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Cancer vs Astrology part 2
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TOPIC: Cancer vs Astrology part 2

Cancer vs Astrology part 2 2 years, 9 months ago #29719

  • Koi Fish
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Dear All,

My friends and I have worked for this project almost 4 years and it is for us important that we share it to you about our experiences.

It is all about “Yuen”, that you coincidence read this topic.

We all hope that one day you all could improve this topic and go further where we had left behind.

This project was created by inspiration of GM Raymond Lo his book: Health and Destiny.

We made a short version of it.

I would like to introduce some information that I have copied in the topic Cancer vs Astrology part 1.

Over the years this topic will disappear anyway, so it is all about “Yuen” that someone someday could benefit of those experiences of us.

As we all know that our Four-pillars are related to our DNA and Health according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I have copied from previous post about indication of possibility of the source of Cancer and all type of Inflammation and illness.

The most popular of the Bazi-combos related to Health is:

1) The Earth-combo: the Almighty GOD-formation. G (Goat/Wei) O (Ox/Chou) D (Dog/Xu).
2) The Fire-combo: Yin-Shen and Si.
3) 1 or 2 elements chart
4) Zi/Chou Clash against Wu/Wei, Yin/Mao clash against You/Shen
5) Heavenly Stem in conflict with Earthly Branch

My friend had corrected some small issue with his Calculator and wants to share it to you all.

Just click link to download it: it is safe to do: updated in July 2015.


I would like to share some videos that related to Cancer and Macrobiotic of George Ohsawa. This method is based on yang and Yin way of life. To understand how Mother Nature works, you have to be ONE with Mother Nature.

I have downloaded my selves in case they deleted in Youtube, so at least you still have a copy of it. I will put those videos in my next reply and I try to explain what they have mentioned in those videos. I just random selected it for you, I am just lazy to watch and pre-select it for you.

These Videos are my selection for you all and we will continue to work on this project to benefit to all of you.

Video 1: 72 MB.
Youtube: SHOCKING Cancer Cures - 100 Years of Suppressed Medicine - Watch This!


Video 2: 17 MB.
Youtube: Terminal Cancer Patient Cured With Macrobiotic Diet


Video 3: 29 MB.
Youtube: Jessa Parker on Macrobiotics


Video 4: 28 MB.

Youtube: Macrobiotic and my mom


Enjoy watching, I will come back for more information about those videos with my opinion about this subject.

Bro Koi Fish
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Re: Cancer vs Astrology part 2 2 years, 9 months ago #29720

  • dreamvan61
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Thank you for the great info, and Saphora's calculator

I heard them mention alkalinity diet, edgar cayce mentions the same thing about diet more in alkaline than acidity

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Re: Cancer vs Astrology part 2 2 years, 9 months ago #29727

  • Koi Fish
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Video 1:
Youtube: SHOCKING Cancer Cures - 100 Years of Suppressed Medicine - Watch This!

Dear All,

I have shared my real story before, but I would like to put in this topic for completeness.

When I first migrated to Australia, my first job was an Analyst in the Pharmaceutical Laboratory for Generic Medicine. I did interest in Cancer and Bazi, I had made a Website for reading Bazi for Cancer Charities. I knew how powerful the FDA (Food and Drug Administration (FDA or USFDA)), they controlled almost everything.

Now I am working as an Analyst in the Food Laboratory-sector, so I know what in all our food contains.
It is amazing how my Destiny is rolled out.

In that Video it was shown how powerful FDA is. They have the money to manipulate the media. If you are searching for Macrobiotic diet for example they will manipulate that information as well. You will get confused; they controlled all the information online.

It is all about Greed and Power, and no humanity. This is one of the reasons why I am quite safe here in this Forum, because I know if I go outside the “FDA-Shark” will make it not easy for me.

It is all about “Yuen”, coincidence you read this story and you will be saved or your loves one will be saves one day in the near future.

How powerful is the FDA?

