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People with Psoriasis
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TOPIC: People with Psoriasis

Re:People with Psoriasis 6 years, 5 months ago #10330

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Dear Szilvia,

Thank you for your contributions. I must admitted that my heart went nervous when I see a female is born in year 1970.

It is a long story.

I will come back to look a bit closer into your charts.


Re:People with Psoriasis 6 years, 5 months ago #10390

Dear Saphora!
Thank you:-)..
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Re:People with Psoriasis 6 years, 5 months ago #10410

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Dear Irina,

(Sorry for my late reply due to CNY 2012 celebrations).

Well done, Dieting is part of the Trinity: Man Luck. When you change your diets, you will improve your Destiny too.

There is lot written about 5 Elements food and Destiny, you are on the right track.

Dieting has the same influence as improving your Feng Shui Luck, miracles and Destiny are in your control.

Good Luck with everything. If you might have other questions, please feel it free to ask.


Re:People with Psoriasis 6 years, 5 months ago #10427

Hello Saphora!

Happy Lunar New Year!!!

I'm a little in a worry because of your words. If my destiny is similar to my Mom's, that means I may get that many diseases as she has now?

I also have a question - what is stronger my 4 pillars of bazi of my house? Will I finally be brought to my real destiny written in my 4 pillars or my apartment will influence on me and my destiny will be changed?

Re:People with Psoriasis 6 years, 5 months ago #10464

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Dear Szilvia,

I must admit again, the more I know the more difficult chart you people are giving to me. These charts are not easy too.

All the charts you gave it to me I have noticed that year 1979 and 1980 are very crucial in your family. The picture is still blurring, but I don’t have a good feeling about it.

Why is the picture blurring?

In year 1979 was the year of the Earth Goat. This year was clashing with his month-pillar where his wife was located. During his 14-34 yo he had very bad youth history. He had also a Clash in his chart, Earth had been also activated and the Qi-flow had been blocked.
As we all know according to the Traditional Chinese Medicine, Water is his Immune system. His Earth destroys the Immune system. Thereby you could also see that the Stems and Branches are not in Harmony, they are in destruction combinations.

The most important information is his wife’s position. It was not stable; it means his wife was very weak. In the worst case his wife will be overflow with Earth.

Now let’s us look at your Mother’s chart, what could happen in year 1980. She was around 30 yo, in the 10 year Luck of the Earth Tiger. It means during her 10 year Luck she had 3 Tigers in her Branches. Tiger could mean “Power and Status” or some refer it to the “Man in the House, Authority”.

In year 1980 she had to face lots of troubles, the Combination of Half Fire-penalty was an indication of health-issue. Her husband had also a half-Earth Penalty and a Clash, it refer to more bad health.

I could conclude with a minor accuracy that year 1979 and 1980 both of your parents had some problems to deal with. In the worst case her husband was clashed away, like having an operation on the Liver.

Now what happen to you in year 1979 and 1980?

In 1979 was the year Earth Goat, it forms the almighty GOD-penalty (Goat, Ox and Dog pillars). You were 9 yo, I don’t expect much a girl at 9 yo had health problems. One thing I am 100% sure year 1979 was the year you had very bad emotions and very bad Luck, in the worst case someone in your family landed in the Hospital or one of your parents were taken away from you to another place.

Fire or Earth Penalties are most dangerous form of Health-issues. In the worst cases I have seen in my experiences it was Cancer-development from these Penalties.

There is more about you, but I have to sharp the picture first. It was not totally clear to me. Remember I am still a Bazi-Leaner, you could help me to provide more information what was happened in year 1979 and 1980 to your Family and Health.

What did happen in year 1979 and (1980)?

I will continue with your chart.

Thank you in advance.

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Re:People with Psoriasis 6 years, 4 months ago #10571

Dear Saphora!
well,..i must say..whhoooo...)))

when my parents married,(1969 octóber)..after in very sort weeks,my father have had a stroke,and after that my mum was very soon pregnant with me,..and also in my father young years he had lots of problames with his health.

i talked with my parents over the weekend,about what has happend in the 1979-1980 years,..

i remember also,..because my father have had a very big operation,..he had a gall stone operation..he was in the hospital,and also i remember it was effected me emotionally very deeply for a long time,..i remember i told he is gonna die,..he looked very bad in a hospital,..and after he had a very long lasting recovery..

so i remember that,..
i hope it was a help for you?..
have a nice day...
waithing for some more,of my charth..)

