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my 马头带剑 really bad? Master Koi Fish PLS help!!
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TOPIC: my 马头带剑 really bad? Master Koi Fish PLS help!!

Re: my 马头带剑 really bad? Master Koi Fish PLS help!! 8 months, 2 weeks ago #38075

  • sejmy
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1. i dont use any techniques in order to analyze your chart, based on your answers it doesnt reflect stars properties, therefore i assume it is wrong. San he style zwds

2, You cant analyze wrongly if you just go by star's properties. The higher level is using si hua method which involves events, that could be analyzed wrong but i have not used it.

3. you can have good karma but your karma palace is not about doing good deeds, it is more about ancestor giving you luck

4. you can shape your destiny, but there are points in zwds which remains unchanged. zwds san he style can tell you very accurately about 12 palaces. if it does not reflect in any of your palace that means time is wrong, or even day or so on. Basically, for example zwds will tell you, you will get married with a women who will be tall, rich, beautiful, smart and so on.. but you are the one deciding who is it gonna be. There are plenty like that in the world. That is how you shape your destiny. And if you said you have changed your "destiny" then dont even look for zwds because it wont tell you accurately anymore

So please assume that is not your chart, and even if you think i am wrong, u can keep continue searching for other master who will basically analyze it but it will not match yourself and you will assume that they are using wrong techniques.

Re: my 马头带剑 really bad? Master Koi Fish PLS help!! 8 months, 2 weeks ago #38077

My life palace, parents, career, karma palace all do not have main star. So what star properties are u talking about here? Are u referring to the borrowed star from the opposite palace? So then what properties have these borrowed stars from the opposite palace led to the conclusion that u have analysed?

Saw online that palace without main star is filled with all sorts of possibility. There is no one fixed analysis. Even the borrowed stars are only of a certain influence. The palace itself is still filled with all kinds of possibility because there is no main star to govern. This statement maybe very true. As many of the palaces I have are empty. And when one tries to give it a fixed analysis, it may turn out to be wrong?

But seems that at least from the app I downloaded , its a software , there might be flaws and not everything is true. But the general indication is rather accurate.

Sibling palace is 92.31% 大吉 very auspicious. and property palace 91.67% 大吉 very auspicious.

These 2 indications are rather accurate. I have my own property. It is worth 2++ mil sgd. Like I mentioned , most help comes from my brother, as he is financially good. Secondarily, my parents, as they have given me some sort of"" inheritance".

So what u say is true. Star's properties cant be not accurate? But the problem is your analysis of star's properties is different from the application I used. The application is based on knowledge of the master who created.

This already shows there are different interpretations of star properties?

Re: my 马头带剑 really bad? Master Koi Fish PLS help!! 8 months, 2 weeks ago #38082

Humm.. Seems like adventurousbazi is not a newbie in ziwei dou shui. He seems to have some background that's why he is very firm in his opinion. I would suggest if adventurousbazi is really so sure his karma has been changed then he shouldn't look for CM reading anymore. He should in fact continue to do your karma changing practise. I wonder why you need to be here?


Re: my 马头带剑 really bad? Master Koi Fish PLS help!! 8 months, 2 weeks ago #38084

Hi remote Viewer , everyone is entitled to own view.

But sorry to disappoint you , like I mentioned everything I write and discuss here is based solely on research on the Web. If I can pass off as someone who have studied zwds before, then I'm really honoured to have sone one thinking highly of me .

Like I mentioned I'm looking for a master who is well versed. I want to ascertain whether my chart is bad and that whatever I'm enjoying now is due to my building up of good karma when young. Or rather my chart is good but analysed wrongly by many.

And lastly the word opinion u mentioned here is not accurate. I'm stating a fact and not my opinion.

Fact is analysis is not reflective of my chart . I'm not firm in my opinion. I hope you can distinguish a fact and opinion. And thank you for your opinion of me that I shouldn't look for a cm reading anymore. Thank you.
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Re: my 马头带剑 really bad? Master Koi Fish PLS help!! 8 months, 2 weeks ago #38086

I m new to zi wei too. Have not really go deep into it yet. I think only someone highly skill in this art can have answer to it. Hope you will meet him. All the best.


Re: my 马头带剑 really bad? Master Koi Fish PLS help!! 8 months, 2 weeks ago #38087

  • La La Land
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You are just randomly plugged sources from intenet to determine analysis is wrong, have you even read a book regards to zwds? Although I do not know sejmy, but I feel annoyed from your reply, it shows arrogant, no respect for others who doesn't get the basics right. Sejmy doesn't even get a dollar from you.

There's one more possibility why it is not accurate, you are being swopped during your birth, since you insist birth chart is correct.

That's all I gonna say and not wasting more time on this tread. Bye!

Re: my 马头带剑 really bad? Master Koi Fish PLS help!! 8 months, 2 weeks ago #38088

HI lala land , I'm sorry if you felt hurt. First and foremost , if u read carefully. I didn't say analysis is wrong .

