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Flying Star Feng Shui

Flying Star Feng Shui Update - 2nd Month of the Ding You Fire Rooster Year

6th March 2017 - 4th April 2017

In each of the 9 grids, you will find 2 numbers. The number in the upper left corner indicates the annual star and the number in the lower right corner indicates the monthly star. Use a reliable compass to determine your directions or locations; then refer to the flying star chart for the monthly forecast. So, if your front door (the one everybody in the house uses) is located in the south sector, then refer to the relevant grid for the kind of luck that will affect everyone in the household during that particular month. Also, if the room you occupy is located in the north sector, then you will be experiencing the kind of luck indicated by the stars there.



This sector brings money luck from the heavens this month. Display a Wealth Granting Tree to energise for wealth luck. However, there could be some conflict between the generations, leading to arguments between the young and old. Inlaws living together could also see an eruption of tempers. Use Six Smooth Crystal Balls to reconcile the elements and to restore harmony in the home. Carry the Peace and Harmony Keychain to control your temper this month if your bedroom is located in the Southeast.

The stars in the South this month bring misfortune luck to females. Problems arise at work in the form of financial disputes, illness and loss. To overcome the bad luck, display a Bejewelled Garuda or wear a Hum Pendant. Misfortune prevails over the next few weeks. Avoid open fires or candles in the South as the energies could reach a critical point. Avoid using this sector if you can, and display a 5 Element Pagoda with Sun and Moon here to keep the afflicted chi under control.

Be very thorough with all of your work as mistakes in important documents could lead to legal problems. Luck is not favourable this month and residents of this sector could be cheated and betrayed. Single ladies need to be cautious when making new friends. They could meet with unsavoury characters. Carry the Rhinoceros and Elephant Amulet for protection. The clashing of elements suggests frequent arguments. Pregnant women should avoid this sector, as it is especially unfavourable for them this month.


EAST (8/5) CENTRE (1/7) WEST (3/9)

The inauspicious month star brings severe monetary problems and bad luck. Display a Bejewelled 8 Doorways Stupa to protect against serious money loss. To activate for wealth, place a figurine of the God of Wealth Sitting on a Tiger. The energy here is bad for children, so avoid letting children sleep here this month. For those living in this sector, wear a Dragon close to your body. Avoid rough sports; as this could lead to lungs injuries or broken bones caused by falls. Place a 5 Element Pagoda with Sun and Moon to control the bad energy.

The monthly violent star #7 brings robbery and loss of wealth to everyone this month. Place a Yang Water Feature here to suppress the bad energies and display a Dragon Tortoise Totem with Rhino and Elephant to protect against break-ins. The star here creates fierce competition for those in business. Display an Abacus to activate income luck and 3 Victory Flags to ensure you triumph over competitors. Place the Fuk Luk Sau here to bring good fortune for the entire household. Be vigilant about locking doors. Do not allow strangers into your home.

If your front door is located in this sector, keep it brightly lit, as the stars indicate the likelihood of big quarrels within the household. Relationships are in jeopardy for couples living here. Carry a Red Eagle Keychain to keep the negative chi under control. The energies of conflict and disagreement are expanded by the monthly star, so occupants may be troubled by quarrels, which can lead to lawsuits. Do not burn candles or oil lamps here, as there is danger of accidental fires. Remedy this sector with a Yin Water Cure.




Students and scholars excel at studies while writers benefit from excellent success in literary ventures. Promotions at work are possible. Enhance with Dragon Tortoise and display a Mountain with Stream Painting behind you. Those taking examinations will benefit greatly from the good chi in this sector. Place a Luohan of Scholastic Brilliance here to help you. Occupants of this sector also enjoy good romance luck. Display Mandarin Duck with Double Happiness sign here. Avoid placing water in this sector.

Residents of this sector will be plagued by disagreements and arguments this month, which could lead to lawsuits or other such problems. To prevent such aggravations, carry a Red Eagle Keychain to counter the quarrelsome chi. Occupants enjoy good speculative luck and unexpected windfalls are possible. Health-wise, this sector is highly unfavourable for men this month. Kidney related illnesses are possible. Display a Garuda Wu Lou as a remedy.

The bad luck from last month dissipates and is replaced by prosperity chi, which brings wealth luck to occupants of this sector. There is also the auspicious Sum of Ten formation. Capture this good luck with a Forest of Jewel and Birds and carry the Wealth and Success Keychain. Those living in NW houses will have good investment luck. The good luck is a bit marred by minor health problems, so take extra care with your health. Display a Garuda to control the illness energies.

Note: Do not put plants or water features in any of your bedrooms. Use alternative remedies or enhancers.