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Flying Star Feng Shui

Feng Shui's 24 Compass Direction

LILLIAN TOO explains the 24 directions of the Feng shui compass. Condensed into a single ring around the Luo Pan, the 24 mountains comprise the three subdirections of the eight major compass directions and are the single most fundamental concept needed to be understood in compass feng shui practice.



Anyone who wishes to learn compass formula feng shui - which is the scientific and technical dimension of feng shui practice - must familiarize themselves with the 24 mountains. This refers to the 24 compass subdirections which feature in just about every formula on feng shui requiring the use of a compass. These subdirections are featured in the Chinese luo pan (feng shui compass) and are condensed into one ring of information round the central compass. The 24 mountains come in fifteen degree segments, so you can see that 15 multiplied by 24 will give us the 360 degrees that make up the full circle of a compass.

These subdirections are the basis of Eight Mansions and Flying Star. They are also the basis of the Water Dragon formulas and other Zuan Kong sub-formulations derived from the main Flying Star formula. So when you read any of my simplified books on these methods of feng shui, you will have been introduced to these 24 sub-directions. And to practise formula feng shui, thereby benefiting from the many ancient secrets of this precious living skill, you will need a feng shui compass which has these 24 directions properly indicated. Amateur practitioners do not need to use the Chinese Luo Pan, but having a proper feng shui compass with the 24 sub-directions clearly marked out is incredibly helpful. You can find such a compass at any of our boutiques where we have asked world-renowned Swedish compass maker SILVA to manufacture just such a compass for us.

Possessing a compass is important because all feng shui formulas categorize buildings according to their facing directions, and these recognize the 24 directions in their formulas. So to use formula feng shui and benefit from the charts derived from the formulations it is VITAL to know how to identify and use the 24 subdirections.

Old texts and classical books on formula feng shui always refer to the 24 directions by their special names, and unless one is familiar with the names of the directions, one will immediately get lost in a sea of meaningless text. This is because these names have no other meanings apart from being labels that describe the sub-direction. So even if you know Chinese, unless you have some knowledge of feng shui, the texts become difficult to follow and understand. When you become familiar with the names however, you will realize that the names of the 24 mountains also double up as names of trigrams, heavenly stems and earthly branches - and these make up the elements of days, months and years of the Chinese calendar. So from the names alone, one can study the links between time dimension feng shui and the Chinese calendar.

Studying these connections is what makes up much of the course syllabus in advanced feng shui. T he connection with the calendar is vital because feng shui is not a static practice. It is dynamic, taking account of changes in the flow of Chi that resonate in accordance with the passage of time. For the amateur practitioner, knowing about the 24 compass directions will already give you a quantum leap in understanding.


Feng shui is wind and water, which flow in accordance with the flow of Chi. How the Chi from the environment enters and leaves an abode offer important clues to its attributes and quality. Feng shui expertise enables a practitioner to study the strength and attributes of Chi, which changes in accordance to the direction, and strength of its flow. So taking accurate directions is an important facet of practicing feng shui. Even amateur practitioners should endeavour to get the directions right. Try not to base your feng shui on estimates of directions. Always use a compass.


Primary Directions
are North, South, East and West - these are the four directions guarded by the celestial guardians the dragon, the tiger, the tortoise and the phoenix. They are also the directions of the four heavenly kings who protect you from those who would lead you astray and get you into trouble. The four primary directions of any home must always be adequately "protected". It can be said that these four directions emanate heaven Chi. The sub-directions that fall exactly North, South, East and West are always YIN sub-directions.

Secondary Directions are Southwest, Northeast, Southeast and Northwest. These four directions signify the basic family unit, the father, the mother, the son and the daughter, so depending on your place in the family, each of these four directions are deemed to be "good " for you. For instance, the SW direction and location of any abode is always beneficial for the mother and the NW for the father. This is because NW is the father direction, SW the mother direction, NE the son direction and SE the daughter direction. Note also that the sub-directions of these four directions are always YANG directions.