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too much wealth on my bazi char what does it mean?
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TOPIC: too much wealth on my bazi char what does it mean?

too much wealth on my bazi char what does it mean? 6 months, 1 week ago #38125

  • sejmy
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Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone could interpret my bazi bcs i have too much wealth on my bazi chart

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Re: too much wealth on my bazi char what does it mean? 6 months, 1 week ago #38133

  • smsek1
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hi- ur DM is weak so too much wealth is not good for u bcos u cannot manage them(women n $) n after married ur wife will be in control
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Re: too much wealth on my bazi char what does it mean? 6 months, 1 week ago #38141

What happens when one's bazi is overwhelmed by wealth stars? Does he become super rich?

Not really. He can actually be quite poor.

In bazi classic, there is a famous mantra that says that "Too many wealth stars will make you weak." Do not take this literally. It does not refer to your physical health.

Wealth element in the study of bazi, or Chinese destiny calculation, is what the Day Master controls in accordance to the 5 Elements Theory.

If a guy has too many of such elements in his bazi, like in this case, he will find it very difficult to control and make good use of them. In real life situation, it means that this person is not prudent in managing his finances and likely to spend more than what he is capable of earning.

Does he have bad health? No. In fact, he has good physique and is a sporty person who has very good stamina. I hardly hear him complain of any sickness.

The issue with such wealth-abundant bazi is that the person likes to go for quick buck and takes short cut especially through betting. For men, it is interesting to know that they are hen-pecked too.

Does that mean that you will perpetually remain poor for the rest of your life? Well, it very much depends on whether you will go through a luck cycle that lends you the strength to harness all the wealth. The Yong Shen or useful star in his case will be Friend or Rob Wealth in the form of earth element. In Chinese we usually say "using friend stars to share the wealth" (用比劫来分财). Therefore, he should enter into a partnership if he ever decides to do business not just because he is "weak" but he needs another person to help him pause and think – something he is lacking.

Wealth star in bazi also represents girlfriend or wife. A common question that I get is that do many wealth stars imply many wives? While we cannot simply equate the number of wealth stars to the actual number of wives he will have, we can safely say that for such bazi, there will be more than one woman in his life. He will also go through one divorce due to a 3rd party's intervention – but from the wife's side and it was a secret love affair. How do I know? There are hidden combinations taking place between the spouse palace and its adjacent palaces. This is a very strong tell-tale sign. This client of mine later admitted it.

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