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Flying Star Feng Shui

Flying Star Feng Shui Update - 8th Month of the Ding You Fire Rooster Year

8th September 2017 - 7th October 2017

In each of the 9 grids, you will find 2 numbers. The number in the upper left corner indicates the annual star and the number in the lower right corner indicates the monthly star. Use a reliable compass to determine your directions or locations; then refer to the flying star chart for the monthly forecast. So, if your front door (the one everybody in the house uses) is located in the south sector, then refer to the relevant grid for the kind of luck that will affect everyone in the household during that particular month. Also, if the room you occupy is located in the north sector, then you will be experiencing the kind of luck indicated by the stars there.



The luck of those living in this sector could be either extremely good or terribly bad depending on the numbers dictated by the natal chart of the house. But the good news is that there could be promotion luck and fantastic job opportunities for anyone residing in this sector. Enhance with fire energy. Make sure this area is well-lit. Relationship luck is good. Enhance with a Crystal Ball. Take advantage of the auspicious chi here by organizing social events and spending time here. A good month to start something new.

The deadly five yellow joins the annual five yellow here to form a very critical combination bringing misfortune and loss of money, especially to females. Carry a 5 Element Pagoda Keychain at all times and place a Triple 5 Element Pagoda in this area. The energies of the sector create danger of illness and serious accidents that can be fatal. Hang an All-Metal 6 Rod Windchime here to exhaust the afflicted earth energy or display a Dragon Horse on Tortoise to overcome the unlucky stars. Avoid sleeping in this sector.

The violent stars appear in a pair this month, bringing double misfortune to the Southwest and causing the threat of burglary and violence to increase, particularly for females. Those who reside in this sector should carry a protective amulet. Place a Yang Water Feature in this area to reconcile the elements. Avoid sharp metal objects, which can lead to injury and bleeding. The excess of metal energies will affect the stomach or mouth region. Keep this area well lit and protected by displaying Red Tara Lamp and a Rhinoceros and Elephant in Natural Habitat.


EAST (8/8) CENTRE (1/1) WEST (3/3)

The east brings fantastic wealth creation luck to occupants this month, particularly to middle aged males. This sector is extremely fortunate, bringing wonderful money luck and is especially good for accumulating property. Enhance this area with a 6-Tier Waterfall. Boost the chi by increasing activity. Spend more time in this sector. Face your best direction and sit in this area to increase sales and see your investments reap returns. Display auspicious objects in multiples of 8 in the East this month!

If your room or door is located in the center, there will be many new opportunities for you to excel in career and business area. Display a Trinity of Horses to bring victory luck and opportunities. Wealth is also promising and money-making opportunities abound. Display a Water Feature to cause money luck to crystallize. For the ambitious career person, this month is a good chance to create the kind of fortune that brings promotion, fame and money luck. Display a pair of Red Phoenix to enhance your luck.

This is an extremely stressful month with conflict and discord between family members. Minor disagreements could escalate into major fights and even lead to legal problem. Avoid noisy activities in this area. Place a Red Eagle with Jade Star here to control the afflicted chi. The double stars of conflict also indicate the possibility of violent fighting. Use fire energy of lights or red furnishings to exhaust the energy. Married couples living in this sector should wear the Double Happiness Symbol this month to keep their reunion strong.




Success is indicated for those involved in studying or creative ventures in artistic fields. Enhance luck with a Dragon Carp Stamp. Writers and students preparing for written examinations will benefit greatly from this combination stars. Display a clear crystal point on your desk. Romance and love luck will flourish as the stars make those who reside here very attractive to the opposite sex!

Excellent money luck from heaven brings the good fortune of windfall and monetary gain. This will be especially beneficial for the young male of the house. If your bedroom or living room is located in this sector, try to spend more time here. The stars here bring promising business success. Place 6 Gold Bars and 6 Gold Ingots in this area to attract heaven luck. However, there is possibility of accidents caused by metal objects. Be careful.

These unfavourable stars magnify negative feelings, causing unnecessary worry. Display a Laughing Buddha here to take away worries and problems. Occupants of this sector are likely to fall ill frequently and be prone to respiratory problems and diseases of the lungs. Display a Wu luo for protection from illness chi and serious injuries caused by accidents are possible. Elderly or ill persons should move out of this sector for this month.

Note: Do not put plants or water features in any of your bedrooms. Use alternative remedies or enhancers.