In that Video the Physician of the Pope John Paul II is using kind of Cancer-cure Diet. Even the Pope, one of the most powerful people of Earth has to keep his mouth shut by this reason. Why cannot the most powerful person on Earth save human lives?

Again the FDA! It shows again how powerful they are and it is all about Money and Greed. It is indeed a Billion Dollars business.

George Ohsawa is the founder of Macrobiotic Diet (1893-1966). One of his students was Michio Kushi (1926-2014), he introduced this method to the Western world.

George Ohsawa had predicted about the increasing of War, Cancer and al type of chronic illness, just by looking at the Data of consuming of Sugar.

Sugar is according to George Ohsawa the most hidden and silent killer of mankind, and nowadays he was right.

George Ohsawa is using Yang and Yin method to balance our Destiny; we have heard it before in Bazi-analysis.

Sugar is according to him the one of most Yin-category besides all kind of drugs and prescription drugs.

The Western world has the Alkalinity-Diet, we in Eastern World has the Yang and Yin Diet method.

Yang, you could compare with “pH+”, pH over 7. Yin, you could compare with “pH-“, pH less than 7. pH 7 is considered as Neutral in Chemistry term logy.

This is one of the reasons why Alkalinity Diet-pH is referred to this phenomenon.

In our Blood has a pH as 7.4, and in some of sea water has pH=7.5. This is one of the secrets why some of our foods must contains a bit salty, and why sea-vegetable so important to be absorbed into our body.

Eating Yin-food will make our Blood more Yin (imbalance), as we all know Yin-negative. It means also Bad-luck will come into our life with Bad-health as consequences.

To make our life better and more Luck, just balance our food-intake more Yang.

My next story is about Video 2: Youtube: Terminal Cancer Patient Cured With Macrobiotic Diet

Bro Koi Fish
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Re: Cancer vs Astrology part 2 2 years, 9 months ago #29728

  • ding79
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Thank you very much Koi Fish. There are valuable information for us. I have just read them cause I suffer heavy influenza... My immunity is too low. There is a good video to change my life style

Re: Cancer vs Astrology part 2 2 years, 9 months ago #29729

  • Jess88
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Hi Bro Koi Fish,

What about those Nutritional Shake Mix that replace food? Are they healthy? Also how about milk? Since young, I don't like to drink milk and only drank those sweet condensed milk which is really unhealthy. Now I drink soy milk and almond for calcium.

Also what is the impact if someone has Goat,Ox and Dog in decade luck period? Does it mean in the decade luck they have health issue if earth element is not their favorable element?

Re: Cancer vs Astrology part 2 2 years, 9 months ago #29734

  • Koi Fish
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Hi Ding79,

As I have mentioned before, you should try to change your life style. Not only you will help your selves but also many other family members who are waiting to get help from you.

In video 4, I will explain more about the decision that old lady had made 50 years ago.

Eat with Awareness and Eat with Knowledge.

I hope through my knowledge you will increase your awareness.

Bro Koi Fish

Re: Cancer vs Astrology part 2 2 years, 9 months ago #29735

  • Koi Fish
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Hi Jess,

Eating and drinking requires awareness and knowledge, slowly I will provide it to you.

Yang and Yin is very deep, it depends on many factor, like your age, gender, stage of illness, and of course what kind of chart you have.

As you know in Bazi, your Bazi is the main structure of your DNA. If this is already weak, it will be worse when you land in a bad 10 LP and year.

Bad 10 LP also means that just many thinking or stressful events you will encounter. With a healthy body and mind, you will easily resolve those problems. Herewith you will reduce those Bad-combos.

Actually with this method, your body and mind is always ready to resolve any problems in the future. This is why I called it as Changing Destiny.

Nutritional Shake Mix is only made for a healthy chart and healthy people. It is processed food. As you know any processed food won’t get you connected with Nature, Video 3.

If you are young and very healthy, Nutritional Shake Mix will not destroy you in short term.