Re:People with Psoriasis 6 years, 4 months ago #10588

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Dear Szilvia,

Thank you for your honesty, I did expect you will tell the truth. I have mixed feelings about female 1970, as I said before. Till the day I die, female 1970 will always find a place in my heart (yes, I am telling the truth) and not to all the other girls. It is a long story.

The reason I did ask about year 1979 was that in that year you had the almighty GOD-Penalty. It is a just Bazi language. Six years later when you were 15 years old, it was in year 1985. That year had had kind of Psoriasis, coincidence again it was an Ox-year(O), your ten Luck was a Goat-pillar(G) and your year of Birth is a Dog-pillar(D): they form together again the almighty GOD-penalty. The almighty Earth-penalty had been triggered and destroy your immune system, that is the reason why your had Psoriasis in that year.

As I promised I will write something about you.

Well, lets me start about your Day Master Yin Earth and later your almighty Hurting Officer God personality.

Yin Earth: Connected, Resourceful and Creative

Yin Earth can be best describe as the soft, pliant soil and sand on which plants grows. If someone else is in a spot of trouble, you often want to find out why and try to help them get out of it - but you would be a lot happier if they actually listened to you and followed your suggestions to a tee. You are an accommodating nurturing soul on whom others can rely on to clean up their mess, or pick up the pieces. You are productive and resourceful, and you often have several tricks in your sleeve - it's just that you prefer not to announce it to all and sundry! While everyone else has probably forgotten exactly what was said during a birthday party 10 years ago that led to a long-lasting family feud, you still recollect every word. And can recite it verbatim.

In relationships, usually what's yours is strictly yours - and no amount of sharing is allowed! You tend to define boundaries very clear. If you're a committed vegetarian, and working at a restaurant with admittedly carnivorous leanings - you've bound to be upset. So upset, in fact, that you will be affected by it until you leave. Some people can separate feelings/beliefs from what they consider to be 'real life'. You usually can't, so don't try to fight it. Unless, of course, the decision you make is going to significantly alter the circumstances of your real life! Yes, that diamond pendant is lovely and will make you feel SO good, but there's no purpose in getting it if you have to pawn off your mother's jewels before you can afford it.

No matter what goes on in the workplace - computer malfunction, toilet clogs up, book publishing deadline disregarded - everyone comes running to YOU. Most likely, you will know how to fix it. While others might fritter away their days on Facebook, you'll be the one who updates your Facebook status several times a day, chats on MSN with buddies, AND gets all your work done for the day - while having a headstart on the next day's tasks!

You often come up with ingenious ways to solve a problem or overcome a particularly troubling situation. Your superiors will be at a loss without you, most of the time. They never know how to get around a problem as well you do. Most of your subordinates truly appreciate all the ways in which you protect them and defend their work - that's why the most they do is grumble when you get too authoritative and controlling! You rarely let your team or subordinates know how much you appreciate their work, because you think sharing that will be a sign of weakness. The next time, simply try a simple thumbs-up!

Make the most of your interest and passions! It's the only way to doing a business that matters to you, and that will fare well. At the same time, sometimes you need to some to anchor your feet firmly to the ground while your head is way up above in the clouds!
Where money is concerned, you prefer the safer route every time. Sometimes, however, this might involve conservative methods that may seem slower, like value investing or property investment for capital gains. If you don't have to think about money management, so much the better. The hassle of it all just gives you a large headache. But it's a headache worth having, because you're better off knowing all about the ins and outs of various financial planning methods than relying completely on your advisor...or some non-expert who doesn't know what he or she is talking about! Safety is good, but there is such a thing as being too safe....and Earth Day Masters are often guilty of remaining in their comfort zone. In the world of financial investment, no gain comes about without at least some form of calculated risk.

Don't be tempted to loan money to friends and acquaintances who give you a good sob story. There's a fine line between being nice and being foolish when it comes to lending money to people, so be sure not to cross it! Find ways to make your money work hard for you. Imagine collecting consistent residual income from all your property investments for the rest of your life. Yin Earth's plans should be for the long-term. Buy, develop of grow assets, not liabilities.

