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My Son Relationship
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TOPIC: My Son Relationship

My Son Relationship 4 years, 8 months ago #21020

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I hope all master can help read my son bazi about relationship. I seek a friend help but I want to be ascertain, my friend say that my son hour will not decide on relationship. Hence I'm not providing.

My son actual spouse star 甲 is hidden in 亥. Since 亥 it appear during the year pillar, I'm afraid my son having someone in his heart from young. Next year will be 甲午 year. I'm not sure whether my son will be in a relationship. My question is

辛 乙 癸
亥 丑 亥

1. Does my son have someone in is heart from young since the 甲 appear in year pillar? Our relationship is not bad but there are this he is not telling me. E.g, he in love with someone older than him

2. The reason I'm asking because, if there is he has feeling for that 甲 person whom is close to him, I would not want him to start any new relationship with any lady as there is 乙 wood next to him since the 甲 wood is rooted, he has a strong feeling for 甲 wood. I'm afraid my son will hurt the 乙 heart if he start any new relationship with any new girl he knew from his current age.

As a woman, as a mom, I do not wish to see him hurt any lady. Next year is 甲午. I'm not sure whether he will be in a relationship with the 乙 lady or 甲 lady. For sure the 乙 lady will be hurt badly as my son heart belongs to 甲 lady.

Hope that I am wrong. Please advise me.

Re: My Son Relationship 3 years, 1 month ago #28638

hi, your son is a filial child, but within him his inner is resilient towards authority so respect the boundaries.

the job of parents is always a guide, and educating, but in asking manner, of what type of person he wants to be, role playing techniques, and think for others by putting yourself in the person's shoe, to put your educating message across.

telling no longer works for someone who has already pass 30.

hi, his 甲 also hide in day pillar, so probably he just want to marry someone like his first love in 1996, pretty early indeed, but i think she has already gotten married last year.

he could have got married in 2010 tiger year, but someone rob her away, due to his procrastination, rolling in the mud like a pig, low motivation and confident, and think too much which most of the thoughts never came true.

the 乙 besides him are ladies who love him kept coming but he does not love them 辛去克乙, rooted in day and year but of different category.
he still prefer someone like his first love perhaps in teenage years.

乙 ladies who are like birds depend on guys, for strong guys preferably.
甲 ladies who are like trees can take care and forever giving, for happy go lucky guys preferably.

his charts is strong in 食神 meaning juniors, so his wife is actually somewhat quite a lot younger than him.

could u help to check, if he fell in love with one of the "sisters", whereby the one he love for some reason do not dare to accept his love due to her "sister" also love him? trapped triangle r/s.

still learning.

*keep our bazi learning to ourself, your son dun believe in such things. pretty stubborn. so respect that. and we may error, so refrain from using this bazi to guide on him.
Years ago I was like many of you searching for true love, desperate, lost and sad. I made a vow that if I ever find my true love, I will help 2000 couples. Now I am happily married with two kids, very busy, so do what u love now as a single.

Best wishes

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