more since you performed well (assuming that the 3 years you worked hard, you really did perform). Take heart that all these happened because you had been a great employee and others are envious, doing all they can to get rid of you.

It is definitely depressing to know that you are not being appreciated for all that you have done, and the extend they'd go to get rid of you. However if you continue to be angry and frustrated, you are only feeding in to their feul. It will not serve you well.

If you want to continue working there, release your frustrations somewhere, go kick some sandbag, run the hill, cry out loud or shout your lungs out at the beach. Then wake up with a clear mindset of what you want to achieve in that company that is worth your staying.

If it's not worth it and you feel like leaving, apply for other jobs. I hope you know that with the way the company treat you, you don't owe them any loyalty. NONE. So if you feel like it, get out to a more fulfilling job.

Having said that, I do want to stress that if the problem is internal to you, this situation will always crop up wherever you go. So you may want to check yourself too. I do not know about your interpersonal skills but that is very important to get the best out of your life, be it in work or personal relationship. Plus a positive attitude. Please forgive my bluntness. I myself still have a lot to develop in these. I certainly know that telling people to think positive is easier said than done. But that is how we should run our life.

We don't live in this world alone and the world does not revolve around us. We all need somebody, or some form of support. Get to know more about the people around you, including your colleagues. Let them see what nice person you are, that you mean no harm and you're there to learn. Show them that we are all just working for others earning a living and there's no need for hatred.

Right now, cheer up and call some friends out for a drink. You'll feel much better.
Here's wishing you all the best and take care

Re: I feel so lost 3 years, 10 months ago #24436

  • Denise123
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Hi Lifeasapuzzle,

I am a fellow forumer seeking help here.

I know my words probably don't mean a lot, but all i can say is look up and look at the bright side. Sometimes, things happen for a reason.

If you have done what you can and done it to the best of your ability at your job place, then give yourself a pat on the back because you deserved it. Don't be too hard on yourself.

I'm facing loads of problems now, a breakup, no friends, uncertain future. I think you can do better with your current situation. So look up and lead life with hope, as I try to tell that to myself everyday.

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Re: I feel so lost 3 years, 10 months ago #24551

  • fluffy66
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Hallo Denise 123,

I read your post and I could totally feel and empathize with you.
I have just suffered a very heart-wrenching break up myself.
Though it has been close to 3 months, I am still trying to come to terms with it for it has been a 2 years relationship.

The last 3 months have been extremely hard for me too.
Though I have friends who are there for me, I am too proud to show how affected I truly am in front of them.
So I suck it up and wallow in depression most of the time when I am alone.

I was attracted to this forum because I wanted to find out if we would ever patch back again.
For I haven't been able to get him eradicated from my mind despite it being 3 months back.
In fact, I am hoping against hope and praying everyday that he will return to me but alas, he has not.

Nonetheless I tell myself, when one part of your life goes down, another part of your life should go up.
Hence, I am trying to focus into my work and family instead. They do give me some other forms of distractions.
Like what everyone says, if he is really meant to be, he will return.
If he doesn't, he was probably always meant to be just a chapter in your life.
And we will need to keep our heads up high and move on with a new chapter.
Though this will take a while, time will heal us eventually.

And oh, you do have friends. You have just made a couple here in this forum and I am one of them! =D

Re: I feel so lost 3 years, 9 months ago #24596

Dear TinyDiamond,

Thanks so much for your kind advices. I am now adapting to m new place and starting to put all the negative things behind. Although I still get people asking me if i got trasnferred for a bad reason, I tend to see that as an upgrade for myself as I have recently gained my Masters. I really appreciate your reply =) Hope all is well with you

P.S : I would love to know how my bazi reading if you dont mind helping ~

Re: I feel so lost 3 years, 9 months ago #24620

Hi Lifeasapuzzle,

I'm glad you stride forward. And congrats on the Masters!
Positive mindset is very important. If you can get through this, you can survive in any working environment and focus on being the best of what you can offer.

I don't know how to read bazi. But you can visit either the "Four pillars" or "Purple Star Astrology" chat in this forum and request for the experts' help there.

All the best.

Re: I feel so lost 3 years, 3 months ago #27741

  • Cateyed1
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Wow! I wish I could turn my life around like that. I haven't even got my bachelors yet.
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