You tend to reel in people by your gentle and unassuming nature. Most of your friends and acquaintances are often amazed by the variety of abilities and talents you have that come to the fore only gradually. You're not the one to foot your own horn, after all. You have no hesitation rushing to a friend's aid whenever the need arises. Sometimes, however you need to be careful that others don't take advantage of you. This is especially true at the workplace, where every emergency problem might become "yours" without you quite knowing how that happened! You need set boundaries with your superiors, as well, because they might tend to get used to the fact that you produce miracles on a regular basis - and continue to expect it every time.

You have no problems sharing your interest with your friends, although sharing your friends is another matter entirely! You can be a little possessive of the people in your life on occasion. You don't always have to be the Mother of Father Hen of your group of friends. It's okay to let them take care of themselves once awhile.


The Ten Gods on the Heavenly Stems are your personality and talents which the outside world sees in you.

There are Direct Officer and a Hurting Officer Star in your main chart. You could consider the Direct Officer Star is very auspicious to have. It also represents your Husband Star. The Hurting Officer Star is in the Year Pillar, it is also the first defense of your emotions, the real you. In the Hour-pillar is also a Hurting Officer star, it means deep in your feeling is also your back defense. In front and in the back you have very solid defense system, not many people are able to go deep inside your feelings and emotions and understand you, except Saphora of course.

This is the reason why not many men in your life were able to penetrate deep inside of your feelings.

Why is the Hurting Officer so strong?

A Hurting Officer is for you Yang Metal. Yang Metal is like big solid metal-weapon or wall. It is supported by Yang Earth; it means that metal-wall is rooted and strong: your first defense. The Hurting Officer star is also supported by your month of birth: Metal-season. It makes your Hurting Officer very superior quality. This Hurting Officer is also supported by Resources elements of the Day-pillar and Hour-pillars.
The total picture of this Hurting Officer star is so solid and tremendous strong, it will give you the real picture of you, who you really are and what you are feeling.
What does the Hurting officer mean in your chart?

Traditional the Hurting Officer was not considered as an auspicious star to have, because it destroys the auspicious star Direct Officer: your ideal husband star. In Chinese Metaphysical texts thus have a saying:” Direct Officer Sees Hurting Officer, Chaos and Arguments Reign”.

A Hurting officer star is a star of Expressions, your Output; some refers as a “Rebellious Expressions”. That is the reason why I have to swallow before I say something about you. This is the Star that represents going against the norm and clashing the conventions of the day. It represents standing out, being exceptional, bucking the trend or breaking out and away from the group. It is the star exemplifies individuality, uniqueness and being SPECIAL. It is a disruptive star, the upsetter of all apple carts.


Joey Yap and I have also the Hurting Officer Star, for some I am a dickhead in this Forum, because I am different, headstone and stubborn.


In the West, standing out, being different or being exceptional, being bold, thinking out of the box and breaking the norms is attributed to people who blaze the trail of new innovations and tread the path of great achievements.

One of the characters of the Hurting Officer star is that you are Outgoing and Extraverted. Surely you are quick-witted and find a solution very fast. Meanwhile you adore the limelight and loves being the center of attention, when you want to talk, you do talk a lot. The last thing you want are rules, you try to bend the rules or look away around the rule without overtly breaking them. Due to your fast opinionated type, sometimes you go to the point of obnoxious. The best in you is your fast learning abilities and surely it makes into your highly adaptive personalities. When you talk, you have quite strong Charismatic way of speaking and have an innate sense of drama and showmanship.


As I said above:” Direct Officer Sees Hurting Officer, Chaos and Arguments Reign”.

This is related to your Love-life, it is the same as your expressions control to much your Husband star. Yang Wood is your Direct Officer Star, surely you will never lonely in life, because I always meet a beautiful female 1970 in my life. Female 1970 have something very unique Cosmic Attractions to me. Yang Wood (Direct Officer star) is born in the Metal-season means your Husband Star is very weak, almost attacked by your Metal-weapons and highly walls.
He can not understand you and how you really feel inside and outside. Surely you have lots of Arguments in your Love life, you can not deny it.