You must be kidding. It's sejmy and yourself who suggested the analysis is not reflectI've of my chart and gave the reason that my chart is wrong and standby your analysis is definitely correct and the only reason being my time or date of birth given is wrong. This is not what a humble master will do. A humble master will simply acknowledge that analysis is far off and carry on from there. So the arrogant one is yourself. Why do I have to be arrogant ? I am seeking help and answers. What's there to be arrogant? Whereas from what u have said , it seems that you are the arrogant one. Maintaining that the reason for the unreflective analysis is because I have given wrong time or date.

Secondly , I'm picking up sources not to support my chart. I say these sources show alternative views to hua ji and other common knowledge. I am asking if these are relevant to why analysis differ.

And lastly you feel annoyed at my reply ? What did I say? I didn't even criticise. You are just Hurt cause u had same analysis as sejmy and it happens to be not reflective. I'm merely saying the truth. If truth hurts , then I am sorry .

Now you are being rude , to say I was swooped at birth. At least now I know....when people can't analyse accurately and yet they want to maintain how good they are , they push the blame to the cHart. One of a kind I see.

I'm not here to pick a fight. But your intention is bad because u have maligned me. Please go and read for yourself. Sejmy and yourself stated very clearly that it does not reflect . Did I once say your analysis is wrong? U admitted yourself and please don't put words to say that I randomly plug sources to say analysis is wrong.

If by posting some articles and blog post of alternative views, makes you angry? All the more I should feel angry when u insist that I gave a wrong birth time or date. Because when u cant give a reflective analysis, it does not mean that the problem lies with the other party. This is arrogance. Because by saying I have given wrong information just because your analysis is not reflective, its unfair to others who might have analysed accurately and have a reflective analysis. U r being selfish . Don't deny others who might potentially have a reason for this kind of scenario by totally disregarding the time and date I have given.

Thanks for enlightment.
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Re: my 马头带剑 really bad? Master Koi Fish PLS help!! 8 months, 2 weeks ago #38089

  • sejmy
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i dont need to give reflective analysis.
Like other masters they will ask you questions, to see where you are at, to see whether it is the right chart. Based on your answers it is not your chart at all. Maybe u should go ask your parents if the time/date is correct, or if you were born too early ???

Based on your posts it seems like your too stubborn to admit that something could be wrong on your side. I already told you, zwds is something u cant change, u can only decide how is it gonna go but u cannot change it. EG: if your spouse palace say a foreign spouce, u can force a marriage with someone from your hometown but you will eventually divorce and marry a foreigner later.

PS: san he style uses more than 170 stars. dont tell me u have no stars in those palaces. Some stars are even more powerful than main stars or hua ji.

Re: my 马头带剑 really bad? Master Koi Fish PLS help!! 8 months, 2 weeks ago #38095

Hi sejmy, I am being polite at all times. I have thanked you for your input. And I did not say your analysis is not reflective.

You mentioned it yourself , and I didn't demand your analysis to be reflective.

I am not stubborn to admit because I am holding onto my birthcert given by the hospital. I have staring at it now. Its exactly the time I have given . I have checked with my parents, they mentioned past midnight, which is not very drastic from the birth cert time frame. And the era I am born in, my country is already considered quite developed with good medical facilities and system in place. Simple things like birth time , if its wrong, my parents would have noticed and demanded them for reasons why it would have been wrong.

However, since you are so insistent your analysis is in line with what is deemed the ":correct zwds".

Zwds definitely cant change. But in the first place how do u guarantee what u have learnt is from the actual masters? How do u guarantee what the masters taught u are the actual principles of zwds? Nowadays, a lot of people who claimed to be zwds masters are all self taught from the internet/online, many a times they are English speaking masters who self taught themselves translation. Which may result to wrong concepts. Most importantly, how do u guarantee the same concept and principle you have learnt is what the original founder of zwds wanted to express? He is not longer alive. Self interpretation of texts can lead to many different views of the same concept. Yes you are right, zwds chart and principle cant change, but the problem lies with wrong interpretation of the principle/concept. Even zwds being so widespread now, there are still many arguments and debates over concepts from different sects. So how can you say whatever you learn cant change? If this is so, there shouldn't be debate over concepts of zwds from different sects. They should have a unifying system, where no one can argues. But the fact is that now, I still see many people who like you have studied the so called "correct zwds' , still debate over different conepts and ideology.

I am not being stubborn, but I want to gather more insights. I do not jump to conclusions before having more insights. But you are jumping to conclusions, stating clearly ZWDS cant change and whatever you have learnt cant change. And hence the problem lies with my chart time/date.

This statement shows that you are 100% sure what u have studied or learn is the actual original lineage of zwds be it whatever sects you are from. But this is self entitlement.
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