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Flying Star Feng Shui

Flying Star Feng Shui Update - 4th Month of the Wu Xu Earth Dog Year

6th May 2018 - 5th June 2018

In each of the 9 grids, you will find 2 numbers. The number in the upper left corner indicates the annual star and the number in the lower right corner indicates the monthly star. Use a reliable compass to determine your directions or locations; then refer to the flying star chart for the monthly forecast. So, if your front door (the one everybody in the house uses) is located in the south sector, then refer to the relevant grid for the kind of luck that will affect everyone in the household during that particular month. Also, if the room you occupy is located in the north sector, then you will be experiencing the kind of luck indicated by the stars there.



The white star 1 brings a prosperous month for those living in this part of the home, or whose front door is located in this sector. This star brings excellent career advancement and wealth luck. Enhance your good fortune with a Bejewelled Windhorse placed here. There are plenty of opportunities for making money. However, disagreements and misunderstandings could lead to arguments among business partners due to a conflict of the elements. You can also place a Chi Lin here in to attract good fortune and help keep the bad energy at bay.

Money luck from heaven indicated for those residing in South-facing houses. The #6 brings the luck of windfall monetary gain. Wealth luck of this kind will especially benefit daughters of the family. Display 3 Emperors on Horseback here to boost good fortune luck. If your living or dining area is located in this sector, try to spend more time here; it will bring business success and career advancement. If your office is located in this sector however, work could be slowed down as inspiration suffers because of a mental block. Place a Crystal Point on your work desk to promote creativity.

Great prosperity luck indicated for those residing in this part of the home. The combination of stars here brings wonderful money luck and is especially good for buying and selling properties. Display a Treasure Chest to enhance prosperity chi here. If this area is your bedroom, activate with crystals. Your work and popularity receives a boost as they are helped by excellent mentor luck. To avoid troubled emotions, display a pair of Mandarin Ducks to strengthen romance luck. This is a good time to pursue new ventures if your front door is located here.


EAST (7/9) CENTRE (9/2) WEST (2/4)

This combination brings bad news, indicating risk of robbery, as the stars are expanding the violent energies. Display Guru Rinpoche's Mansion and an Anti-Bulgary Plaque here to protect your home. If your main door is located here, you MUST place a pair of Fu Dogs here. There is a disharmony in the elements, which brings about conflict energy. This could lead to serious arguments and even violent fights. Keep sharp objects out of this sector. Keep the East quiet. And display a cluster of red apples with peace symbol to promote harmony in the household.

This unfortunate combination of stars here generates illness and accident energies. It also magnifies your emotions and your feelings, causing you to worry. Display a Golden Laughing Buddha here to take away your problems and to put you in a better frame of mind. Those with open plan houses where the center sector is a prominent part of the home are likely to fall ill frequently this month and will be prone stomach problems. Display Medicine Buddha and chant is mantra if illness is becoming a problem.

Great month for those living in West-facing houses if you are a student! Those studying or taking exams are encouraged to work in this sector this month. The #4 star aids in concentration and makes it easier to understand new concepts. Display the Luo Han of Scholastic Brilliance here. New romantic opportunities flourish for women. Single men find their partner, but married women should keep an eye on their spouses. Wear the Marriage Saver Medallion. Married women must stay patient, as there is a tendency to quarrel with spouse because of the disharmony energies.




The monthly Five Yellow brings money troubles and arguments to the NE, causing loss of wealth and business luck. If your bedroom is located here, you face risk of serious financial loss and disputes to do with money. Place the 5 Element Pagoda with Water Wave in this area to control the afflicted energies. Avoid noise or windchimes here. Those residing in the NE may be affected with health problems; carry the Health Amulet to suppress the bad energies.

Those who spend a lot of time in this sector this month will see an increase in misfortune and robbery. The aggressive and violent energy could make the whole month extremely noisy and tension- filled. Display a Anti Burglary Mountain in this area. Occupants will be prone to diseases of the kidney region. There is also danger of poisoning or injury to the ear. Remedy this affliction with the display of a yang water feature and place a Golden Garuda Wu Lou on your bedside table.

A stressful month for those living in the NW as the argumentative star flies into this area. Minor disagreements could lead to major fights. Place a pair of Red Fu Dogs here to suppress the bad chi. Display a God of Wealth Sitting on Tiger for overall good fortune luck. Do NOT hang bells or windchimes here as they could activate the argumentative star. At its worst, this star can lead to lawsuits and legal entanglements. Use Fire energy in the form of a red lampshade or Red Tara Lamp to exhaust the negative chi.

Note: Do not put plants or water features in any of your bedrooms. Use alternative remedies or enhancers.