The good news is you are going into the new 10 year Luck pillars of the Wood-season, thank God for that. Your auspicious Direct Officer star is going to be strengthened. Unfortunately I see only 7-Killing Stars in your Luck. 7-Killing Star means you will be someone’s Lover and not his first Love. Love is not always fair; being a second Lover is for a woman very hard. Especially you are very honest in relationship and you always sacrifice and give everything up for your Love: One life One Love.

Your Love life will be a struggle, you have to understand it. Accept a Love from a Divorce man is sometimes the solution, because a divorce man means also the 7-Killing Star. It is better to have someone to share your dreams and ambitions than being lonely between the 4 metal-walls. Everything has a meaning, life has a meaning, it is in your Destiny Code. Your auspicious Direct Officer star is getting stronger and strong, life will be more acceptable, and happiness is coming into your life.

The best in you is:
- Honorable, righteous and principled
- Polite, courteous and well-manned
- Take-charge types, responsible and reliable
- Naturally authoritative honest and upright
- Disciplined and organized

Try to strength these personalities, it will weakening the bad star “Hurting Officer star” and bring your more Love-Luck in your relationship.

In year 2012 Yang Water over Yang Earth, Direct Wealth over Rob Wealth, hidden stems in branches will be activated: Rob Wealth, Indirect Wealth and 7-Killing.
In summary those hidden stems are the bad guys in Bazi of the Ten Gods. Those bad stars will harm your feelings and relationship. The best way is avoiding any confrontations and work and in relationship. The best way is going outside and takes a deep breath and count to 20. In year 2012 your mind and body will be disrupted, your internal feelings will be blocked. Remember that it is impossible to release your Luck by going against the norm of the day. Try to ignore some arguments, it will hurt and there is pain, but it is the only way not to disturb all the bad-energies. If you want to find a good house, try to do it in month May or June is much better, please do not accept any key in month October.

Especially in April, try to relax and going shopping, do not eat too much. You have the intentions to feed yourselves fat.

You are quite an exceptional woman to me and wishing you all the Love-Luck in the world and bring Happiness soon to you.

See you around.


Re:People with Psoriasis 6 years, 4 months ago #10626

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Dear Saphora

I see the excellence in your DNA decoding, I believe this type of comparing charts require high skilled and knowledge. The past to future. This is helping me to understand the process of Decoding the BaZi. Thank you.

Keep Smiling

Re:People with Psoriasis 6 years, 4 months ago #10728

Dear Saphora:-)
Thankyou for all of this information...
it is all amazinglly true..all of it,...

i dont know what to say.....

at the moment i am not in a very good state emotionally...specially my carrier ..and my financial problames..killing me..
i can not see my self at the moment,..how i am gonna get out of it...???


for your effort...
you know what i meant by that...
have a nice day
see you around...

Re: People with Psoriasis 6 years, 1 month ago #15196

  • Imagine
Dear Saphora,
I also have psoriasis.
I'm a female, born 02.03.1977 in 6:40 am Time zone +1 city longityde 19e30., Europe

I got it when I was about 5 or 6 small like a penny on my ear. Later it dissapaird then showned on my elbows afret many falling down on them and hurtings when I was maybe 10.

Then, after second child birth and severe weakness and inflamation of bowles during prenanacy, when I hurted my feets beadly psoriasis later appeared on them in 2007, on the ankle and the back of the feet.

I recognized immidiatelly strong Fire, Wood and Earth aaginst Weak Metal in my chart as you define condtions for it.

my father had it shortly in life on elbowes and it disappeared.
Father 21.03.1947 around 9 am time zone+1, mother 7.7.1947 (not 100% suer in date, maybe it was 12.07) around 11 am time zone +1

Please give me hope and tips how to cool immune system down .

Thank You very much, hope You'll se this post.

Re:People with Psoriasis 6 years, 1 month ago #15210

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Dear Imagine,

To break the ice, I do have a part of the song for your name, Mr John Lennon: Imagine

Imagine there's no heaven

Imagine there's no countries

Imagine no possessions

You may say I'm a dreamer

But I'm not the only one

I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one…….


(Imagine there is no Saphora, sorry I can not
control myself to make a joke.)