It is a Western Recipe and commercialized, most of chemicals are being used.

I am not saying it is bad. You could use it once a week a glass of Nutritional Shake is all right. The amount of Junk is important.

I rather direct you into the healthy way: Macrobiotic Diet.

Again: Eat with Awareness and Eat with Knowledge.

Bro Koi Fish
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Re: Cancer vs Astrology part 2 2 years, 9 months ago #29736

  • Koi Fish
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Video 2:
Youtube: Terminal Cancer Patient Cured With Macrobiotic Diet

Hi All,

As you watch this video, the Cook didn’t use the word “Cure” but he said that people is using Macrobiotic Diet is coming back to health. As you already know from Video 1, you are not allowed to say the say the word “Cured”.

The word “HOPE” is being used.

Not everybody will get that word Hope. The first Stage of Body-development is a cycle of 7 years.

If you are less than 7 years old and you have Cancer or any chronic illness, the word “HOPE” is really fading: your Heavenly Luck is almost zero. When Heavenly Luck is low, Man-Luck cannot do anything about it.

This Macrobiotic method is to support your body so it can self-heal your selves. Your Stem-cells must be intact. We cannot change our DOB, our DNA or our Stem-cells.

Why would a Doctor recommend you for something else?

It is not his job to inform you or provide you to prevent any illness. Your illness is his Money to pay his College, to pay his Mortgage, to pay his Car, to pay his Office.

Inform you not to be sick, it is a suicide for him: he will lose his job. His duties are to mask your problems, not solve to the Source of your problems.

His duties is to refer to another Doctor, he gets also his Pay, than he refers you to another Doctor, again he gets Pay, until the last one is the Funeral cost. It is how it works in real life.

Only when Western Medicine has failed, than you are freely to do what you want. Like in that woman’s case, she is a Registered Nurse; she is educated with Western Medicine. They are destroying her body rather than heal her body.

She was diagnosing with “Death”, “Terminal Cancer”.

In her Case, she was at age 45 years old, if we have her DOB, during her 35 years old period something had triggered her bad emotions. Maybe her Divorce for example or the Death of her Husband, I am guessing because in the family photo (at 1:05 minute) her husband is not there.

Cancer will only trigger during your 10 bad Luck Period in Bazi, it needs at least 7 years to found or to be diagnosed by the Doctor.

When the Doctor is found out that you are having Cancer it is almost too late. We Bazi-readers could estimate which 10 LP that is. This way we could be 10 years ahead what Mother Nature is planning with us.

As I said before, if you want to know how Mother Nature Acts and Thinks, you have to ONE with Mother Nature. I will explain in Video 3.

In that Video, it had mentioned about “You Could Be Heal”, there was Hope. It depends on many factor as I have mentioned above.

I have just shown you all one or two Cases, but I have seen and heard hundreds of real Cases. From Cancer, Stroke, Blood-pressure, Kidney and Liver failure, Arthritis, Asthma, Diabetes, Breast and Cervical Cancer, Bowel Cancer and more, they all recover without any medication. Their body recovers it self, only we give our body a chance or give our body the environment when it can do the work for you.

In that Video the Cook had mentioned about two potential dangerous foods that could lead to chronic Illness: Meat and Dairy food.

Nowadays they injected grow-hormone into the animals to reduce the slaughter time. Normally that animal can destroys all the injected toxins, but it needs time. Before it had been destroyed in the animal body, it had been killed for consuming. The toxins that were left behind in their meat, we are consuming it. Slowly it will build up in our body and the consequences are big. Those toxins are also coming into their milk.
Before an animal is been killed, another “toxins” will coming into their meat to: “Hate-toxins”. Imagine if someone hurt you, wants to torture you. You will hate him forever; it is in your mind or in your Spirit. When an animal is dying, their Hate-spirit will follow their flesh, which it is consumed into your body. You will become like an animal your selves. This is a Beginning of War to the World, because people is not thinking clear anymore, infected by Hate-spirits of Animals. You will become as one of them.

