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Flying Star Feng Shui

Flying Star Forecast of Year of the Water Dragon 2012



The Time Dimension of feng shui gives us a Chi Map to follow the movement of Chi as it changes each year, revealed in the year’s Flying Star Chart. Here is the new chart for 2012 which takes effect on 4th February 2012. Study the Flying Star Chart then apply corrective enhancers and cures to subdue afflicted stars and enhance the power of good stars. You can start placing your cures now (you don’t have to wait till Feb 4th).


The first step is to tone down the afflicted stars that trigger misfortune. In the Dragon year of 2012, the trans-formative nature of afflictive stars becomes magnified! There are several ways these bad stars can affect you. Bad stars exert their influence strongest if they visit

a) Your entrance
b) Your bedroom or living room
c) Your animal palace (e.g. Rat’s palace is North)
d) Your Trigram palace (e.g. Matriarch is Southwest)

If any of the above applies to you, then you must subdue the star. To be safe it is a good idea to place cures for all bad stars in all sectors of the home. Start by locating these stars in your house, and place the corrective measures appropriately. Always stand in the center of your home and use a reliable compass to determine these sectors in your home.

1) The Five Yellow

The Five Yellow is the most dangerous star of all the bad stars, and in 2012 it flies into Southeast, bringing danger to the Daughters of the household. There is also the possibility of neck injury and liver problems for those who reside in the Southeast this year. The Southeast is the palace of prosperity, and hence this star exerts a negative influence on wealth.

To Subdue this Star: This star especially affects those born in the Year of the Dragon and Snake. The way to subdue it is to display the 5 Element Pagoda with seed syallable. Those born in the year of the Snake and Dragon must carry the 5 Element Pagoda keychain or wear the Five Element Pagoda Pendant throughout the year.

Additional tip:
Turn off lights and remove crystals from the Southeast this year. Keep the Southeast as quiet as possible; no renovation, knocking, digging or cutting. If this is your entrance, place plants flanking your main entrance, in addition to the flying star cures.

2) The Illness Star 2

The Illness Star 2 flies to the North, affecting the Middle Son of the family. It brings illness and in very severe cases, terminal illness. The North represents the kidneys, so there is danger of disease and infection to this organ.

To Subdue this Star: Place a Anrensui Wu Lou or Wu Lou with crane and bamboo in the North of your home. Those born in the Year of the Rat, or the middle sons are most affected by this star; they should wear the Medicine Buddha Watch throughout the year to keep illness at bay.

Additional Tip: Turn off lights and remove crystal energy from this the North this year. Pregnant, sickly and elderly should move to another room for this year.

3) The Quarrelsome Star 3

This argumentative star flies to the Southwest bringing litigation, quarrels, misunderstandings and trouble with the authorities. Marriages and relationships are adversely affected by this star as the Southwest also governs relationships and marital happiness. The Southwest is also the palace of the Matriarch, so mothers and grandmothers will feel more aggravated and irritated this year.

To Subdue this star: Place the Flaming Magic Wheel with sword or Red Flaming Crystal Ball here. Mothers, grandmothers, and those born in the year of the Sheep and Monkey need to ensure these cures are in place in your homes and carry the Flaming Wheel Key Chain throughout the year. If this is your entrance, a stronger cure is required - place the HUM Lampshade.

Additional Tip: Remove plants and water features from the Southwest if possible. Strengthen marriages by wearing the Anti-Third-Party amulet. Keep a light turned on in Southwest on all night.

4) The Robbery Star 7

The Number 7 Robbery and Hostility star flies to the Northwest bringing burglary and violence. This star affects the luck of Patriarchs and male leaders throughout the world. Hence danger due to metal arms is indicated and there is a real need for fathers and grandfathers to wear amulets to protect against physical danger.

To Subdue this star: The #7 star becomes very powerful this year as it flies into NW which is the same element as itself. It must be controlled with a Blue Elephant and Rhinoceros Water Feature. This star especially affects fathers, grandfathers, and those born in the years of the Boar and Dog. They should carry Blue Rhinoceros and 6 Tusks Elephant with mantra key-chain throughout the year. Fathers who are living in the NW or have a NW need double protection; they should also carry cosmic amulet protection - such as - the Self-Protection Amulet or the BHRUM amulet.

Additional Tip: For added security, move your Anti-Burglary Plaque (which you hung in the center last year) to the NW for this year. Remove wind-chimes and crystals from the Northwest this year.


Enhancing the good stars maximize your potential for getting the best out of the year! In the same way as how bad stars affect you, these stars bring out the best in you if your bedroom, entrance, living room or animal palace is here!

1. Wealth Star 8 in the WEST

The Wealth Star 8 brings abundant wealth and prosperity, and this year it flies to the West. It is most beneficial for the youngest daughter and those born in the year Rooster.

To Enhance this star: Here you will need water and earth, as well as the Double Dragon to activate this star. Place a Double Dragon water feature or Blue Obsidian Crystal 8 Fountain here to harness the goodness offered by this star!

Additional Tip: Water features should not be placed inside bedrooms. If your bedroom is in the West, then you can enhance this by placing a Crystal 8 in the West corner of your bedroom. Remove plants from the West so that it does not sap the energy of the #8 star.


The Heaven Star 6 flies into the Center, setting the tone for the year, and brings luck to all family members. This is an excellent star to have and it means that help from heaven is available for all, no matter how bad things get this year. It is a good year to develop your spirituality, and invite holy objects into your home.

To enhance this star: Display the 6 Smooth Coins or Golden Crystal Ball in the Center to attract good fortune. This star benefits all animal signs - so it is a good idea to enhance this if you have a wide open space in the center of your home.

Additional Tip: You must not place plants, water or lights in the centre this year… as this will weaken the energy of the #6 White star. The Heart Sutra Crystal Ball and Sun and Moon windchime are also excellent energizers for this location.

3. The White Star 1 flies to South.

The White Star brings victory over competition, as well as career and education success. It benefits the Middle Daughter and those born in the years of Horse.

To enhance this star: Place a Victory Warrior Flag or Victory Banner with Mantra in the South to activate this star. The Horse should carry the Lock Coin to enhance speculative luck for the year and place a Victory horse in the South.

Additional Tip: The #1 star is a water star and can bring problems to the South. Place some small plants in the South reduce its impact on the South.

4. The Romance and Scholastic Star 4

The Romance and Scholastic star flies into the East. Single ladies and men who wish to find love this year can live in the East room to benefit from this special star. The Eldest Son of the family benefits the most from this star, and as those who are born in the year of the Rabbit.

To enhance this star: Enhance romance with a Dragon & Phoenix Activator and study luck with a Bejewelled Manjushri. Rabbits who want to find love can activate their Peach Blossom Luck with a Blue Rat in the North, and carry the Flower of Romance Key Chain.

Additional Tip: Do not have too much water in the East this year. Too much water in the #4 star can invite sex scandals!?

For a detailed Flying Star forecast by Lillian Too, get your copy of the Jan/Feb Issue of Feng Shui World where she provides an in-depth analysis on Flying Stars!