I was away from this Forum a week or two to upgrade my FS knowledge. I am just a Beginner compare with them elsewhere. I am learning everyday. Meeting people like you is a gift from heaven, supporting me with this beautiful topic about Health.

What I learn somewhere or here, I will give it back to you all. It called “Resource meets Output”, this is a very healthy process. Without “Output” is like you take your knowledge into your own grave, and only the worms are benefit with it.

Luckily I found your post in time.
We already know about Psoriasis, but I will add another process how your body reacts internally under influences of the Fire-element.

It is normal that during pregnancy woman often have inflammation in their bowel, because the baby inside push all the internal organs up and there will less internal space.

In your circumstances, I will explain why your case is more serious than an average woman. I will focus first about your bowels and than your Immune System.
Let’s us go back to your 4 pillars, you gave it in details. I would think you are well prepared and know what you want to know, and that’s good.

This is when your internal organs work at its peaks:

- Heart peaks (11am - 1pm)
- Small Intestine peaks (1pm – 3pm)
- Urinal Bladder peaks (3pm – 5pm)
- Kidney peaks (5pm – 7pm)
- Pericardium peaks (7pm – 9pm)
- Triple Burner peaks (9pm – 11pm)
- Gall Bladder peaks (11pm – 1am)
- Liver peaks (1am – 3am)
- Lung peaks (3am – 5am)
- Large Intestine peaks (5am – 7am)
- Stomach peaks (7am – 9am)
- Spleen peaks (9am – 11am)

4 Pillars:
Year: Yin Fire Si (Snake) Location: Spleen peaks (9am – 11am)
Month: Yang Water Yin (Tiger) Location: Lung peaks (3am – 5am)
Day: Yang Earth Wu (Horse) Location: Heart peaks (11am - 1pm)
Hour: Yin Wood Mao (Rabbit) Location: Large Intestine peaks (5am – 7am)

From your 4 pillars the Internal Energy was focused mainly on the Spleen, Large Intestines, Heart and Lung. Mainly Wood and Fire season, this could support the Fire-element tremendously.

Your Lung and Skin (represent Metal element) should reach at highest peak during your month Yin Tiger. As you could see it was surrounded by exhausted element Fire. There is Water element, but this is between Wood and Fire season and there is hardly Metal-element in your pillars to support it. There is a sub-Qi output “Eating God”, but this is very weak between the exhausted elements Fire.

Now as you could see your main Chart, the most important pillars, the Metal element and Water are weak.

Although there is Water element, but I could conclude you do have a Hot-chart.

A Hot-chart will dry the Intestines area very fast. Intestines are part of the bowel system. It means your bowel will be fragile and dry. What happen when a dry and fragile Earth is under pressure, it will easily break. This explain why during your pregnancy when the baby push your fragile and dry intestines up and caused pressure and the change it will caused inflammation in the bowels.

During your pregnancy I would think your constipation in the bowels increases. This is caused by the dryness of the intestines due to your Fire-elements.

Now I will explain you about your Psoriasis.

I will look together with your at your 10 year Pillars. From your birth till now your are mostly under influence of Wood and Fire season, especially 2008-2018 Yang Fire Wu (Horse). During this period the Fire-element are almost 100% pure Fire and it is the strongest peak as well.

During this period there is increasing of un-balance of your chart and other elements refer to other internal organs according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Your main chart will hotter and dryer with consequences, it will be bending or breaking.

Your body will try to balance and defend it all it can, till it overflows. In your circumstances your Immune System can not longer defend and have to sacrifice some part of your body. That is your Skin (Metal), because Fire will destroy Metal first. When Metal elements can not tolerate it anymore, it will shift the problem to your Kidney or your Re-productive organ.

Luckily you have already two children, if you want to have more, I do recommend you visit the Doctor more often to check your Blood-pressure. When your body will dry up, the Blood-pressure will increase too.

How can I give you good and useful advice?

It is like when summer in Europe reaches 40-45 degrees, you know that. It is hot; you and I can not change summer into winter. We already know that you are in the Fire-season of your life (2008-2018). The only way to improve your immune system is to cool it down as you can.

How to do that: we have to increase the Metal and Water elements.

It is not easy, but not hopeless.