In that Video it had explained about the basics of Macrobiotic Diet:

1) No Meat
2) No Dairy
3) No Sugar

1) No Meat: I already explained about the Toxins they had given to the animals. Our teeth is not designed for Meat-eaters, only four sharp teeth, chewing teeth is designed for chewing Vegetable and Cereal or whole grain products.

2) No Dairy: We are the top of the Food chains, we are superior creature. We don’t need to drink animal milk to become like an animal. A human drinks human milk, although I haven’t drunk it since I was born. What I am saying is that a Cat doesn’t drink a Dog’s milk; it means every living being has their own milk. Mother Nature has created it already for us

3) No Sugar: Sugar is different than Glucose. Carbohydrate will break down with our Enzyme into Glucose and our body will absorb it. Fructose in fruits will transform into different kind of sugar and it will make our blood-pH lower. If you are chewing whole grain product like whole grain cereal, you already feel the sweetness in your mouth, which is part of glucose sweetness.

Taking high amount of Sugar product is dangerous to your Liver and Pancreas. Nowadays everything contains high Sugar-level in almost any products.

This recommendation is only for serious ill people. For normal people who want to prevent Cancer, I would recommend:

1) Less Meat
2) Less Dairy
3) Less Sugar

Eat with Awareness and Eat with Knowledge.

In that Video the Cook said also:

“The more drastic to do, the more drastic the results will be.”

In Macrobiotic Diet, it has 7 levels of Diet, Cancer and all type of illness you have to give it all: Diet level 7. It means your body is already being destroyed; you must use the hardest level.

When can you stop using that Diet?

In that Video, the Registered Nurse had been diagnosed with Terminal Cancer. After a year, her Tumor had been gone. I don’t know what level she is doing, but in general 12 months you must see the good results immediately. Yes, it is true.

Again, there is no time limit, it depends on your Bazi, what level you are doing and what your circumstances are.

In general after 3 months, your way of thinking and motivation had been changed into positive again. It means the first three months is your exams for Success. If you failed, it will take longer, the results will be longer but finally you will recover any way.

In that Video she said also:

“Never Give Up!”

We have Bazi-reading, we have Macrobiotic Diet method. We know what Mother Nature Acts and Thinks. We could be healing ourselves.

I am happy for you all that you know Bazi-reading. You don’t know what enormous Power you all have.

You all not only see their Future, but you have the Power of the Knowledge to Alter their Destiny.

You do have the Power to bring back their Health!

You could bring Death back to Life!

My next contribution is about Video 3:

Youtube: Jessica Parker on Macrobiotics.

Bro Koi Fish

Re: Cancer vs Astrology part 2 2 years, 9 months ago #29738

  • Jess88
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Thank you Bro Koi Fish,

I don't take Nutritional Shake Mix. I eat less meat and more natural food like seeds, vegetables and nuts. But my relative is taking nutritional shake mix every morning. Think I advise them not to take it. I also try to cut down on meat especially seafood and chicken. Most of meals consist of vegetables and fruits on weekdays.

Thank you again Bro Koi Fish.

Re: Cancer vs Astrology part 2 2 years, 9 months ago #29770

  • Koi Fish
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Youtube: Jessica Porter on Macrobiotics

Hi All,

I am 100% Asian, but I grew up in Western Country. It is a bit funny to see a Western MILF sharing her knowledge about Macrobiotics. I could see my selves in her, as a Hippie: Make Love Not War. Looking at her face, she could have a Bing/Yang Fire face. Although I am also Bing/Yang Fire but my face is more round.

In her Video she makes an introduction about Macrobiotics, I would think it is a good Introduction.

I will give you a general food-chart about Yang and Yin.

It is more advanced than what you have heard in that Video


Cancer and all type of chronic illness could cause by imbalance of our immune system in our body or imbalance of our five organs network.

