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4 pillars and ten luck pillars
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TOPIC: 4 pillars and ten luck pillars

4 pillars and ten luck pillars 6 years, 5 months ago #9619

  • VirgoVoo
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Could anyone help me understand my four pillars and 10 luck pillars? T
I was born on Aug 28, 1956 at 8pm

4 Pillar - yang fire/yang earth dog
Day - yin wood/yin earth ox
Month - yang fire/yang metal monkey
Year - yang fire/yang metal monkey

10 luck pillars
6 - yin wood/yin earth sheep
16 yang wood/yang fire horse
26 - yin water/yin fire snake
36 - yang water.yang earth dragon
46 - yin metal/yin wood rabbit
56 yang metal/yang wood tiger
66 - yin earth/yin earth ox
76 - yang earth/yang water rat

Re:4 pillars and ten luck pillars 6 years, 5 months ago #9770

  • coca
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Dear Liza1625,

Your Question is asking about learning knowledge, well, 300 pages long will never enough to explain.

Re:4 pillars and ten luck pillars 3 years, 2 months ago #27738

  • VirgoVoo
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Then can you tell me my destiny. Thanks

Re: 4 pillars and ten luck pillars 3 years, 2 months ago #27771

greetings, liza1625.

seeing that this thread hasn't been prelied to and left suspended for 3 years, i shall do the honor of relieving your query and closing the case.

p.s. it doesn't take 300 pages to explain; this ain't a phd thesis.

simply put, your bazi chart belongs to a weak-type. it's nothing good or bad; just a diagnosis. and for every diagnosis, there is a prescription for cure.


you are a ding fire daymaster born in autumn, where the heat from summer has subsided and the chart has started to cool down. hence, we would find ways to strengthen a weak fire. the main culprit in your chart is metal i.e. the wealth element.

your favourable elements are:
1) fire, first priority. animals = snake & horse. fire can directly attack and control metal, the main culprit.
2) wood, 2nd choice. animals = tiger & rabbit. wood helps to produce fire, but metal directly harms wood. although wood is helpful, it is also very vulnerable in this situation. whereas, fire is not vulnerable and eager to attack metal. fire is only afraid of water and wet earth. since there is neither, it is not a concern.
3) dry, scorched earth as last resort. animals = goat & dog. dry earth combines with fire and boost the overall heat of a chart. however, wood controls earth, preventing dry earth from relasing its potential. hence, fire needs to be there to circumvent the internal conflict i.e. fire as a peacemaker.

in the end, fire is the best and most useful element in your chart.

your bazi chart dislikes:

1) metal. animals = monkey, rooster.
2) water. animals = pig, rat. water controls fire (your best element).
3) wet earth. animals = dragon, ox. wet earth leaks fire "qi" and dampens the strength of fire.

lets examine your past so we can safely predict your future.

your family background was normal/ average, if not impoverished, at the time of your birth. your parents might have had marriage problems e.g. extra marital affair. your affinity with your father wasn't very good.

your spouse should be rather helpful to you, albeit there's some conflict in your marriage.

you probably have two or more sons.

from age 7 to 16, you had gone through a goat luck pillar, which was generally not bad for you.

from age 17 to 36, you went through 20 years of fire luck pillars, the snake and the horse pillars respectively. this must have been the best time of your life in terms of financial success, romance, etc.

from age 37 to 46, your luck took a dip as you entered a dragon luck pillar. not so good for you overall.

from 47 to 66, you would be going through 20 years of wood luck pillars, the rabbit and the tiger pillars respectively. although not as good as the fire luck pillars you had undergone previously (age 17 to 36), nevertheless, wood stills brings some good luck/ fortune.


The following user(s) said Thank You: VirgoVoo

Re: 4 pillars and ten luck pillars 3 years, 2 months ago #27849

  • VirgoVoo
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Thank you Sam. Regret to inform that I was told recently that I was borne on July 21st in the lunar year i.e. 26 August instead of 28 at 8pm. If that is the case then my self element is yin wood. Will there be any big difference in my destiny?

I would appreciate if you could read my daughter's four pillars too.
Heavenly Stem Earthly Branch
Hour = yin fire yin earth sheep
Day = yang water yang metal monkey
Month = yin water yin water boar
Year = yang earth yang earth dragon

Re: 4 pillars and ten luck pillars 3 years, 2 months ago #27852

Greetings, liza1625.

oh dear, in that case, we'll just have to start all over again.

you asked if a two day difference would have any impact on your destiny. my dear, even a difference as minute as 1 minute would change the overall luck of a person on a given day of birth, not to mention a totally separate day !

anyway, lets begin =)


now, you are a yi wood daymaster born in early autumn. there isn't any hint of resource (element = water) or companion (element = wood) star in your bazi chart. hence, it is safe to say your chart belongs to a follower-chart. this means the daymaster is extremely alone and without aid, and therefore it is futile to help the daymaster. on the contrary, the yi wood daymaster would have to submit to the pecking order of elements in the chart, and follow the strongest element in the chart. the situation is akin to putting out a house on fire via spitting saliva at it; it is a futile attempt, and it'd be better to let the fire subside and die out by itself slowly and eventually.

the favourable elements of a follower yi wood daymaster would be:

1) earth aka wealth star (without wood residue). (animal = dog, ox)
2) metal aka authority star (animal = monkey, rooster)
3) fire aka output star (animal = snake, horse)

your chart dislikes:
1) wood aka companion star. animal = tiger, rabbit
2) water aka resource star. animal = boar, rat
3) earth aka weaalth star (with wood residue). animal = dragon, goat.

reality check:

1) your family background must have been good i.e. you were born to a well-to-do family.
2) your youth wasn't so good, from age 6 to 15.
3) your luck from 1972-1991 were alot better, generally, as you went through 20-years of fire luck pillars.
4) from 1992 to present year, your luck hasn't been as good as the previous 20 years.
5) this year, you ought to be careful as there are multiple clashes between (your chart) and (luck pillars + year of the goat).
watch out for your health, especially your lungs, pancreas, and heart.

your daughter's chart:


she is a ren water daymaster born in early autumn, day 6 after winter solstice, when water "qi" was ripe. hence, her chart belongs to a typical strong chart.

her favourable elements are:

1) dry earth aka authority star. animal = goat, dog.
2) fire aka wealth star, animal = snake, horse.
3) wood aka output star. animal = tiger, rabbit.

her chart dislikes:

1) water aka companion star. animal = boar , rat
2) metal aka resource star. animal = monkey, rooster
3) wet, damp earth. animal = dragon, ox.

she is a rather capable woman, judging by her character: she has a combination of companion star + authority star. this combiantion makes she suitable for a life of self-employment i.e. she can engage in any form of business and have a great chance for success. generally, her luck would improve tremendously, starting age 32 (2020) all the way towards age 61. yet, because of her intelligence and capability, her marriage may suffer a little; she has an assortment of 7 killings and direct officer star, both are authority stars. to a woman, her husband/ spouse is repsented by either the direct officer or the 7 killings star. since both stars are present, namely the goat (direct officer) and the dragon (7 killings), this signifies certain disagreements/ conflicts/ miscommunication in marriage. on the bright side, the impact is not as severe as a clash. still, i believe the problem lies in miscommunication.


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