Metal represents your Lung, you could increase that by having a good walk in the park every morning early in the morning, see table above.

Water represents your Kidney and other Water-related organs. When your Lung strengthens it will automatically support your Kidney. Increase Water is normally drinks more water, on advice of the Doctor. The Water will not only cool your body down but also flush your body-waste better. Water will also wet your Intestines, makes the constipations less severe.

Now we know how to increase the Supportive Elements, but it is not enough.

We have to decrease the overwhelm Fire and Earth elements too.

We have to decrease Spicy food and salty food, eat more vegetables and drink enough water. Take vitamins like Fish oil, is also a must.

If you do that, you already help your body and immune system more than enough.

There are Chinese tea and Asian herbs to refresh your body too and it tastes good too. Please ask the Asian shop in China town near your local town.

In long term there is good news, the 10 year luck pillars will shift to the Metal season and Water season. It is exactly what you do need for your retirements. Wealth and talents and good health will appear into your life. Until then just support your Metal and Water elements through Food and healthy common senses.

These are normal and easy steps to increase your Luck tremendously. When your body cools down, Luck and Wealth automatically come into your life. It is a way to improve your Wealth by just easy improves your food intake and a morning walk, easy right?

There is more to tell about you, but I have to wait what you want to ask.


Re: People with Psoriasis 6 years, 1 month ago #15248

  • Imagine
Dear Saphora,

Good Bless You!
Oh , I'm very gratefull for Your precious time and energy, words can not tell!

I'll try to writte my little history and ask some more tomorrow.

Many many many regards and good Angels to You,

Re: People with Psoriasis 6 years, 1 month ago #15250

  • Saphora
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Dear Imagine,

Imagine there are no Angels watching over you.

Luckily there is Saphora who gives you back-support.


Re: People with Psoriasis 6 years, 1 month ago #15264

  • Imagine
Dear Saphora,
It's truth, there are no angels, fire burned them all :)It is raining for three days here and I feel nice about it, maybe little like when you pour water on a hot plot and is going frrrrrrrrr.I will always try to keep up good spirit. There are always people in worse position then mine and feeling better. Just to remember that nothing is important as is looks at the moment, everything can be left out and still be ok.

This song Di Tien Suin wrote

In this earthly game of Emptiness,
I play along with you.
You play, I play,
I laugh and cry with you.
The only difference is,
I know that all is intrinsically Empty,
You do not."
-------Buddhist verse

I learned a lot here. I know now why it is bad time for me, good to know:) Fire all around through Resource Star makes me these years highly emotionally driven and hypersensitive . When you cannot control yourself, emotions, abnormally strong reactions on day -to -day unpleasant events everything cannot be good. You exhaust yourself when all the fire is burning in your head and rest of the body must be drained.

First two decades of my life were under Wood Influence Stars: I was personally very pressed in school and being best in school since my first grade. And always spending lot of time and energy on guys. If I met Bernard then to tell me not to waste my energy then it would be revealing

Then around 19 I stopped eating meat and started to eat lot of apples and peanuts and going to parties consuming a bit of alcohol. Couple of months later, just at the beginning of my studies on the University I developed acne of my perfect skin and they gave me hard times, you know all the girls want to be perfect, I was always perfectionist, now for most of things I gave up when I was defeated so many times I just want to survive.

Truth, my life got much worse when I turned 20, and total crush when I turned 30.Bazi is the Key.

So it was not smooth, pretty hard, spending energy on guys in not happy relationships , very hard to achieve score on university, very draining and devastating to my nerves, but I would define my state then ok if asked, never thinking am I happy or not, just till I finished Master of mathematics I felt like pushing many many heavy rocks on the top of the hill under very hot burning sun -only like I’ve done that with my head  I was vegetarian but with no balanced food only I wasn’t eating sugar at all.

When I got 28 I had my first child, daughter. I was drinking too many juices, carrot and orange juice while breastfeeding , feeling dizzy from time to time and I finally exaggerated and spoiled my intestines. I never ever had constipation in my whole life, I developed the opposite state , I couldn’t keep anything in my stomach, I had low grade temperature with devastating pains in downright part of my stomach.