If you only eat those food shown in the chart as “Neutral” as in Chemistry as pH-Neutral, I have explained before, than your body will detoxify your body first and make it Balance.

After three months you will definitely see the results, it is also your exams.

Please allow me to share you my real Health-story.

As I have told you before in my other post, my Liver is quite weak due to eating Junks over the years. It is still working, but I need Western Medicine to push it to work harder.

My Western Doctor said that is a Chronic Illness and I have to take medicine for the rest of my life. I did believe in my Doctor, my future was kind of blur. I even didn’t care about my Superannuation.

Indeed I have taken that medicine for 15 years. Weekly I went to the Temple to light up some Incense Sticks to give me peace. Slowly I was pushed to that Theory of Yang and Yin, kind of magical. Immediately I trusted that Theory, well if you study over the years about Bazi and Feng Shui, you should know what Yang and Yin is.

I really knew I must change my life-style, although I was a Vegetarian almost one year. This method is more advanced Advanced Vegetarian Diet: Yang and Yin method.

I started immediately eating “Neutral Food” as in the chart.

I also reduced eating and drinking after 6 pm, after 6 pm it is going to be Yin (Evening).

After 6 pm your digested system is not working properly anymore, so it is not good to eat after 6 pm.

The best time to eat is around 12:00-1:00 pm, it is Fire-time which it is support Earth-element. Earth-element is our Digested System.

Eating in the morning you are supporting your Upper-body organs like your Brain. Eating during Noon, you are supporting your Qi-energy or Central Organs. Eating at night, you are supporting your Lower-body organs, like your Sex-organs.

This is why Buddha recommended Monks not to eat at night, because their Sex-hormone will increase and their mind will not pure anymore. It is hard to meditate if there is a woman in your head. Just at noon-time is highly recommended to have a peaceful mind and body.

For men in general, they should urinate maximum 4-5 times a day. This is to check their Water-intake. For women, it is 3-4 times a day going to the toilet.

Why less optimum Water-intake?

This has to do with your Kidney and Digested system; Water-element will control Fire-Heart and weaken the Earth-Digested system.

The more you let the Kidney work hard, the faster it will not function properly. In our Body is average 5 liters Blood, which circulate for the rest of your life. If you dilute your blood to much by taking too much water (very Yin), your Kidney will work harder proportional with 5 liters blood. The harder the Kidney works, the harder your Heart works too, and it will decrease it functionality proportionally over the years. It means those organs will break down faster or your Luck will break down faster too.

I don’t drink cold beverages any more; the reason was that Cold is Yin-element. Yin will weaken your Yang-energy and also weaken your Digested system and your Qi-life.

In the first two weeks, it was very difficult for me. All sugar contains food like Ice creams, cookies, cakes, coke, fanta were so delicious and now I have to cancel it all.

I have also to train my Hunger-feelings, it is the work of your body which continuous asking for Yin-food or Junk-food. You have to train your mind and body otherwise Yin-Darkness to try to stop it.

The trick is to re-train your body, when you are really hungry please don’t eat a fully stomach. If you are thirsty pleas don’t drink beakers of water. You have to control your selves. If you let your stomach about 30% empty, Qi-energy will be attracted into your life. It has to do with Qi-flow or Good Luck. Another Feng Shui Secrets!

Luckily after three weeks my desire for those foods had gone to minimum. I started to loose weight too. The reason was, I didn’t take any Sugar-food and minimize deep-fry food, which contains high fat and oil.

My body was in panic, but it recovers slowly and my entire 5 organs network was starting to balance.

After three months I went to my Doctor for periodic Blood-test. Indeed he was surprised that all my blood-results were great. It was indeed working; my body is recovering so fast that even I was surprised too.

Bazi-readers are always trying to Balance the missing elements in their chart. Your body is always trying to balance it for you, but you don’t give it a chance to do it.

Missing Wood element is for some Resource aspect or even Wealth. When your body is balance, Wood-element will increase to balance and Wealth will come automatically into your life.