I discovered month later I am pregnant, still breastfeeding my 13 month old daughter. I was shocked because I thought I will lose my job and I am in small town with very low possibility finding another good job. My painful and draining condition continued for couple month, I lost 6 kg in first 5 month of pregnancy. Doctors said it could be crones disease or Ulcerative colitis, I should take corticosteroids maybe. I immediately found macrobiotic consultant and get program for my condition. I felt better strait away. I expelled all refined food and almost all fresh food, juices, I ate only cooked grains, mainly rice, beans, vegetables a lot, small amounts of fish, miso soup, raisins, almonds etc, I also ate wheat bread. I was feeling better , not really good but good enough to bring my baby on earth naturally without any medicines taken ever in pregnancy. I got 6 kg in pregnancy and he was 3,5 kg. He was healthy , that was most important.

But I was not. I didn’t keep myself well and developed serious reproductive organs state like inflammation, which took me to gynecologist about 30 times in a two years. I was weak, still having loose stools and some pains in downright stomach, but I was stubborn and determinate. I become fanatic in healthy food, torturing all around me. I was not feeling good so I expelled oil ,and anything raw and anything sweet. I was not better. I got symptoms like heart choking. I had hard times on work, with small children, with mother in law, I brestfeaded my son year and a half with stupid reason, I just felt kind of guilty for being sick in pregnancy and wanting him to be really healthy. I was very very weak and drained and bitter. I was so dizzy, I couldn’t watch at TV, I was feeling so over stimulated that I couldn’t stand light, sounds . I had a very hard year.

Re: People with Psoriasis 6 years, 1 month ago #15265

  • Imagine
In 2010 Metal stem came. Oh my God. In a spring time one doctor said I could be allergic on grain proteins. I took medical tests and wasn't allergic but I stopped eating wheat immediately. All my stomach pains stopped almost immediately. I was suffering from headache all the time and suspected something was wrong with apartment. I found Radiesthesist and discovered that under my new bed in our new apartment flows underground water. (we start living there when I got 30 so I always thought it is apartment that brought me bad luck) I moved to sleep in another room. Much better. Also at my job I moved from office that was near electric installation that also was causing me headache, I felt before often like I ‘m going to lose conscience.

I couldn’t believe. At least 60% of my suffering was gone. Oh, what a release. I also moved out that spring my mother and father in law from our apartment too keep our children to their house , they were controlling everything and giving me hard times. I was obviously better. But Later I exhausted my brain with no animal proteins, and as I stopped miso I didn’t getting B12 vitamins also. So at work I felt like I’m going to lose my conscience. My brain was in very bad condition. I Went to Ayurveda consultant in our main capital. He gave me proposals. I couldn’t use cow milk since I wasn’t drinking it for 20 years. I stayed with proposal as much as I could. I always kept the best of macrobiotics eating fresh cooked not refined rice and miller, many ,many vegetables , never refined food and never ever sugar ,always fresh cooked food because Ayurveda said that food is good only 3 hours after it is prepared. I was taking always organic vegetables that my mother is growing as a hobby and passion for health for 30 years.

in spring 2011, still metal, my cruel lady boss left company which was new release to me. Thank You God for that. In May I took my children from my mother in father in law and took baby sitter to watch them while I was at work. They were over controlling everything through children, claiming that husband and me are not capable to take care of this and that, interfering in every single thing. That caused problems in my marriage, from which I was emotionally hardly disturbed whole year. but I started to eat small amounts of milk and meat and fresh food, found homeopath and therapy with crystals and tried to help myself with meditation every day. I also went to bio-energy (not sure for spelling) tremens a lot during hard year. I took a couple of acupuncture series during last year. I found Bach drops for calming emotions. I’m trying everything. Still get upset very easy.

I also discovered that yoga deep breathing everyday half an hour and every night before sleep makes me feel much better. All that You are talking about is so so so truth. I was going to quiet walk every day as much I as could.

My biggest issue is to calm down my nerves and to strength them a little if possible.

Interesting part: during those hard years I had no support from my mother, my sister, my husband. Because Friend, Resource, and Influence stars are not good for me. I felt them as additional pressure, they sent me to shrink many times and always telling that I’m just pretending, nothing serious is with me since in 50 doctors visits western medicine always said everything is pretty ok me. Drop dead if You must I cannot stand your behavior, said my mother .Only homeopath measured very low and bad energy levels , particularly for nervous system and macrobiotic consultant measured very low metal and fire? energy level during intestine inflammation.
This year is not bad,Many times in past I thought it is impossible me to stay alive till next month, this yaer many days I fell ok 

So, thank you if you had patience to read this . I will follow all good advices You give me. Please whatever you remember to tell it would be useful. I expect “divine” green horse year 2014. I would go to monastery but I can not I have children to take care about  Maybe to go somewhere where is cold all the time.I'll practice Man Luck and paint all rooms in apartment and all furniture in white, black, metal and blue since all family has over dominating Soil and Water is not bad luck color for anybody.

Note :Yesterday we painted children’s room in north part of apartment in light blue, and sleeping room in east in white against wood. I will expel my green carpets from apartment also immediately.)
So, thanks for Your patience, all the best for You,


Re:People with Psoriasis 6 years ago #15735

Dear Saphora,)
i must tell you..
i have read this your last letter,so many times,..about me..
it is so true,...

my psoriasis,..is some how is getting better..in the last two months,..
i have a question for you,..
so many time i tried to find a website,or some software wich would help me to learn these reading,..but i have not find useful close to nothing on the net..

i am concerned about my relationship,..it is sans good to be true,..for us to be in harmony so much..??
i would love to know..is really he is the one,...(he still has the wife,!!)...
he was born:Hungary 1962-jun.25...AND I WAS ..1970-sept.06.
could you please help me how i can analyse this chart of us...?..propely,?..

best regards
have a nice day..)

Re:People with Psoriasis 6 years ago #15875

Dear Saphora,)
i must tell you..
i have read this your last letter,so many times,..about me..
it is so true,...

my psoriasis,..is some how is getting better..in the last two months,..
i have a question for you,..
so many time i tried to find a website,or some software wich would help me to learn these reading,..but i have not find useful close to nothing on the net..

i am concerned about my relationship,..it is sans good to be true,..for us to be in harmony so much..??
i would love to know..is really he is the one,...(he still has the wife,!!)...
he was born:Hungary 1962-jun.25...AND I WAS ..1970-sept.06.
could you please help me how i can analyse this chart of us...?..propely,?..

best regards
have a nice day..)

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  • anjin
Greetings Saphora,
When I was a young boy I had an eczema outbreak, perhaps it was psoriasis, which covered mainly my scalp and ears, but also my neck, elbows, and chest. After this outbreak and western medicine the symptoms went away. Almost fifteen years later I started to develop dry scalp and inner ears (living abroad in Asia and later on the West Coast of US), and since then I experience dry, flaky skin on my forehead and hair line, under my eyebrows, on both sides on my nose under my eyes, and around my mouth. My ears are still very dry and very flaky (sometimes large yellow flakes) and my scalp can feel irritated at times but the dandruff has lessened. I have stopped using soap on my face and try to only wash my face and head with cold water.

From what I gather this sounds like the elements of metal and water, lung and kidney. I had two acupuncture sessions and was told to avoid dairy and orange juice, and eat kiwi and asparagus, along with some other foods and oils.

Here is my info:

Male DOB 11/29/1981 at 4:12PM in South East, USA. 1st case – 1988 or 1989 2nd case – 2006 to present
Father DOB 7/1/1950 at 12:12PM in North East, USA– My father seems to experience similar dryness on his face.
Mother DOB 3/31/1950 at 1:32PM in North Midwest, USA

Are you able to offer any advice on foods, lifestyle, etc.? I want to beat my gene code and be done with this skin irritation
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Your father's chart has lots of loneliness stars and your mother also.

What happened to them in 1991?

If someone could still remember long ago.


Re: People with Psoriasis 5 years, 10 months ago #16319

  • anjin
Thank you, Shoguns.

Yes, 1991 was a hard year for both my parents; my mother's father died in 1991, and my father really loved his father-in-law. Also, my father's new job required long commuting hours so we moved closer to his job and my parents had to sell a house they just built. They thought they would live in that house the rest of their lives. 1991 was a tough year for them.

Also, my first outbreak was psorias, not eczema, in 1988. This has been confirmed.

Thank you for your help, I would like to hear more

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