This is the Secrets I want to share you all.

When your body is in Balance: Resources, Friends, Talents, Wealth and Power will come to you automatically. You will be more Balance and more Happier than ever before.


1) Using the Neural Food in the Food-chart for 3 months.
2) Men: going to the toilets (urinate) max. 4-5 times a day.
3) Women: going to the toilets (urinate) max. 3-4 times a day.
4) Eat before 6 pm, optimum at 12:00-1:00 pm as main meal.
5) Avoid Cold drinks, but hot Bancha tea (Japanese Green-tea)
6) (Higher level: check your poo, but I don’t discuss it here, it smells.)

Whole grain (better Red whole grain) rice, you need to make it softer by put them in water for 22 hours, before you cook them. Otherwise it is a bit hard to eat, just try it out what it is best for you. It takes me a few times to find how to cook ideal rice. Electric Rice cooker will decrease the Yang-energy of Rice by 30%, it is better to cook it with gas-fire. Try to avoid everything with Microwave or Electric Wave to cook your food.

Red Azuki beans, the best results is to detoxify it with salty boiling water for 5 minutes and empty the water before you cook it with new fresh water. It is hard; sometimes you need to let it longer in water to make it softer.

Sesame seeds are best if you roasted in a pan under gas-fire slowly until it is brown. Please do not use high temperature, because the vitamins will be reduced.

Salt/Sesame intake proportion 1:20 for beginners, it means 1 spoon of salt mixed it with 19 spoon of Sesame seeds.

This Neutral Formula Chart is almost Level 6-7 of Macrobiotic Diet method. It is also the formula to change Destiny and bring back your Health.

Level 7 is without any vegetable, just Red whole grain rice, salt, sesame seeds and Bancha tea and chewing longer until you feel more sweet liquids in your mouth of that food. The reason behind chewing longer is that you give Earth-digested system rest to balance all other organs network. Going to the toilets will be reduced; it had to do what goes in and what goes out.

Please try that Neutral Food for 3 months, you will see that your life is changing and your mind is changing too.

If you in really serious Bad-Luck, using immediately Level 7 for three months or find other similar alternatives and than decrease slowly your Level.

If you are using that Neutral Food method, many people around you will think you are kind of weird. It is because you do have the knowledge and they don’t.

It is not what people is thinking, it is the Doctor results you will show it to them after three months. You will the one who laughs at the End.

It depends on many factors and the serious of illness or bad-luck of you.

For normal people, I would recommend what Jessica Porter had said in that video about lower level of Macrobiotic Diet.

Eat with Awareness and Eat with Knowledge!

My next Video 4 is about the Past Life, the Past, the Present, the Future and After life, or your Destiny and how it had turned out.

Bro Koi Fish

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Re: Cancer vs Astrology part 2 2 years, 9 months ago #29786

  • Koi Fish
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Hi All,

Wow! At 90 years old and she is making jokes. She is a wonderful woman.

When I see her, I see my future: tooth-less and grey hair. I am not sure I still could make jokes anymore.

Many of you could ask your selves, should I make the decisions to cut my meat or not.

This woman had probably Bowel-Cancer at her 35-40 years old. She made that decision to cut meat.

She called as “SURVIVAL OF VEGETARIAN”, she is indeed funny.

Partly she is right, when you body is in “Survival Stage”, it will do anything to survival. It will go back to the roots of our existing. If you create a neutral environment, it will start a new life.

50 years later she watched back, and I would think she is happy to make such decision. 50 years Cancer-free and 50 years of inner happiness, it was absolutely the right decision.

As I have mentioned before, Doctors and Western Medicine will say it was silly to cut back meat. It is silly to be a vegetarian, but the results are very clear. 50 years later she is still happy and Cancer-free. Without her decision, she could not be here anymore.

What I want to highlight her comments:

- She is feeling safer right away! It is according to Buddhism belief very true. You are taking partly indirectly other animal’ lives. Although you are not killing those animals, but because you are buying it they kill it for you. So you are also partly responsible for their killing.
- She is feeling positive about living. It is also very true. I am feeling much safer and much positive about living by not consuming meat.
- She is feeling there is possibility of longer life. She is feeling better in many ways. I am feeling also that way after I am also a Meat-less Eater.

At the end she agrees that her heart is not working properly any more at 90 years old.

In ancient times, some farmers could predict their own death. When your body is one with Mother Nature, you will naturally feel every working cell in your body. You also feel when those cells are stop working at your old age.

In Buddhist Teaching, there were stories that during your death-bed those animals’ spirits will haunt you for revenge. They will make you suffer and that you will have a painful death.

Unfortunately we can not live forever; even Kings and Emperors had to face the same Fate.

Wealth, Fame and Power will turn into dust one day and we are trying now to sacrifice everything to achieve it.

I hope you all after watching this Video, being aware about your Health and make the right decision for your future.

Your Future is in your hand, why not invest now.

Bro Koi Fish
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Re: Cancer vs Astrology part 2 2 years, 9 months ago #29800

  • Wind
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Hi Koi Fish,

When we talk about food this way is very similar to the diet of kidney disease. In the West, of course. Maybe it's different with you, I do not know.

You want to help others, and this is good.

I believe in past and future lives. I do what my conscience dictates. We are here and we are now, and now needs to do as much as we can, not for the next life, not for the chart that leads to heaven. If I got a ticket to the next life, I would probably give someone else because there is always someone whom is worse.

If you want my Visa to heaven (of course, if I have one) I'll be happy to give you, your mission takes a long time. But this is not the solution for you because you have a lot of work and you're not finished.

I hope that this not hurt you. This is just my honest opinion - it is not necessarily true because it's mine.

Remember the movie "Star wars"? You like movies, you'll remember.

There is Yoda and he said:

"When 900 years old you reach, look as good you will not ehh."
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Re: Cancer vs Astrology part 2 2 years, 9 months ago #29806

  • Koi Fish
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Hi All,

The word Death gives us Goosebumps and it is a sensitive subject.

Only who has Buddhist background could only understand about After-Life, especially moments before After-Life.

I am dealing with Death every week in my local Buddhist Temple. Girls, young at their Twenties, I have to worship them every week in the Temple. I see families are suffering with grieves. Maybe I talk spontaneously without thinking that others are not very appreciated about the word Death. Death is in Buddhism just a new Beginning of Life. I have shared you all in:


The question is: where are you going to your After-Life?

In Buddhism, Causes and Effects are similar to ZWDS Method, like Hua Lu is the Causes and Hua Ji is the Effetcs.

If people are suffering from 5 aspects of life: Friends, Talents, Wealth, Power and Resource, in Buddhism it is very easy to explain. Macrobiotic Diet method gives you a new Road to travel, to make a new life now and After-Life.

If you have a chance to make your life better, why not now?

It takes just three months to find it out with Macrobiotic Diet. You are becoming almost ONE with Mother Nature.

Macrobiotic Diet is very magical, not only healing-effect but also Spiritual effect. It is very deep, almost to the roots of all livings. I can write a book about it.

If you are ONE with Mother Nature, you will understand the meaning of your life.

Bro Koi Fish

Re: Cancer vs Astrology part 2 2 years, 9 months ago #29926

  • Osmanthus
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Hello Koi Fish,

Ah I see youre active here! Not sure why you ask me to create a new thread in purple star astrology then run away HAHA but anyway thank you for the information. But one thing, what if one has cut out a lot of the not so good foods youve mentioned about but there is no drastic results. Definitely have improvements but it doesnt seem to be in balance or close to being good.

Its quite difficult to not eat after 6pm...so to compromise would jst eat less dairy and less portion be good as well? And yes I really need to not eat too full at every meal. Timely reminder and good advice, I will heed it.
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